Mar 23, 2018

Monster Taipei – STS Exclusive Erosion Molly by Kennyswork and Instinctoy


Monster Taipei will release its Exclusive Erosion Molly from Kennyswork and Instinctoy at the Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  The new edition features a silver design + colorful accents with several different surface treatments. As with the other editions, this new edition has movable eyes – an unusual touch for a vinyl toy. It will be available on Thursday and Friday (4.5 – 4.6) from Monster Taipei’s booth [B37].  While it doesn’t appear Instinctoy will have a booth at the show, fans will be happy to have a chance at a brand-new Erosion Molly.

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Okeh x Mighty Jaxx – Vomit Kid Fast-food Red (3.24)


Mighty Jaxx will pre-release the new Vomit Kid Fast-food Red edition (300 pcs, $99) from Okeh on Saturday (3.24) at 7 AM PDT from their online store. This one is set to ship in May of this year.   This ‘fast food’ edition recalls memories-–fond or perhaps not—of dining at the Golden Arches.  Decked out in red, white and gold, the newest Vomit Kid has translucent deep yellow upchuck—a classy touch!  Turns out this is the first of at least two Fast-food editions. Head on over to the Mighty Jaxx blog for a chance win the upcoming black+white edition.


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ThreeA at STS: DIY Track Square Release from Ashley Wood and ???


ThreeA will be exhibiting at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) alongside ThreeZero in booth C18.  Ashley Wood and company have some fun things planned for the show including one announced release (so-far).  Back in February, 3A announced that the DDV2 Square would be released at the show.  It’s since been revealed that the official name is DDV2 DIY Track Square and is part of Canvas Series Number 1.  It will be available at the show for CN¥ 600.00 and $110 at Bambaland on April 5th.  And if you’re wondering, yes, the tracks on the figure are movable/articulated.

26864655_1816661848385678_1447340305861836800_n  29089556_122037018569311_6026417691332444160_n

This updated branding is interesting in part because it’s an indication that 3A is positioning the Track Square as a platform.  It’s even more interesting coupled with the news that ThreeA has shown what appear to be custom DIY Track Squares from seven guest artists  for a special STS project.  Huang-Jia Wei, Kelvin Sau, Kenny Wong, Shimizu Eiichi, Shimoguchi Tomohiro, Steven Choi  and Zao Dao will each be signing at the 3A booth in half-hour sessions. At least one of the artists has mentioned that his figure will be available for sale at the convention-–presumably as a one-off custom.  This begs two questions, will some of these additional artist designs be released as production figures at some point ? And, will we see a blank DIY Track Square.

IMG_0113 IMG_0106 IMG_0115

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Mar 22, 2018

POP MART x Pucky – Pucky Pool Babies


Pucky is working with POP MART on a brand-new mini series—we believe her first. Pucky Pool Babies features her whimsical characters enjoying a dip, many with fun innertube designs. She mentions these are coming ‘soon’. The #sts tag leads us to believe these will drop at the inaugural Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).

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Six TwentyEight – MITT Blue Splash for STS and ToyCon UK


Six TwentyEight has just revealed the  sparkling new Mitt Blue Splash edition which will be available at April toy conventions including Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) via Wrong Gallery (D7) and ToyCon UK (4.7 – 4.8)  via Collect and Display.  It will also be available online from 6 28 in late April. Love this edition – happy hunting !

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Brent Nolasco – Arc of Time Sculpt


Once again tapping into his seemingly limitless imagination, Brent Nolasco has unveiled the sculpt for his upcoming Arc of Time project.   A blend of the figurative and surreal, the new piece features a vaguely reptilian, almost dinosaur-like creature whose torso appears to be a very large organ, perhaps a heart.  Slated for resin production by TaskOne, Arc of Time is designed to float above the ground via a stand support.

20180217_165232 20180322_135605 20180217_165920 20180322_140719

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Amanda Visell – Phoenix Stagon

Amanda Visell has just released her new Phoenix Stagon (edition of 5, 14”, $450) over at Switcheroo. This fancy wood+resin set features a fiery-hued Deer/Dragon hybrid and an equally fired up girl warrior. Defeat is but a temporary set-back to rise from—ever stronger. If you’d like a pair for your collection, there’s a single OG Stagon available in her store.

unnamed (1)

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POP MART x Mame Moyashi – Exclusive Master The Giant Claws Edition Debuts at STS

POP MART will release an Exclusive Master the Giant Claws figure from Mame Moyashi at the Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  This sure to be red-hot edition seems to celebrate the delicious spicy lobster dish loved by many. Based on the promo image above, it appears that this is limited to China.

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Mar 21, 2018

Blackbook Toy - New Mascot Figure Guy (3.22 – 3.25)


Blackbook Toy is super excited to share with you, their newest mascot figure Guy!  They will be doing a dual release with two amazing colorways, "Purple Haze" and "Dead Meat". This figure was designed and sculpted by artist Marvel Okinawa, who has also hand painted the "Purple Haze" edition. Keep in mind that these are truly hand painted, as there is no spray masks, each figure is hand painted by its designer. "Purple Haze" is limited to 9 pieces and will retail roughly $200 and the marbled "Dead Meat" edition is limited to 12 pieces at $120 each. Both figures come with barbed wire bat and removable mask. Due to the limited number, these figures will be available via e-mail lottery beginning on Thursday (3.22) at 7 AM PDT and ending on Sunday (3.25) at 6:59 AM PDT . Full details can be found HERE.

IMG_1266 IMG_1310 IMG_1323 IMG_1276

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Woot Bear Gallery Presents: "The Roman Banquet" (03.24)


Toys and food, it doesn't get better than that! Woot Bear Gallery is proud to present The Roman Banquet, a food themed art event that will cater to all your taste buds. Throw on your best evening attire, as this is one show you will not want to miss. Participating artists include: Big C, Christa Dippel, CZee13, Eimi Takano, Eloise Kim, fogandstring, Ha-Anh Dinh, Heidi Kenney, Jerome Lu, Katie Fortune, Hariken, Mariangela Tan, Matthew Perez, Rato Kim, Refreshment Toy, Rudy Ramirez, Scott Wilkowski, Shawnimals, Victoria Rose, Zard Apuya and Zebulon. The event will take place this Saturday, March 24th from 6-9PM.

WB-CZee13_Milk-Choc-CookieWB-Eimi-Takano_Onigiri WB-Hariken_Softrolls WB-Heidi-Kenney_Coffee-Cups WB-Rato-Kim_Ice-Cream-Cat WB-Ha-Anh-DInh_Voracious

The Roman Banquet
Opening: Saturday, March 24th (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Super7 at Wondercon (3.23 – 3.25)


Con season seems to be starting up, as Wondercon is taking place this weekend in Anaheim, CA! Super7 will once again be partaking in the activities with their booth #1120. They've got some awesome releases ready for the weekends event, which covers all bases of toys! For the vinyl fiends out there, they are bringing back their iconic "Skulletor" colorway with their newest vinyl mascot Bat Boy, which will retail $60 a piece. For the M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors, what seems to be the last and final release of their Worst figures, is the Clear Edition. They will have two packs available at $6 each. Last up for the classic movie lovers and ReAction figure fans is the Black and White edition Nosferatu and Hitchock ReAction Figures. Both of these will retail $15 each! Find these goodies and more at  their booth #1120 this weekend!

PrintPrint PrintPrint

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Devilrobots at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7)

Devilrobots will release several new To-Fu toys, many in soft vinyl, at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  First up is the Robo X, an STS special edition of the  My Firsto-fu figure cast in clear soft vinyl with a painted mini to-fu inside!  There’s more soft vinyl action with the To-Fu Mix series (mixed parts), and the larger  Crazy Pop figures— which are filled with soft pom-poms.  If you’re after minis, you’re in luck with the Mini To-Fu colors and Crazy Pop minis.  They’ll also have UltioTofu, a great ukyDaydreamer x Devilrobots collabo release.  All of this will be available at the Devilrobots booth [D16].

29093054_2139127452981847_2096939085586235392_n28763745_338219040002736_605109429708259328_n28765194_129729791197452_4038409245639573504_n 29096107_181641249294598_254498218405003264_n

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