Oct 08, 2015

Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Senor Taco at Taipei Toy Festival


It’s conventions gone wild with both NYCC and Taipei Toy Festival (TTF) in full swing.  Pobber has made the short trip from Singapore to Taipei and is sharing a booth A90 with Kurobokan. At the top of Pobber’s Menu is Scott Tolleson’s Señor Sailor—the fourth edition of Paco Taco—in Blue and White.  They’ve also brought along Paco Taco pins featuring memorable quotes from the boastful character.


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Malo One for Martian Toys -- Custom Glenn Barr “Suspension” Resin Showcase at NYCC


Martian Toys is showing several custom versions of the apparently brand-new art toy based on Glenn Barr’s “Suspension” painting at their NYCC booth [#203].  Now if you’re thinking, “wait… what toy?”, it appears that these customs are preceding the release.  Shown above is Malo One’s inspired piece complete with a custom mini speaker box accessory—a nice touch, very much in the vein of Glenn’s urban mythos.  Drilone, Matthew Stephens and Fuller Designs.   

As seen in Malo One’s custom, the new sexy and gritty faerie is designed to be a shelf-sitter, one leg dangling over the edge.There’s not much concrete info so far, but Glenn did recently tease the toy with a drawing. If my creaky memory is working this morning, I believe the figure has been in the works for quite awhile – good to see it’s about to drop.



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Beefy & Co. at NYCC



Beefy & Co. is at NYCC once again.  This year they’ve brought two exclusives.  On the plush side there’s the brand-new Orkipoo (10”) with bendable tail and  mini plush fishy (mouth zippers to hold fish).  Limited to 100 pieces, Orkipoo will be available for $25. Beefy is also releasing a brand-new edition of their Mari the Cuddlefish vinyl toy.  Limited to 125 pieces, the Angry Red Sea colorway features a light red design with blue and yellow accents.   Not to bee taken lightly, this enraged cuddlefish can be yours for $65.  Drop by the Beefy & Co. booth [#425]



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Clutter x Scott Tolleson x Pobber – NYCC Pink Paco Taco

NYCC Paco Taco TOP

Scott Tolleson is taking over your cupboard.  Clutter will release an NYCC exclusive edition of his latest culinary crusader in their signature color.  Limited to 50 pieces, the Pink Paco Taco from Pobber will be available at the Clutter booth [#603] for $35.


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Oct 07, 2015

Luke Chueh x Clutter – ‘Everyone Needs Alot of Head’' Debuts at NYCC

 unnamed (1) 

Since Luke Chueh’s Heads show (May 2014) at the Clutter Gallery, we’ve been waiting for the release of those sweet rotocast resin bear heads. The wait is over. Clutter will debut their “Everyone Needs A Lot of Head” bear head by Luke Chueh at NYCC in vinyl no less!  Produced in the USA, these large heads (7.5” h x 8.5” w and 7.5” d) will be available in both painted ($60) and blank DIY versions ($40) from the Clutter booth [#603] – great pricing.  While NYCC is the first place to pick these up, we’re expecting that Clutter will offer a wider release in the future as well.


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Giant Robot Biennale IV at The Japanese American National Museum (10.9)

Giant Robot will continue their wildly successful Biennale series at the Japanese American National Museum with Saturday evening’s (10.9) opening of Biennale 4 (thru 1.24.16).  As with the past iterations, the museum exhibition will showcase the unique blend of Asian American art and culture which Giant Robot has cultivated over the years. 

This year’s show will feature an emphasis on drawing in the Museum’s lower gallery with highlights including James Jean’s sketchbooks, old and new drawings by comic book legend Jim Lee, works by the amazing Korean artist Kim Jung Ji, a recreation of Edwin Ushiro’s studio which will provide guests with the opportunity to draw their own pieces, and live drawing sessions by Katsuya Terada.  Additionally, the Giant Robot Room will celebrate the history of the brand through 50 iconic objects from cherished books to pivotal toys.

The upstairs gallery will feature paintings, murals, and installations from select artists whose work is rooted in drawing including Luke Chueh, Andrew Hem, Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, Nathan Ota, Mu Pan, and Yoskay Yamamoto. Be sure to hit the jump for a look at Andrew Hem’s ethereal mural and Yoskay Yamamoto’s multi-layered night sky installation featuring paintings, carved wood figures and his hanging raindrop figures.

Giant Robot Biennale 4
Opening Party: Saturday, October 10th (7-10 PM)

Japanese American National Museum
100 N Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Marka27 x Art Whino -– Estrella Wars at NYCC


Marka27 will be making the trip from Boston for NYCC.  He’s created a series of new ‘Estrella Wars’ prints for the occassion. By blending his Minigods music-speaker aesthetic with the serape—traditional multi-colored Mexican blanket—Marka offers his unique indigenous take on a trio of iconic Star Wars villains: Fett, Stormtrooper and of course Vader. The prints will be available individually (8x10 and 20x13 sizes) or in sets of three from the Art Whino Booth [#104-108] beginning on Thursday (10.9).


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Coarse – New York Scratches with Omen Fade Ignited at myplasticheart (10.9)


As previously teased, Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk of Coarse will make the trip to NYC for ‘New York Scratches’ on Friday (10.9) @ myplasticheart.  In addition to showcasing some new work, the event will feature a special release – Omen Fade Ignited.  The GID edition comes in an elegantly screen-printed bag with a dedication to the late collector Roman Shevchenko—whose bright yet brief life is the inspiration for the figure.  Each piece was packed in LA by the Coarse crew as a heartfelt last goodbye.   The 7” Omen Fade Ignited will be available for $90 at the event.


Coarse || New York Scratches
Friday, October 9th (8-10 PM)

210 Forsyth Street
New York, NY


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Oct 06, 2015

myplasticheart x Shawnimals – NYCC Exclusive Pork and Bones


What’s NYCC without a myplasticheart x Shawnimals exclusive release?! This years Holiday Pocket Pork Dumpling edition is dubbed Pork and Bones. These will be found at the myplasticheart booth #113 for $12 each. Shawnimals will also be having a signing on Saturday at 4PM.

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Flat Bonnie x P!Q – BunEwok at NYCC!


Flat Bonnie’s BunEwok will be adventuring out to New York Comic-Con! If you missed out on BunEwok at Wondercon, you will be able to find em’ at the PiQ booth #614, which will feature a new style bag and special NYCC/P!Q tags. There will be 15 of these available for $50. The BunEwok stands 12” tall and are handmade with faux fur, soft fleece and vinyl pleather with safety eyes.


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Daniel Fleres – The Swanicorn (10.09)


The Swanicorn Observational Society are happy to announce their Swanicorn Adoption program will soon be in effect! Each gorgeous specimen stand 4.5” tall and will finally be available to the public. The big release will take place this Friday, October 9th HERE at 12PM PST. To obtain a Swanicorn, all you have to do is fill out some adoption forms (billing/shipping info) and come up with $65 + S&H.

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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: Inami Toyland – “Ghost” Edition Robo Tops

Robo Tops Halloween Shot

Kevin Nam of Inami Toyland will be making his way to NYCC for the release of his newest edition of Robo Tops. The “Ghost” Edition will be available in two colorways, which are both in glow-in-the-dark resin, the Ecto Green and Phantom Blue. These playable art toys let you go toe-to-toe in the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the form of spinning tops! These will be limited to 15 pieces each and can be found only at the myplasticheart booth #113 all weekend.


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