Oct 20, 2018

NanoTEQ Evolved: Nutbuster by QUICCS x Devil Toys


We love conventions, for the exclusives of course, but also for the reveals.  So we’re amped about the NanoTEQ Nutbuster proto from QUICCS x Devil Toys on display at Taipei Toy Festival

The 6” soft vinyl mech features a compact, powerful sculpt with a three-point design for stability (and nifty back and side views).  And yes, the NanoTEQ 63 pops right into the cockpit for plenty of playability.  Expect this one in early 2019.  We’re looking forward to seeing painted samples and colorway designs. Hit the jump for more drool worthy angles.


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Cute, Chunky and Cool -- Doodle Hazards by Hongjun Ha


Hongjun Ha’s Doodle Hazard resins (4”) are now available for online orders at the Hands in Factory shop for $150 each.   The smallest version of his signature lizard (Ha-zard…) so far, the chunky Doodle’s have stylized, sketch-like faces.  First released at Beijing Toy Show, the OG (green) is limited to 20 pieces while Dots is rarer at five pieces.  As of this writing, the OG is available while Dots has sold out.


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Oct 19, 2018

A Distinctive Bat: Bartok by Blamo


#Blamoween isn’t about orange + black or pumpkin heads, no sir.  Enter Bartok, Blamo’s new blood-sucking bat character.  Carved in Monkey Pod Wood, the 9” Bartok—apparently an unconventional heart surgeon—seems unassuming with his arms crossed and wings folded, let’s just hope they stay that way. Bartok comes to life through deceptively simple combination of wood carving, charcoal finish and brass inset eyes.   Bartok is available now directly from Blamo for $150.  Hit the jump to see the many sides of this curious bat.


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Louis De Guzman x BettermeART – Shreddin’ Bart at TTF


As part of it’s TTF gallery, BettermeART is showing a new Bart sculpture from Chicago artist Louis de Guzman.  The piece showcases the artist’s deconstructed shreds/ribbon style with bits of Bart flying off the reckless Simpson as he’s apparently headed for a spill. 


The dynamic sculpt captures Bart mid-flight  with layers of detail that play to the strengths of the 3D medium.  Hit the jump for a closer look at the sculpt from several angles.

Photo: Toby Yeung


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Kidrobot – LA Comic Con Exclusives + Releases (10.26 – 10.28)


Kidrobot is headed to LA Comic Con (10.26 – 10.28).  They’ve got a nice lineup of exclusives and will also have several new prerelease toys at their booth [#124].  On the exclusives, let’s start with Tara McPherson’s Astra and Orbit which will be available in the pink colorway (8”, 20 pcs, $80) that was also released at NYCC.  Looks like this one is a convention-only exclusive, perhaps it will drop at DesignerCon as well. 

KR will also have exclusives for Sanrio and Spongebob Fans.  The trio of 3” Gudetama, Little Twin Stars and Pompompurin minis (350 pcs, $13)  are standalone releases from the upcoming mini series (11.19).  As with NYCC, there’s an exclusive Many Faces of Spongebob series figure:  Masterpiece Sponge (3”, 300 pcs, $16).

If you’re looking for more art toys, Scott Tolleson will be on-hand to create Munny Caricatures on KR’s signature DIY toy for collectors who purchase a ticket ($20) and bring a Munny for him to transform. Up to 45 tickets (15 per day) will be sold for the convention for 20-minute times slots for the following periods: Friday 1-8pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 10am-3pm.


But wait, it gets even better.  Kidrobot will launch the brand-new My Little Pizza (4”) figure designed by Scott and his daughters, Lyla and Piper!  KR will also pre-release  a trio of Kidrobot x Sanrio toys: Aggretsuko Reversible Plush, Sanrio Keychain Series and Gudetama Lazy Egg Plush.


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Sssssh. Piggums is Coming From Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy


Hello, old friend.  Piggums is set to get his very own sofubi. As seen on his Instagram, Frank Kozik is working with Blackbook Toy on what looks to be a killer version of the sailor pig.  Harboring bad intentions, Piggums is hiding (errr…) a giant knife behind his back.  Speaking of things unseen, you wouldn’t guess at first, but Piggums can also go from standing to sitting with articulation in the legs and knife-wielding arm.


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Gone In Sixty: MP Gautheron x Kidrobot Custom Dunnys


That’s was quick!  Kidrobot released a new collection of custom Dunnys from MP Gautheron earlier this morning and was sold out about an hour in.  The french artist created 15 customs—5 each in 3”, 5”, and 8” sizes—with three themes: floating eyes, Halloween, and sea life.   Of all the nicely done customs, 8” Ocean Dunny with koi is pretty spectacular. 


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Tmall Super Professional GID by Fools Paradise (10.19)


To celebrate 1111 (11.11) which is China’s answer to Black Friday, Tmall will release their exclusive Super Professional GID set from Fools Paradise.  What’s better than glow? Multi-Color Glow! The new edition of the Leon Vs. Mario inspired set features green GID parts as well as ones that glow blue – very nice.   If you don’t live in China, Fools Paradise will release the Tmall exclusive on Friday (10.19) at 9AM PDT from their web shop.


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Oct 18, 2018

Oooh, The Colors… Circus Cyclops Rowlii by Phobia Toys x DSKI One


Dski One teams ups with Phobia Toys on a hand-painted micro-run (5 pcs) of the brand’s cute big-mouth, Rowlii.  Starting with 6” figures cast in bright green soft vinyl , Dksi One adds candy-colored streams and hand-details on the eye+teeth to create the big-top inspired Circus Cyclops Rowlii. The colorful edition drops on Saturday (10.20) at 10 AM PDT  from Lulubell Toys for $125 each.

rowlii face rowlii hands rowlii buns

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Tmall 1111 Festival Dokkan Awaken Blue by Fools Paradise (10.19)


Fools Paradise has teamed up with China’s online retailer Tmall to bring you two special releases for the 1111 Festival (Single’.  First up is Dokkan Awaken Blue in vinyl.  Not just a simple colorway, the new blue edition of Low Fool as DBZ warrior features all new tattoo deco.  The nearly 14” vinyl will be available for order from Fools Paradise on Friday (10.19) at 9 AM PDT.  No word on pricing, but the standard (blond) edition was $290 (including shipping). Hit the jump for a look at the OG edition.


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Being Soft Is Cool with the Bert and Ernie Plush from KAWS


While details are still scarce (non-existent), KAWS has taken the wraps off his upcoming Bert and Ernie plush.  The XX-ified soft, cuddly versions of the Sesame Street couple should be coming… soon.  No official word, but it doesn’t seem a stretch to suggest these are part of the KAWS x Sesame Street collection from Uniqlo. 

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Have A Mystical Night with Halloween Witch Fat Fairy from Pucky x Unbox (10.20)


Along with Jack O’Lanterns and bulk grab bag candy, this year Halloween is bringing fun new editions of toys.  If you love Pucky’s Fat Fairy, the new Halloween Witch –GID of course—should be at the top of your treats list.  Then again, it’s kinda a ‘trick’ since you know… the glow bit.  This 6.5”  GID Witch Fairy soft vinyl drops on Saturday (10.20) at 7 AM PDT from the Unbox shop for $90.  Hit the jump for the ‘lights on’ photos.


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