May 25, 2018

Kronk x Kidrobot – Indie Eagle 3” Dunny (5.28)


Kidrobot will release the extremely well-designed Indie Eagle 3” Dunny from Kronk on Memorial Day (5.28)—likely at 9 AM PDT— for $14.99. The Red, White and Blue design featuring a Bald Eagle celebrates the United States of America generally and Independence (Day) specifically. The ‘Celebrating Indie Spirit’ phrase on the top of the box seems to remind us that Independence is a way of life, a way of doing, creating and being.

IndieEagle-7 IndieEagle-8

The starry-eyed eagle rockin’ shades is front and center with an animated expression. Kronk has worked numerous symbols and references into the overall design, some distinct and fairly obvious, while others are considerably more subtle.  One the subtle side are the highlights on the Eagle’s beak which upon a closer look, resemble a torch – likely a reference to the Statue of Liberty.   

IndieEagle-5 IndieEagle-3 IndieEagle-4IndieEagle-6

On the torso, we find the Eye of Providence—an eye embedded in a pyramid. This familiar symbol, found on the back of the dollar bill represents the watchful eye of God. Centered below the pyramid we have 13 stars, representing the thirteen founding colonies, arranged as seen on the country’s coat of arms, The Great Seal of the United States. This arrangement is also seen on the box which features an excerpt of a letter Founding Father John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail on the eve of the Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776). In writing this post, I found myself referring to Wikipedia extensively, particularly for the 13-star configuration and the letter excerpt.  Beyond an impressive design, Indie Eagle is also a study in the imagery of the American Revolution.

The rear of the Indie Eagle features the clearest reference to Independence Day with the ‘04’ on the left ear and ‘07’ on the right ear—interestingly, not in the expected right to left order. The concentric star pattern on the back of the head reminds me just a bit of the daredevil Evil Knievel—which definitely makes me ‘old’ and likely just a random association.  The rear torso features 13 stars circling what may be the Washington Monument. The design extends down each side, transitioning from blue to strips of red which seem to resemble feathers, perhaps a recognition of American Indians or a continuation of the Eagle theme. 


Kronk’s Indie Eagle 3” Dunny features  a cohesive design celebrating the ‘Indie Spirit’ by incorporating numerous symbols of American Independence.  Beyond the impressive design, the printing lives up to Kronk’s ambitious creation, no small feat given the relatively small canvas.  Indie Eagle will be available starting on Memorial Day from Kidrobot and select retailers for $14.99.

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myplasticheart at Five Points Fest: Yu Shou Long by Black Seed Toys


myplasticheart has a brand-new Yu Shou Long by Black Seed Toys for Five Points Festival.  This new edition of the two-headed dragon castle rocks purple, turquoise and gold hues and features glow-in-the-dark eyes.  It will be available from the mph booth [#336] for $300.  But wait, did someone say 10th floor…!

DSC_0350 DSC_0338 DSC_0349

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Strange Cat Toys Exclusive Boba Nano TEQ by QUICCS x Devil Toys


Surprise!  Strange Cat Toys has just announced their Exclusive Boba Nano TEQ (3”)by QUICCS and Devil Toys. This special edition of the new chibi style TEQ 63 figure  pays homage to everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter.  Limited to 150 pieces, Boba Nano Teq is available now for pre-order direct from Strange Cat Toys for $32 and is slated to ship in July.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166

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May 24, 2018

Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Tony the Mousezilla for Five Points Festival


Blackbook Toy will release Tony the Mousezilla from Ron English at Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3).  The newest edition of Mousezilla is inspired by Ron’s Fat Tony Cereal Killer vinyl, a critique of sugary cereal.  BBT has done a really nice job of translating the Fat Tony concept to the Mousezilla sofubi.  All the details are here, from the face, the scarf, and of course the numerous tiger stripes.   Tony the Mousezilla will be available at Blackbook Toy’s booth [#330] at 5 Points (6.2 – 6.3) for $150.

IMG_1761 IMG_1767IMG_1773 IMG_1771

Keeping  with their convention tradition, Blackbook Toy will also have several one-off Mini Mousezillas at their booth. This time around the minis are inspired by Pop Culture – Super Heroes, TV characters and more. 

32152286_2066373546954912_1002012502902439936_n 31890449_1948072415223335_7407426646828908544_n 32933499_1293877277411752_8251249598639636480_n

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Andrew Bell – Kill Kat Matcha Snake Venom Debuts at Five Points Festival


O-No Food Company has baked up their finest Kill Kat flavor so far – Matcha Snake Venom (250 pcs)!  Delicious? Maybe. Paralysing? Absolutely!  Andrew Bell’s latest flavor of his wildly popular Kill Kat vinyl figures will make its debut at Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3) from his booth [#336].  Andrew’s done a great job of this fun send-up of the matcha craze.  The yellow eyes, the drips of yellow venom and the added forked-tongue deco make the piece. If you can’t make it to the show, don’t fret. Matcha Snake Venom will be available at SDCC in July, Online Lottery in August, and will  also make an appearance at DCon in November.

download download

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myplasticheart at Five Points Fest: Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty


myplasticheart will release their Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty exclusive from Japanese artist Ayako Takagi at their Five Points Festival Booth [#336].   This clever NYC-themed version of her Fortune Lamou celebrates the iconic statue with matching blue/green vinyl, an added golden crowd, and in a fun touch, a gold mini boo as the torch’s flame.  Limited to 20 pieces, the Statue of Liberty edition will be available for $30 at the MPH booth [#336].

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Spotted in the Wild : Horrible Adorables x Kidrobot – The Curly Horned Dunnylope


The duo of Jordan Elise and  Christopher Lees, better known as the artists behind the Horrible Adorables line of fantastic felt fauna, have once again collaborated with Kidrobot to bring their signature aesthetic and vision to the world of vinyl toys. Over the years, they’ve created an adorable army of vinyl with Kidrobot. If you’ve been collecting for awhile, you likely remember the Horrible Adorables line of seven original vinyl figures which launched in 2016. Earlier this year, they dreamt up the Share Bear conjoined-bear figure as part of Kidrobot’s Care Bear artist line. 

HorribleAdorables_-4 HorribleAdorables_-5

The one thing they had yet to do was take a turn on Kidrobot’s premiere platform, Dunny.  That changes with the release of The Curly Horned Dunnylope this Friday.  Riffing off their original multi-colored felt animals, the artists have designed the Dunnylope with an overlapping stylish deco pattern, call it ‘fur’. In the OG edition which we had the pleasure of photographing in the wild, the red, blue and green segments join fairly seamlessly into a satisfying whole that is both part of the character design and a stylish, minimalist element to be appreciated on its own merits.  While not immediately recognizable, the Dunnylope’s horns are rendered in silver—crossing in a loop in the front, wrapping in swirls around each ear and then looping across the back once again. The minimalist silver returns in the tail, nestled amongst the stylish, tri-color body pattern.


The seventh release in Kidrobot’s 5” Dunny Series, The Curly Horned Dunnylope is a fun species with a stylish flair and an alert, almost ornery presence.  It will be released on Friday, May 25th at 9 AM PDT in the standard red+green+blue edition available from and select retailers as well as at least one exclusive edition (brown+blue+pink with gold accents).

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May 23, 2018

Plaseebo x Planet-X – SUM Handpaints at Five Points Fest (6.2 – 6.3)

 Conge-header-Front copy

The second coming of SUM hits Brooklyn at the Five Points Festival with the release of several handpainted one-off editions of Plaseebo’s vengeful giant turtle beast produced by Planet-X [booth #328]. First released in small numbers as a polyurethane resin back around 2006, the new SUM is cast in soft vinyl and appears to retain the original’s tremendous detail especially in terms of the accumulated junk and debris embedded in his body.


The Five Points  one-offs are hand-painted by  Bob Conge (Plaseebo), feature an integrated color-changing LED light, and are hand-signed.  Look for the first production run drop in July.  Be sure to hit the jump for SUM’s origin story.



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Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery – Terrible Teal Baphomanic Coming Friday (5.25)


The Baphomaniac returns to the land of the living in a brand-new edition.  Toy Art Gallery will release the unpainted Terrible Teal Baphomaniac from Martin Ontiveros on Friday (5.25) at 12 PM PDT from the TAG Web Shop for $80.  Martin’s hard rock-inspired take on Baphomet, Baphomaniac stands eight inches tall and features five points of articulation.


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kaNO – Blue Ghettocard Debuts at Five Points


LA-based artist kaNO will be making the trip home for Five Points Fest (6.2 – 6.3) with a few drops lined up.  A year after he released the first Ghettocard figure in yellow+blue (current Metrocard)  comes a second Blue+Yellow Ghettocard inspired by the OG metrocards.   These will drop at the myplasticheart booth (#336) and also from  Full release info shortly.  In addition to the new Ghettocard, kaNO will also release his Artist Edition ‘The Messenger’ figures in Red via the mph booth and his site. 

30077249_2026170207647238_7639930930416582656_n 30841750_453616791728221_547083210358521856_n

[Skyline Photo: Brian Wong]

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Cometdebris is Loaded with Five Points Exclusives


Looks like Koji Harmon (Cometdebris) has been a busy man preppin’ for Five Points (6.2 –6 .3).  So far he’s officially announced four drops and he’s also previewed two others.  Let’s dive in.  For shark fans, he’s got the Sametan Red+Green Glow ($50).   If clear vinyl is your steez, there’s the Kid Ace (w/glitter) for $35 and  the teched-out Kappaborg ($50, 3 pcs) with custom paper inserts.  From clear to translucent, Koji will release a red translucent Tofu Kid ($30) – 5 per day.  He’s also teased Oni Kids (flesh with green/purple hair) as well as purple/black Kappa Shonen.  More?  Sure, he will also release several one-off Kid Ace customs.  More?  You never know :)  All of this will be available from the Cometdebris booth [#344].

32006547_1877294159232145_5789060648751071232_n 31988139_125467218323941_5641929672078917632_n 32273595_649327938745209_2139364214190374912_n31765085_2041682412751997_2535558325722939392_n31920906_208451186550864_1643102625995948032_n32276192_1683101978440465_1398402580907819008_n 32896369_196522894404586_2625983841323450368_n download

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myplasticheart at 5 Points: Daioh Negora Fruit Candy from Konatsu


myplasticheart has just announced a brand-new Konatsu treat for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3).  Daioh Negora Fruit Candy reminds us of Japanese retro-style candy and features milky white sofubi with multi-color spray.   Daioh Negora will be available for $80 at the mph booth [#336]. Pounce early on this.

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