Oct 31, 2014

Artmymind – Hallow and Abyss Storm Samurai (10.31)

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Artmymind (feat. on R88’s Custom Corner) has a sweet treat in store for collectors.  They’ve just announced that they are dropping two squads of Storm Samurai at around 5PM PDT.  First up is the candy loving Hallow trooper in orange and black, followed up by the verdigris textured Abyss trooper.   Since the timing is approximate, stay sharp and refresh artmymind’s web shop around the drop time.

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Amanda Visell x HMNIM -- ‘Virtute et armis’ Collection


Riffing off Mark Hoppus’ (Blink-182) signature octopus character/logo, Amanda Visell has worked with his lifestyle brand Hi My Name is Mark on a new collection based around her original illustration, ‘Virtute et armis’ (By Courage and By Arms).  First off there’s a limited-edition art print (100 pcs, 18” x 24”, $70).  For those of us who enjoy wearing our art, there’s also a Tee in Charcoal and Navy ($32) and a tank-top in white ($28).


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Jeff Soto x BlackBook Toy – Mt. Fuji NekoFukurou for DesignerCon


Jeff Soto will release his Mt. Fuji NekoFukurou stackable sofubi figure (6”) at DesignerCon. Named in honor of Japan’s iconic snowcapped  peak, his  exclusive version of his owl/cat figure from BlackBook Toy is cast in clear vinyl and features blue, white, yellow and black sprays.  Mt. Fuji NekoFukurou will be available directly from Soto’s booth [#615].  Pricing has yet to be announced.


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Amanda Visell x Coarse –- Last Days of Winter


In addition to their awesome ‘First Days of Despair’ collabo piece which we wrote about a little while ago, Amanda Visell and Coarse also showcased a second large-scale sculpture at the recent Blooom art fair in Cologne, Germany.  ‘The Last Days of Winter’ features an innocent mountain creature at the mercy of children and squirrels determined to exploit it.   As with the previous piece, this one was designed by Amanda and then sculpted by Coarse.  What’s next ?  Something very owlsome.


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Mighty Eight – Hong Kong Hello Kitty Go Around Exclusive Figures



In conjunction with Sanrio, Mighty Eight has released two Hello Kitty Handmade Figures exclusively at the Hello Kitty Go Around event in Hong Kong which opened on October 30th and runs through November 16th, 2014.   There are two designs – a standing 8” resin figure and a seated 6” resin figure.  Each design is limited to 200 pieces, comes with a removable Hello Kitty Go Around ‘tag’/plaque, and retails for HK$499 (~$64). 

If you are going to be attending the event, you can reserve the figures by sending an email to contact@might-eight.com with the following info:

-Handphone number
-Which designs (6inch or 8inch or both) and order quantity
-Collection date and estimated time


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David Dick – Satori Kappa Available Now


After a few posts about his new Satori Kappa figure, we’re pleased to say that David Dick has just released the figure (ed. of 40) at Planet3Toys.  Dave created and sculpted this distinct and stylish 2.75”  piece which was manufactured by Pretty in Plastic.  The numbered figures include a button, and a signed/numbered COA/mini-print.

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Oct 30, 2014

Tracy Tubera x Mana Studios – GID ‘Methylamine’ Edition DesignerCon Exclusive Walt


We had mentioned in our previous post HERE that Tracy Tubera had more in store for everyone at Designer Con. That has been finally been revealed today! Our jaws nearly dropped when Tracy posted a photo of the Glow in the Dark  ‘Methylamine’ Edition of his Walt figure by Mana Studios. This bad boy is limited to 20 pieces and will be available at the Mana Studios booth #913 for $125 each. The ‘Blue Sky’ edition will be available at Tracy’s booth #321.

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Cometdebris – DesignerCon Exclusive Kappa Kid


Cometdebris will be releasing his new Kappa Kid as an exclusive at this years Designer Con! This Kappa Kid is rocking a new baseball cap and is cast in a purple vinyl. These will be limited and up for grabs at his booth #1231 for $30 each.

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Paul Shih DesignerCon Exclusives at Tiny Traveling Gallery Booth

Paul-Shih-Sushi_Inu-front-580x482 Paul-Shih-BEVIL-Lemon_Lime-580x482

You can catch Paul Shih hanging out at the Tiny Traveling Gallery booth #203 with some super cute releases! Available will be the Sushi Inu, one part Shiba, the other part sushi! This resin figure stands 2.5” tall and is limited to 10 pieces with 5 available for Designer Con for $60 each. Not enough cute? Then you need to get your hands on his Bevil figure. The Lemon and Lime Infused edition stands 4” tall and are limited to 5 pieces for $60 a piece.

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Chris Ryniak x Circus Posterus Exclusives for DesignerCon 2014


Here is some news we are sure you are excited about, the Designer Con exclusives coming from Chris Ryniak for the Circus Posterus booth #700. First up is the Aqua Lime Mini Bubblegut figure, which is limited to 12 pieces, 6 pieces for Designer Con and the rest for Winter Salon for $200. Then there is the Green Grape Fuzzlethump figure, limited to 10 pieces for $200. Last on the list is the Harlequin Burblebum, limited to 12 pieces for $200 each. There is plenty more coming from Circus Posterus. Stay tuned!

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Seymour: Double Faced Busts Available at Tiny Traveling Gallery Booth at DesignerCon 2014


Unfortunately Seymour won’t be able to make it out to Designer Con this year, but his Double Faced Busts will! These two sided 5” resin busts are limited to 10 pieces, with only 4 available for DCon. They will be available at the Tiny Traveling Gallery booth #203 for $150 each.


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SubUrban Vinyl x Jon Paul Kaiser – “The Ripper” Print at DesignerCon

The-Ripper (1)

This will be the first time SubUrban Vinyl will be showing at this years Designer Con. They’ve got a number of goodies available, one of them being “The Ripper” print by Jon Paul Kaiser. This is a 18x24” screen print on French 100C paper. There will only be 50 of these signed and numbered prints available for $70 each. JPK will also be hanging out at the booth on Saturday from 12-1PM to sign and sketch! 

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