Apr 26, 2018

Moggie by Jink Wu & Unusual Creation Club


As you might guess, Moggie by Chinese artist Jink Wu  is not your average, adorable, neighborhood cat. Abandoned time after time, Moggie has learned to hunt on his own and now has one paw in the city and one in the wild. No longer dependent on humans for food, Moggie often sips on ‘bird dew’ as he relaxes.


Jink debuted Moggie at the Shanghai Toy Show  with an exclusive lime green soft vinyl edition under his Unusual Creation Club brand (UCC). While the STS edition quickly sold out, he has a new release tentatively scheduled for May.


A variation on the STS edition, the new edition will retain the basic color scheme but the dead bird will no longer have the visible wounds/blood. To keep up with the latest on Moggie, you can follow UCC (@UnusualCreationClub) on Instagram and  Facebook


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Catching up with Janky by Superplastic


With our recent trip to China, it’s been awhile since we’ve written about Janky, the new Huck Gee x Paul Budnitz vinyl love child, due on May 15th from Superplastic.The recent reveals of several artist editions have us really amped for more previews, the release, and of course playing with‘em.

30601964_151701629002572_106376749259948032_n 30605020_621922231481153_3562867447264444416_n

So far, Superplastic has revealed Janky designs from Pete Fowler, Bubi Au Yeung, El Grand Chamaco, Junko Mizuno and just today, Joe Ledbetter.   Diving right in, Fowler’s loud, energetic design makes mismatched sneakers cool. Speaking of the shoes, it appears there are at least two shoe sculpts – a sneaker design and a simpler, basic design.  Superplastic highlighted Janky’s shoes in a fun video which cycled through all the footwear designs revealed so far.  That has us wondering if the shoes are interchangeable… In the video the shoes and legs are shown together, almost  as a unit. Perhaps one can swap out the shoes at the knee?

29715367_159096374762497_1907123139083501568_n29717093_771587363038103_8914407083311366144_n30604069_207288079864773_1120454171779137536_n 30078613_577182169324210_4804879961003393024_n


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Amanda Visell – Wookie AT-ST

Amanda Visell brings us back to a galaxy, far, far away with her new Wookie AT-ST deluxe wood set.  Recreate the Battle of Endor in AV-style with the wooden walker plus mini Chewie and Ewok wood figures.  Amanda’s wood Walkers continue to impress with the mix of detail and stylized elements.  Limited to 10 sets, these stand 10” high and are available now direct from Switcheroo for $450 (+ s/h).

unnamed ATST_back

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Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx – Happy POPek (4.28)


Whatshisname and Mighty Jaxx have melded minds once again to bring you the cutest POPek yet.  Happy POPek (edition of 300)  features a brand-new sculpt with inflated canine in a playful mood, ready to pounce on his red balloon ball.   This one drops on Saturday (4.28) at 7 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx. MJ VIPs will be able to score this a day earlier on Friday.


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Tracy Tubera x Reppin – Infinity Metal Pin


Ok, so Thanos may have the Infinity Gauntlet, but we’re pretty sure he hasn’t gotten his purple mitts on this brand new Infinity Metal pin from Tracy Tubera and Reppin.  Rock on in cosmic style with the new 2” pin available now directly from Tracy’s web shack for $10 (+ s/h).  This one is perfect for those times when you want to feel super, pretend to be sublime, and be nerdy all at the same time.


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Eimi Takano x Peter Kato x Clutter – Donut Bunnie (4.27)


Donut Bunny from Eimi Takano and Peter Kato has put us in an overly happy mood (sssh…)  For this fun, cute collabo resin, Eimi has re-imagined Peter’s Bedtime Bunny in her signature Donut style.  The toy magic starts with seamlessly incorporating the donut head and continues right through to the cleverly re-worked slippers--a hallmark of the Bedtime Bunny design--which now feature a fun donut-inspired shape.

Cast and painted by Clutter Studios in New York, the Donut Bunny OG Colorway (6”, 25 pcs) will be released on Friday (4.27) at 9 AM PDT for $95 (+ s/h) from the Clutter web shop. Hop to it!

unnamedunnamed unnamed

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Cryptik x Silent Stage – Memento Mori (5.2)


Cryptik and Silent Stage Gallery collaborative project comes to a head with the release of Memento Mori (latin: ‘remember that you have to die’).  The bold, matte black skull emblazoned in brilliant gold with Cryptik’s signature script and intricate, mesmerizing patterns, brings his captivating mix of the impeccable precision of the ancient and the urgency of modern script to the display case. Memento Mori will be released on Wednesday, May 2nd 2018 at 9 AM PDT  from Silent Stage’s site.

30604632_163044584368957_3532712275720798208_n 30603438_160946397903459_3456847768700583936_n

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Apr 25, 2018

James Groman x Toy Art Gallery – Arctic Blast Fossil Pods (4.27)


Toy Art Gallery  has released several strong painted editions in recent weeks. This focus continues this week with the Arctic Blast Fossil Pods (2” long) from James Groman. These look sharp with an imaginative mix of silver, cyan, blue sprays with pink and red accents. The Arctic Blast set—Tricerabeetle, Mosquitodactyl, Tyrannonmantis, Brontopillar, and Saurpian—will drop on Friday (4.27) at 12 PM PDT from the TAG web shop for $75 (+ s/h).

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Apr 24, 2018

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter with Patrick Lam


Ahhh… The fresh smell of a brand-new, mint Toy Geeks Behind the Counter episode.  S2 E11 features LA-based power player Patrick Lam of Munky King and is available to stream in glorious 1080p on Youtube or right below.   I start things off with a quick recap of Shanghai Toy Show—more detailed recap here—and then we dive into looking at several of the sweet toys I scored at STS including Lazy by Benson Wong and Devil Toys, The Ink Monkey King by J.T Studio, the Nano TEQ63 from QUICCS and Devil Toys, the brand-new Kaiju Hunting mini series from Paradise and more.  Sliding from Shanghai to MK, Patrick shows us the new 10th Anniversary Possessed which drops on May 4th, the extended lineup of ‘The Messenger’ designed by kaNO including the sexy incoming frosted edition.

Slow? Watch TGBTC S2E11 on Youtube

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Apr 23, 2018

Luke Chueh x Munky King – 10th Anniversary Possessed (5.4)


The 10th Anniversary Possessed vinyl  from Luke Chueh and Munky King will be released in the classic OG colors for $80 (+s/h) on Friday May 4th 2018 @ 12 PM PDT from MK’s online store.  Think of this one as the’ artist’s cut’ with subtle improvements made to the original vinyl including sculpted facial features, and shoulder articulation of the right. The new edition, which looks even better in person, is featured in this week’s Toy Geeks Behind the Counter episode (airs 4.24). In case you’re wondering, the all-black and chrome editions seen above were exclusive to the Grief Encounters Kickstarter.

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Eric Chow x AE Workshop – ‘Sparkling on Show’ The Fattie Set


AE Workshop has just dropped their new ‘Sparkling On Show’ Jeff set featuring two fab Pink and Black inverse colorways (8”) of Eric Chow’s The Fattie.  The name of the set references The Fattie’s recent first solo show in HK and the light glitter in both figures. It’s available for $260 (+ s/h) direct from AE Workshop.

[First spotted on Softoy Hobby]

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Squink x Kidrobot – Kono the Yeti 8” Dunny (4.27)


Cuteness incoming.  Kidrobot will release the new Kono the Yeti 8” Dunnys from Squink on Friday (4.27) at 9 AM PDT.  The standard blue edition (700 pcs) will be available from select retailers for $59.99 including myplasticheart and of course Kidrobot.com.  While not yet confirmed, an educated guess says that the gray and pink will be KR exclusives.


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