Jan 29, 2015

Scott Wilkowski x Ferg - Infected Young Gohst for Collect and Destroy (2.2)


Scott Wilkowski and Ferg have joined forces to bring you another sweet Infected Young Gohst resin.  The translucent radioactive green figure—branded to  promote the “Collect and Destroy” collectors forum—features Wilkowski’s wicked skeletal sculpture in a natural bone color and follows the two previous DesignerCon releases.   This lil’ guy will be available for a 24-hour timed, public release beginning on Monday February 2nd at Noon CST from the Collect and Destroy shop for $75.  The price includes US shipping; a $20 shipping fee will be added to international orders.

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: RXSEVEN


Happy 2015 and welcome to the January edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Dallas-based artist, RXSEVEN.

What’s your name?
I've always been fascinated by the concept of creating an alias in the art world. I remember growing up In the streets of Houston,TX  and seeing art/graffiti on freight trains and wondering who these artists were. Since then I knew I wanted to create my own identity when it came to the art world. A couple years later SE7EN happened to be the name that stuck. I use RXSEVEN for social outlets.

Where are you located?
I'm located In Dallas, Texas.

Day job or full-time artist?
I sling lattes from 9 to 5, but creating art full time is the plan!

Any random things you want people to know about you?
My pet Dachshund is more famous than me, lol

How long have you been painting toys?
I've been customizing toys for 3 years now. I remember being introduced to Kidrobot designs from a graffiti artist that I followed in my early teens. I always wanted to collect, but I just couldn't afford them at the time. I think for a teenager going through high school, high-priced designer toys were not the priority lol. Now a couple years later here I am making my own designs.

Anything specific you’d like people to know about your toy work (style, influences, special techniques, etc.)?
I've always been obsessed with skulls and anatomy. I try to put my twist on things when I incorporate the skeletal aspect to my work. I use space/stars for eyes to indicate that there's life after death. Lately I've been playing around with the idea of my own character, Shivers the skeleton—I see him as holding the key to life. So you'll see a lot of the animals or designs with a keyhole in their rib cage. I plan to elaborate more on that later this year!

Do you take commissions?
Yes and no. I'm always open to ideas, but I'm picky with what I want to work on.  I just don't want to do the same design on the same platform over and over again. I tend to get bored  :p

Best way(s) for people to contact you/see your work?
I'm pretty bad with promotion and using social outlets. I plan to change that this year, but you can catch me posting more on Instagram or my website. The best way to contact me is through email.


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Jan 28, 2015

Kidrobot Welcomes Customs, Not Bootlegs


Long overdue, Kidrobot has r eleased an official statement addressing bootlegging in which they make clear that they welcome and support customization of their various toys (including their popular Dunny and Munny platforms), but will actively seek to prevent bootlegging—the un-authorized duplication of their toys.   

While the distinctions can get blurry, our interpretation of the statement is that artists/collectors/fans who purchase a Kidrobot figure can do to it as they see fit, and can release limited series of “Dunnys”, “Munnys” or what have you as long as a production vinyl figure is used for each piece. However, the duplication or reproduction of a Kidrobot toy will be viewed negatively, as an infringement of the brand’s intellectual property, and will be subject to corrective action.  Or put another way, paint, cut, and add to their toys, but don’t make molds and cast your own copies of KR figures.  Additionally, don’t create and sell from “scratch” versions of “Dunnys” (as an example) as these will likely be considered bootlegs; each piece does not include one of KR’s production toys.  Again, this is our interpretation of the statement, if you’re in doubt please reach out to Kidrobot for clarification.

From our perspective, this policy is sensible, allowing artistic creativity, while protecting the financial investment and rights of Kidrobot and the artists they work with. Frankly, we’ve been surprised that Kidrobot has until now, turned a bllind-eye to bootlegs, such as resin Dunnys.

Perhaps as equally important as the basic policy is the fact that Kidrobot is open to working with artists who would like to pursue projects which involve duplicating production toys, under a licensing arrangement.  In fact, Mikie Graham worked with Kidrobot on this type of arrangement for his sweet Halloween Dunnys.  Additionally, the re-born KR is actively working with and promoting customizers.

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Jan 27, 2015

Anomaly Shanghai x Mighty Jaxx – Hot God


If you belong in that weird niche of collectors who needs/wants all hotdog related designer vinyl art toys out there, boy have we found the toy for you! Teaming up with Anomaly Shanghai, Mighty Jaxx is proud to present Hot God. This piece was designed by Morris Lee and was created exclusively for Anomaly. Right now this figure is available through Mighty Jaxx’s brand new website in three different colors, Silver, Gold and Red. You can find them all available HERE for $80 a piece.

Hot God is a hot dog like no other. Rallying against the corporate behemoths, Hot God represents the spirit of independence, objectivity, and above all always doing the right thing. Hot God never settles for ordinary, and always strives to be extraordinary. In a world were sameness has become the norm, Hot God is truly an Anomaly. 


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Super7 Release: Peanut Butter Mummy Boy & Rose Vampire Micros (01.29)


These look almost good enough to eat! Presenting the Peanut Butter Mummy Boy & Rose Vampire micro figures from Super7. These lovely micro sized figures will be available this Thursday, January 29th  at 12PM PST in-store and online at $10 a piece. Now we wait to see if there will be a Jelly edition to accompany this colorway.

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Jan 26, 2015

Blitzway x Coartism –- Playboy Art Toy Series


South Korea continues its rapid rise as a growing market and exciting producer of art toys.  The latest sign of this exciting trend is the new Playboy Collector’s Edition Art Toys from South Korean brands Blitzway and Coartism. The upcoming line features interpretations of the magazine’s—an international cultural force—iconic Bunny  from Hands in Factory, twelveDot, Sticky Monster Lab, Eric So,  Les Schettkoe and David Flores.  Just the news of Playboy Art Toys is exciting, but what’s really impressive here is the strength of the different artistic takes

Some focus on the Bunny as a character onto itself including Les Schettkoe’s hip skater Bunny and Hands In Factory’s wild Bunny pimp. Others offer interpretations of the classic Playboy Bunny—Dave Flores’s refined bust with subtle texture, twelveDot’s sculpture-like vision and Sticky Monster Lab’s curvaceously adorable urban Bunny. And last but certainly not least, a few artists focus on the man behind it all—Mighty Jaxx’s urban Hef with velvet jacket and Eric So’s threesome featuring a dapper Hef bunny (with Eric So style glasses) and two Bunnies.

No word yet on when these will drop, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled


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Andrew Bell & Lunabee for Android Series 05


More has been revealed from the upcoming Android Series 05!  First up is the “Hello World” Android by Andrew Bell. We are in love with this design and are happy to see a bit of organic mixed with robotic. This one is surely going to be one of the popular figures of the bunch.

Hello World is wired for love… but programmed for disappointment. Compiled in a 1/16 ratio.


UK based artist Lunabee did some wonderful work to the Android platform with her “Ice in my Belly” Dragon design. 1/16 ratio with a chance to score a fiery chase! This here is another winner of the group and anyone with this colorway is going to want the chase to go with it!

Be sure to look back at Reactor-88’s Totem Android HERE, Gary Ham’s SK8 Cop Android HERE, and Jon Paul Kaiser’s Sturnbrau Android HERE.

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Skinner x UNBOX Industries – SEXTOPIGON Medicom Open Order Release!


Who has 9 legs, 6 arms, a killer crown, and nothing but souls on his mind? The Sextopigon by Skinner and Unbox Industries. Guess who gets the privilege of releasing the first colorway of this uber detailed figure? Medicom and it is an open order, which can be found HERE for around $110 a piece! This piece was sculpted by David Arshawsky and stands 8” tall. This amazing Medicom colorway featuring gold, brown and yellow sprays.


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Andrew Bell – “The Classical” Edition Last Knight


You can’t have a complete chess set without the white pieces. Introducing “The Classical” Edition Last Knight figure by Andrew Bell, which features a white vinyl with gold and silver details and will compliment the original release very well! This edition is limited to 200 pieces and features articulation in the jaws and ears and comes packaged in a black and silver foil box. These will be available at your favorite toy retailers very soon for $75 each.


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Jan 25, 2015

Rotofugi x Coarse Exclusive Outburst Loops (1.28)


Rotofugi is revving up the Rotofugi Limited servers for the third and we believe final set of exclusives from Coarse’s impressive Prisoners Beside Me show which opened at the gallery in December.  This time around they will be releasing  the Rotofugi Exclusive Outburst Loops, the first production vinyl figures of the dancing Omen which made its first appearance with the Outburst resin sets.  Both the Black and Blue Outburst Loops (7.5”), each an edition of 300, will drop on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 @ 7:59 AM from Rotofugi Limited for $99 each (+ s/h). These will be limited to one of each edition per customer/household.


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Disarticulators – Marble Madness Lucky Bags + More (7.28)

marble madness shot

The Disarticulators have a big release day set for this coming Wednesday, highlighted by the ‘Marble Madness’ Lucky Bags.  Each bag of  one-off marbled Keshi figures is guaranteed to include  one large figure—a Rotten Tomato, one medium figure—a Leucotomy Ball, and two regular sized figures drawn from the Atomic Uchuujin, Loberstman and Critter ranks.  Priced at $100 (a 25% savings), each bag features a vibrant riot of colorful, monstrous keshi madness—all  of it sculpted by Zectron and cast by Tru:Tek

In addition to the Lucky Bags, the Disarticulators will release a new one-off marbled run of SKC’s Screwballs (3” x 2”) featuring 2, 3, and 4 color marbled mixes.  Inspired by the Strange Kid Club’s Circle Jerk sticker series, these started as a fan project sculpted by Jose David Cifuentes Ulloa.  The current incarnation was 3D printed, prototyped, and cast  by Tru:Tek.    Limited to just 10 pieces, these will be available for $35 (+ s/h). 

All of this keshi insanity drops on Wednesday (1.28) @ 1 PM PST from the Man-E-Toys store.  Be on the lookout for a few surprise drops as well.


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Jan 24, 2015

Rocco the Great – Death Troopa Blind Pack Series 1


Rocco the Great is out with a great brand new mini series, the Death Troopa. These meddlesome Storm Trooper-esque 2” figures comes blind packed out of a total of 16 pieces. Along with your Rocco the Great hand drawn doodle and sticker, you have a chance of receiving a Brown “Shit Troopa”  (1), Yellow (1), “Ghost of Death Troopa” Chase (2), Pink (2), Red (2), White (2), Grey (1), Green (2), and Black (3). That equals 16 right? If you order more than one, Rocco will make sure you will not receive multiples! These will be available HERE tomorrow, Sunday, January 25th at 8PM EST for $17 each.


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