May 27, 2016

Mame Moyashi - Maguro Pre-Order (Thru 6.1)


If you fit into the food/art toy collecting group of collectors and so happen to love sushi, we think this may be the toy for you! Check out Mame Moyashi's Moguro figure, which is a 4.5" PVC figure that clearly depicts a sad looking tuna ready to be served. This first release features articulation in the arms, tail and head and comes equipped with sashimi knife. Multiple stores are accepting pre-orders, which will run from now until June 1st. Each figure will retail roughly $48, which we think is amazing for this high quality looking piece. Click after the jump for order instructions. 


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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Friday Night Drop! (5.27)


All  you Mutant Vinyl Hardcore  fanatics are going to want to stay glued to their screens tonight (5.27) at 10PM EDT (7 PM PDT)! That's where he will be releasing some figures, which will be a surprise for everyone. The only indication of what we think will be available is from a previous photo of his Sludge Demon and Bernie the Gremlin which are cast in a a beautiful black and white marble. He also mentioned more high contrast marble and GID! Just like all of Rich's sales, whatever pops up will go in a flash!

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Rotofugi – 20% Off Boss Lady’s Birthday Sale Ends Today (5.27)


To celebrate their Boss Lady’s Birthday—the awesome Whitney KerrRotofugi has been running a week-long 20% off sale on most in-stock toys (and more).  The bad news is that all good things come to an end.  In this case, the birthday sale ends today Friday (5.27) at the end of the day (likely 11:59 PM CDT or 9:59 PM PDT). To score the celebratory savings, visit the Birthday Sale section of the store and  be sure to use discount code: BOSSLADYBDAY at checkout.

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Retroband x Zectron x Unbox – JAWS Tug O’War (5.28)


Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water… Inspired by the classic suspense film, Retroband has created the JAWS Tug O’War edition.  Starting with grey blanks of the Zectron x Unbox vinyl, he’s brought an even more menacing ‘shark’ to life with sharp, jagged teeth and painted detail on the ship to highlight an aspect of the figure design that has been easy to overlook with many of the previous mostly single-color editions.  Limited to 20 pieces, the JAWS Tug O’War—in bag with Retroband header and a sticker from Kotobuki-man—drops on Saturday (5.28) @ 12 PM CDT (10 AM PDT) from the Retroband online shop for $55 (+ s/h).


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Horrible Adorables x Kidrobot – Wave 2: Shrewdipede and Yippey Yak

unnamed (5)

Kidrobot has just released Wave 2 of the Horrible Adorables vinyl series from Jordan Elise and Christopher Lee.  ShrewdipedShrewdipede and Yippey Yak now join the previously released Wave 1 creatures: Tangled Twins and Spruce Spricket.  Each of the Wave 2 figures is limited to 1000 pieces, stands 4” tall and is available from Kidrobot and other retailers for $24.99.  Look for additional waves shortly, through Summer.

unnamed (2)


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May 26, 2016

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura – Giraffagon + Wood Elephant


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have just released two new resin sets for your collecting pleasure.  The first is the Giraffagon (part of the Ferals minifig series) which comes with a mini house.  Next up is the Wood Elephant  (and Rider) – the first of several wood-themed sets.  Be sure to check the ‘phant’s tail in the shots after the jump.  Both sets are limited to 25 pieces, and are available for pre-order  now for $90 (+s/h) each from Switcheroo.  Expect these to ship in a few weeks. QUEzNkY1NzBCQzFDOEZGQjk1MDE6NGMzNzIwNWIxN2I2ZmFhMDg1Y2FhYWQ4NzkyYzI3OTg6Ojo6OjA= (1)


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May 25, 2016

HMNIM x Joe Ledbetter – Octopus Skate Decks (5.26)


Joe Ledbetter has collaborated with Hi My Name is Mark on new octopus skate decks in two signed editions—blue + yellow  and pink + light blue. Since Mark Hoppus’ (of Blink-182 fame) personal mascot is an octopus, the organic-shaped deck features JLED’s angular take on the deep sea denizen. The sharp lookin’ decks drop Thursday (5.26) @ 10 AM PDT from the HMNIM online store for $80 (+ s/h) each.


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Toy Art Gallery x Splurrt – Ghost of Broken Bones (5.27)

The wait for a new edition of Splurrt’s Broken Bones is over.  Toy Art Gallery will release the Ghost of Broken Bones cast in sparkling clear vinyl with silver glitter on Friday (5.27) @ 12 PM PDT from the TAG web shop for $70 + (s/h).  Really striking edition, this one.  Also, be on the lookout for a painted edition (below)


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Marsham Toy Hour - Episode 11 with Bob Africa: President of Kidrobot


Marsham Toy Hour is back with Episode 11, which features a very special guest, President of Kidrobot, Boba Africa. In this episode the gang learns about some of the past, present and future of one of the godfathers of the vinyl toy scene. They ask some hard hitting questions, which are then followed by some answers that we've all be wanting to know! Join Gary Ham,Tyler Ham and Martian Toys for their latest episode on their Podbean, Stitcher and iTunes.

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May 24, 2016

Andrew Bell - Blue Collar Edition Karoshi San


Andrew Bell’s poor little Karoshi has been worked to the bone and is in much need of a vacation in your toy collection! The new "Blue Collar" edition will soon be available at your favorite toy retailers. This edition features an opening suitcase that shows its death certificate, which so happens to also be its edition number (limited to 150). Each figure will retail $65 each and will make a great piece to add to your Andrew Bell shelf!


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Gary Ham x Andrew Bell x Pobber Toys - Winter Nightmare Nightstalker Edition


Pobber Toys will soon be coming out with a new edition of Gary Ham's Autumn Stag. This isn't the mini-version whatsoever! This is the full-sized 28" tall display, which has gotten a make over by Andrew Bell. Here we have the new Nightstalker Edition Winter Nightmare, which will feature new sculpted parts and accessories! Pobber mentions that pre-orders will be opening soon, so please stay tuned! Side Note: With Winter and Autumn being done, can we expect Spring and Summer to be done as well? Could these be designed by other artists as well? Let's wait and find out!

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Super7 x Gargamel - Beastman Sofubi Release at Power-Con 2016! (6.4 - 6.5)


What better event for Super7 x Gargamel to release their second figure in their Sofubi Masters of the Universe line than Power-Con 2016! The Green Prototype Beastman figure (5”) complete with whip(!)  will be released exclusively through the Super7 booth at Power-Con from June 4th - 5th. Each figure will retail $65 a pop!

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