Jul 24, 2017

De Korner – Online Release of SDCC Toys and Pins (7.25)

De Korner will be releasing the remaining stock of its SDCC figures and pins online from their web shop on Tuesday (7.25) at 9 AM PDT.   So if you missed the insanity that is comic-con, this is your chance to pick up the mini Boxing Brain set ($60) from Ron English and Toy Qube as well as a trio of pins – Blinky Exposed (50 pcs, $10) by Pirate RobotCrazy Vs. Batty (100 pcs, $10) by David Baker x Stoops, and  Plumber’s Pride De Korner Edition by APpins x Double G Toys. Don’t miss out.

IMG_3536 IMG_3535 IMG_3533

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Jul 20, 2017

Kyle Kirwan – Skully Bloom V2v Pre-Order (7.22-7.24)


Last fall, Kyle Kirwan released ad sold out his Skully Bloom figures.  Due to popular demand, he’s bringing the design back with Skully Bloom Vol. 2 (5.5”) featuring a black on white design—the inverse of the OG figures.  In order to meet demand, he’s releasing these as a 48-hr pre-order starting on Saturday (7.22) at Midnight EDT through Monday (4724) for $35 from his web shop.   While orders will determine the final edition size, he might cut off the pre-order if the count is approaching his ability to make them in a reasonable amount of time. So, as always, act quickly! These will ship by September 1st 2017.

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Jul 19, 2017

10th Annual Munky King SDCC Party (7.20)


Were you worried?  Ok, we were sweating it just a bit.  Have no fear though, the legend is back!  That’s right, Munky King is once again hosting their infamous SDCC Party on Thursday (7.20) at Basic.  Turns out this is the 10th anniversary edition—times does fly.  A decade of pizza, beer and amazing art—an essential part of the SDCC experience. 

This year the festivities will include live art followed by a silent art auction.  The artist lineup includes KMNDZ, Ekundayo, Luke Chueh, Jesse Hernandez, Juan Muniz, Frank Kozik, Rocom, Woes, and NC Winters.  

Munky King 10th Annual SDCC Party
Thursday, July 20th 2017 (9PM to 1 AM)

BASIC urban kitchen + bar
410 10th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Luke Chueh x Munky King x Tiny Giants -- ‘Grief Encounters’ Animation


It’s true! Luke’s Bear is making the jump to the screen with the upcoming Grief Encounters animation project—perhaps a series of shorts—done in collaboration with Munky King and Tiny Giants. So far, MK has released a fun teaser showing the bear trudging along the street with a bucket of paint… There’s also a still of the bear in front of a firing squad.  Definitely seems like a tale of ups (hah!) and downs (yep) for our favorite bear. 


What else do we know?  MK has announced a Grief Encounters scavengers hunt for SDCC and also that the launch is set for 7.20. We’re pretty sure the launch is for the Kickstarter campaign to make the dream a reality.  If you’re going down to SD, you’ll definitely want to drop by MK’s booth [#4851]. 

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Rotofugi: SDCC Releases

unnamed (2)

Rotofugi will once again be making the trip from Chicago to San Diego for SDCC—great news for toy collectors.  This year’s booth [#5428]  will feature new vinyl releases from Chris Ryniak, Ferg, and this year’s featured guest artists: Nick and Lindsay DiFabbio of Cherry Moth Cake.

unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

From Chris Ryniak comes a trio of GID Figgle Bits (300 pcs/character, $14)  and the previously mentioned Synbora Stark Edition (20 pcs, $38).  In addition, Rotofugi will have a limited supply of blank Snyboras on hand for your customizing needs.

unnamed (1) unnamed

If soft vinyl finger puppet toys are your thing, Rotofugi has you covered with both the brand new Ghost Eye figures (eds. of 35, $15) from Cherry Moth Cake as well as a trio of Ferg’s A Little Miss Fortune figures (eds. of 50, $15).

unnamed (6)unnamed (5) unnamed (7) 

Cherry Moth Cake has several enticing self-produced releases lined up for SDCC.  On the toy side, there’s the future-meets-monster Visor Girl resin sculpted and cast by OttoWerx (10 pcs avail, $250) and the trippy blind-bagged Ghost Tank Micro resins ($10). Nick and Lindsay are known for their crazy enamel pins and we can definitely see why.  They’ll have blind-bagged Jumpman pins (135 pcs) with five chase Ghost Tanks worked into the mix -- $24 each.

Customs?  Definitely. Rotofugi will have customs from Mark Nagata and Jeremiah Ketner (view) .  Be sure to drop by the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi & Friends booth [#5428] to check out all the releases and chat with the kind folks behind the tables—Joe and either Whitney or Kirby.

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Jul 18, 2017

Jeremiah Ketner – SDCC Custom Gumdrops and Uamous

unnamed (9)

As is somewhat of a tradition, Jeremiah Ketner has worked his magic on a new collection of custom toys for release at SDCC via The Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and Friends booth (#5248). This year he’s turned his attention to the Gumdrop figures from 64 colors as well as the regular Uamou and Manekineko Uamou vinyls. Featuring his vibrant palette and signature nature-centric kawaii style, each custom is  available for $135-$165—don’t sleep on these.

unnamed (10)unnamed (8)

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RCNSTRCT Studios x MINDstyle x Black Seed Toys – SDCC Exclusive Yu Shou Long

BlackSeed xSFBi

Kenneth Tang’s (Black Seed Toys) Yu Shou Long has taken the sofubi world by storm with sold out release after sold out release.   In collaboration with RCNSTRCT Studios and  MINDstyle the extremely popular two-headed dragon/temple hybrid figure will be released in an SDCC exclusive edition featuring a vibrant red+blue design. Limited to just 40 pieces, the SDCC Exclusive Yu Shou Long ($300) will be released at the MINDstyle booth [#4845] via daily lotteries. 

Part of MINDstyle’s 10th Anniversary celebration, the exclusive will be released alongside the launch of the brand’s new SFBi Originals line featuring artist figures inspired by Japanese ‘sofubi’ from Secret Base, Ron English and more. Check out our post on SFBi Originals for a sneak peek of upcoming releases.  

BlackSeed x SFBi2 BlackSeed x SFBi3

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3DRetro – King Gordo Old Time Ed. by Jim McKenzie


3DRetro will release the King Gordo Old Time edition by Jim McKenzie at their SDCC booth [#5250]. Limited to 100 pieces, the grayscale rendition of the popular new art toy will be available for $45.  Jim will be signing on Friday (7.21) from 1 to 3 PM.

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Cardboard Spaceship at SDCC: Thimblebugs from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak


The Thimblebugs are coming.  That’s right, Cardboard Spaceship (booth #5638) will release the new Edison and Weebeetle resins (l to r, above)  at SDCC in debut light blue editions, respectively  from  Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak.  The newest inhabitants of Thimblestump Hollow will be joined by the previously announced SDCC Slumbergummpy vinyl mini.

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MINDstyle Launches SFBi Originals at SDCC


MINDstyle will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with the launch of its new SFBi Originals brand inspired by vintage Japanese ‘sofubi’ toys.  The line features a talented roster including: RCNSTRCT Studio, Secret Base, Three Tides Tattoo, Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Madsteez, Rob Prior, Jeremyville, Mark Bode and  Michael Lau. SFBi Originals will release its debut exclusive and limited-edition soft vinyl figures at the MINDstyle booth [#4845].

In addition to their SDCC booth, MINDstyle and Pop Life are also presenting Ron English’s Make America GRIN Again tour at Luce Loft (7.19 – 7.23).

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Woot Bear – SDCC Exclusives from Scott Wilkowski x Uamo and Dave Bondi


Woot Bear will several exclusives at SDCC on Friday (7.21) with a fun booth takeover from 12-2 PM at Hyperactive Monkey [#5624].  They’ll be releasing the Resin Master Uamou collabo figures from Scott Wilkowski and Uamou.  These feature Wilkowski’s signature double-pour technique with a brand-new Uamou skeleton sculpt.  These will be available in five sets of color combinations handpicked by Scott--each colorway limited to just 20 pieces. In addition to the comic-con drop, Woot Bear will release the Uamou figures online from their website on Saturday (7.22) at 12 PM.

FullSizeRenderIMG_4843 IMG_4950 

Woot Bear will also release  Bondi The Woot – Debutante Edition (3.5”, 8 pcs)  at the booth.  Dave Bondi’s take on the store’s mascot features a stylish sculpt cast in super clear resin and a light-up base. It appears that the head features curved sculpt lines that flow seamlessly from the ears to the face—worth a double or triple take.  Nicely done.


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Andrew Bell at SDCC – Single Servings, Andy and More!


Andrew Bell will be throwing down at SDCC in his customary Dumbrella digs (#1335) on the far side of the convention center.  It’ll be more than worth the stroll though.  Toys and more delicious toys.

Let’s start with a bit of a surprise.  Andy ($12).  This new  4” Android-inspired figure with a fun, wavy body will be at the ‘con in limited early release quantities.  As cool as Andy is by himself, he also comes with a phone accessory complete with emoji sticker sheet for customization.  Because. Awesome.


Speaking of Android, there’s also the Summer 2017 Special Edition Android ($10) with a fun Watermelon design.  The sweet design features a translucent red body and a rind head.


Perhaps you’re looking for something, oh I don’t know, a bit more… bite sized.  O-No Food Company has you covered with the new Single Servings keychain series which will be available at SDCC as a sneak peak release.


Rounding out the art toys, Andrew Bell will also release a brand-new batch of Pet Food resins. These are a steel at $80.  He’ll also have one each of his framed moth sculptures—Midnight(black, $150) and Memories Lost (bronze, $250).


Andrew will also have several new stickers and enamel pins a s well a nice selection  of tees, prints, and more.   All of this (and more) will be waiting for you at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].  We’ve omitted just a few pics, so if you want the full monty, head on over to Andrew’s official preview page.

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