Feb 22, 2018

QUICCS x Karmieh x Martian Toys – Ravager TEQ63 ‘Portal Breach’ (2.26)


Boom! After several rounds of sold-out TEQ63 exclusives, QUICCS and Martian Toys are pushing right on through with what appears to be a brand-new amped up evil robotic spray can bombin’ vision of the character.  From images/info floating, Ravager [TEQ63] will feature a highly-detailed sculpt from Karmieh Design,  So far the 3D teasers only reveal the (dope) head sculpt along with the spray can. Though, the sweet illustration (which seems to match the sculpt so far) from CrEon Chkn likely gives us a feel for the full design. From the design, we’re expecting this to be larger than the current TEQ63 vinyl.    QUICCS x Martian Toys are promoting 2.26 as ‘Portal Breach’  which we assume means more info, hopefully a full reveal.  Sit tight!

27893323_179707212757961_3190829146632617984_n 28156230_2023572641298528_324191415766614016_n

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BlackBook Toy – Post WF Lottery (thru 2.24)


While WonderFestival 2018 Winter has come and gone, BlackBook Toy is showing collectors with several brand-new editions which were not available at the convention,  via it’s Post WF Lottery which runs through 6:59 AM PST  on Saturday (2.24).  First up is the brand-new Stealth Guy [8 pcs, 12960 yen / ~ $119] which follows the debut WF tan version of BBT’s new Guy mascot. The Stealth Guy will also include the new Guy pin.   Speaking of new, Ron English’s Mousezilla is back in two new GID editions – Stripezilla (17280 yen / $159)  and Radioactivezilla (16200 yen / ~ $149). BBT has created matching mini Mousezillas (one of each) which will be randomly included in the order of lucky collectors who purchase the larger figure.


There are also two of the The Beast Stealth w/OG head Mishka collabo from WF available via the lottery.  Rounding out the lottery are two beautiful Stained Glass style one-offs from Marvel OkinawaSmurk and The Beast.

IMG_2048 IMG_1758 Beast_StainedG

To enter drop an email to info@blackbooktoy.com  by 6:59 AM PST on Saturday (2.24) with ‘Post WF Lottery entry’ as the title and be sure to include your Name Address with Country + Zip code, Telephone number, Instagram (if you have it)  and items you want to buy (a max of 1 each).  Good Luck!

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Feb 21, 2018

Zeen Chin x MINDstyle -- ReChild


MINDstyle showed a dizzying number of new figures at the Toy Tokyo booth for last week’s Toy Fair in NYC.  Perhaps the most eye-catching piece is ReChild by talented illustrator Zeen Chin.  Carrying the name of the artist’s first volume of collected works, the elaborate piece features several of his recurring imp-like children making like a centipede.  No word yet on a release date for this arresting new vinyl art toy.

ReChild-2 ReChild-3 ReChild-5 ReChild-4

[Photos: Courtesy of MINDstyle and Kiba]

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Ron English – Punk Skunk On the Way


Ron English just posted a shot of his Punk Skunk prototype chilling as part of a to-be painted scene in his studio. The ‘dope’ figure is enjoying an herbal break with blunt in hand—note the weed silhouette cleverly worked into the tail design.  Ron’s new character was first seen in a painting (below) for his Toybox: America in the Visuals solo which opened at Corey Helford Gallery back in December. We’re looking forward to this new original art toy from Ron which is thankfully coming ‘soon’.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 4.02.39 PM

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Scott Tolleson’s “Dark Crystal” Shard Release (02.23)


Thanks to Scott Tolleson’s Instagram Update, we now have some solid information on the release of his new “Dark Crystal” Shard Dunny, which we last spoke about HERE. These will be releasing in Scott’s webstore on Friday, February 23rd at 10AM PST. These will be limited to only 70 pieces and with a limit of 2 per customer. Each figure will retail $150 each plus S&H. Good luck to those who will be attempting to go for this drop!

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Paul Kaiju – Sepsis Mockbat Raffle (02.25)


Paul Kaiju is holding another raffle this weekend for his new Sepsis Mockbat. This release features a yellow vinyl with metallic sprays and stands 7” tall with 8 points of articulation with belly accessories. The raffle will take place this Sunday, February 25th at 8AM PST and ends at 12PM PST that same day. There will be a lottery form on the PK site when the clock strikes 8AM. Retail for the lucky winners will be $220.

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Marsham Toy Hour S3 E5 & E6


We’ve got two wonderful episodes of Marsham Toy Hour to share with you! This weeks latest episode featured special guest Chris Ryniak, where they chit-chat about some great news coming from Chris and Amanda’s end. They also go into DTA nominations, themed Dunny series and we also get to hear Theresa fan girl a bit too.



Last week’s episode brought us Kyle Kirwan. We got to learn that Kyle spends a lot of time on the road, as he travels in an RV. They talk about the impact of early reveals of product and how folks need to learn to take constructive criticism. Take a listen below!

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Tara McPherson x Kidrobot – Stellar Dream Scouts Minis + Larger Vinyl

Kidrobot showcased quite a few of their upcoming art toy projects this weekend at Toy Fair including two related Tara Mcpherson projects for which they showed off the packaging, but not the toys themselves.  Stellar Dream Scouts is an new blind-box mini series drawn from Tara’s magical universe filled with the cute, nonchalant and the mysterious.  Pink elephants, whales, rock ‘n roll pandas, mountains and free spirits will all be waiting for collectors.  Lots of great variety character/sculpt wise – by our quick count, it looks like at least 12 different sculpts.  In addition, KR also displayed the box art for a new ‘medium format’ 2-figure set from Tara featuring a girl and wolf companion.  [Photos: Kiba]

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Brandt Peters x Kidrobot x DC – Harley Quinn (7.18)


Kidrobot showed a lot of their upcoming lineup at Toy Fair in NYC this past weekend, including the second release in their DC statue line which began with Tara McPherson’s Wonder Woman.  Next up? Harley Quinn (10.5”) by Brandt Peters. This one is scheduled to drop in July for $150.  Having already drawn Ms. Quinn for a Harley Quinn Holiday Special collection, Brandt’s delivered a cute-sexy rendition with a slim, lanky build.  Photo: Tomenosuke

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Feb 20, 2018

Tomenosuke Exclusive Belladonna of Sadness ‘Jean’ Edition


Over the weekend, Tomenosuke released their exclusive Belladonna of Sadness—a haunting edition in deep crimson red with a blood-evoking texture.  Based on the 1973 animated film Kanashimi no Belladonna (or ‘Belladonna of Sadness’), this special edition re-interprets the form to represent Jean, Belladonna’s husband. The 285 mm (~ 11.2”) statue was produced by Unbox and sculpted by the masterful Cosmo Liquid.  An edition of 50, the Tomenosuke exclusive is available from their web shop for 17,820 yen (~ $166) + s/h.

bandec_imagejpg_ZoO1qS9B bandec_imagejpg_2fnQsMBv

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Toy Geeks Behind The Counter – S2E2 ‘Incredible Chamaco’


Rejoice! The latest and greatest episode  of your favorite art toy web show is up and ready for your streaming pleasure over on YouTube or below.  Episode 2 of  Toy Geeks Behind the Counter’s brand-new second season features cool pup Chamaco as guest accompanied by his human, Carlos East.  Geeks Ben, Jack V. and Jack M. round out the counter crew this time ‘round. Toys?  Oh yeah!  Showa TK Troopers, Mazinger Z: real vs. bootleg, Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk, Saturday Morning Collection Mystery Minis and more.

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – The Prisoner XL Vicodoin (2.24)


Nearly a year to the day that Luke Chueh revealed The Prisoner XL as a proto last February during the drop of the regular-sized Oxycontin edition, Munky King will release The Prisoner XL (Vicodin) on Saturday (2.24) at 1 PM PST via its web store. At 6” tall—with a custom 10” pill bottle w/prescription label—the Prisoner XL resin delivers a heavy dose of the OG’s addictive formula. Limited to 300 pieces, the supersized Prisoner will go for $225 (+ s/h).


unnamed (1)

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