Oct 01, 2014

Sarah Tan – Noodles the Panda Available Now!


Sarah Tan aka The Real Firestarter has set up a webstore for those who weren’t able to attend STGCC could pick up one of her first ever figures, Noodles the Panda. You can find her awesome new friend HERE for $60 each. While you’re in her shop, she also has some other goodies, like paper toys, prints, and stickers!


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SSUR Rebel Ape Bust: Army Green


SSUR and 3D Retro have teamed up to bring you something we think many of you have been waiting for. Soon the SSUR Rebel Ape Bust will be invading your local designer toy stores! This Army Green edition stands 12” tall and will be limited to 100 pieces total. This bust that features a combination of Che Guevara and Planet of the Apes will retail 150 pieces. Hit up your local toy store to find out if they will be picking some of these awesome busts up!

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Sep 30, 2014

Toysrevil x Quiccs – Exclusive Evil King Machine Mini (10.8)


Toysrevil has collaborated with Phillipino artist Quiccs on Evil King Machine, a TRE exclusive edition of his Storm King Machine Mini resin figure(6”).  Proudly rocking a Toysrevil inspired red+black paint scheme, this exclusive edition (25 signed/numbered pieces) of Quiccs’ Star Wars homage figure  was first released at STGCC and will now be released online on Wednesday, October 8th at 9 PM PDT from the TRE shop for $70 (+ s/h).  


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Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro – Lavabear Mamalia Release Event (10.4)


3DRetro will host a release party for Nathan Hamill’s new Mamalia Lavabear vinyl figure (8”, 150 pcs.) with a ‘natural’ color design at their new retail location in Glendale.  Nathan will be on-hand to sign  both this  new follow-up edition as well as the original Classic edition (125 pcs.) which debuted this summer at SDCC.  The celebration of the new figure will include ‘lava’ floats, food trucks, and more.

Lavabear Mammalia Release Event
Opening: October 4th, 2014 (7-10 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, California 91201

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SubUrban Vinyl at NYCC – Wasted Talent “Droplets” & Lou Pimentel “Odisseia”

comic con umetoys

The SubUrban Vinyl booth at NYCC will have a little bit of something for everyone! The first thing being Wasted Talent’s 2.5” THC Droplet figures, which will be available in a OG Purp and OG Kush editions. Each colorway is limited to 12 signed and numbered.


Lou Pimentel will also be live painting at their booth all weekend. Not only that, but he will be releasing his new print “Odisseia”. It will be a run of 50 pieces printed on color rag paper and are signed and numbered by Lou. Stop by their booth #208 and expect some goods all weekend!

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Kyle Kirwan at New York Comic-Con 2014

unnamed (3) unnamed (1)

Kyle Kirwan will have his very own booth #425 at this years New York Comic Con, so you can expect to see it filled with a bunch of goodies! Some of which includes, new trading card series, stickers, buttons, hand painted blind-bag magnets, original rotocast resin art pieces, mini-figures, new colorways, and something brand new! It doesn’t stop there! There will also be customs, original paintings, and the Willo prototype from his previous Kickstarter campaign. More photos after the jump!


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David Kraig’s Skullnade’s for NYCC 2014


David Kraig is super excited for NYCC! You want to know why? Because he will be releasing his newest creation, the Skullnade. These resin figures measure 3” x 4” x 2.5” and will be available in black, red, hot pink, yellow, green, blue retailing $45 each and a special NYCC exclusive GID for $65. Curious about DIY versions? They will have them too for $35! Get a up close and personal look at #419.

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Credenda Studios – The Gatekeeper

Gatekeep Package

Credenda Studios is ready to unleash their latest release, The Gatekeeper! Have you talked to a Demon or danced with the Devil? Well if you have, then chances are you've met the Underworld's bouncer also know at The Gatekeeper. The pre-order for this super limited run of 15 pieces will take place on Wednesday, October 1st at 8PM MST HERE for $75 each. This figure itself is amazing, but check out that laser engraved backer! We would have a hard time figuring out if we would want to take it out of its package or not! You can expect deliveries to take place mid October.


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myplasticheart at NYCC: APO Frogs by Twelvedot


myplasticheart will offer a selection of the red-hot APO Frogs from Twelvedot. Part of the AFTR project, these adorable toys are aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered frog species.  mph will have four species of the APO Frogs including Strawberry Banana Split, Pepto Black, Lime Black, and the brand new Pumpkin Pie colorway with prices ranging from $65 to $75.


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OG Slick x Silent Stage Gallery –- Uzi Does it (10.1)


Slick recently unveiled his new Uzi Does It sculpture at the Beast Astray group show, curated by Joe Hahn. Produced by Silent Stage Gallery, the 16” resin figure continues Slick’s bold art work re-interpreting America’s favorite mouse. 

Limited to 25 pieces (+5 APs), the Blackout Edition complete with COA  and white gloves will be released on Wednesday (10.1) @ 11 AM PDT for $1199 directly from Silent Stage Gallery.


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Naoto Hattori x VTSS – Balloonz (10.2)


Back in February, we were excited to hear that surreal painter Naoto Hattori was working with VTSS on resin art toys based on his original Balloon animals paint ings.   Balloonz  is a set of five hand-colored animal art sculptures – bull dog (4”), elephant(4”), monkey(3”), sheep(3”) and owl(3”). All of the animals except for the owl, can be displayed in two poses.

If you’re a Hattori collector or looking for new artful pieces, these deserve your consideration.  Limited to 90 sets, the figures will drop on Thursday (10.2) @ 8 AM PDT for $280 (includes global shipping) directly from VTSS.


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Sep 29, 2014

David Flores x Blackbook Toy – 2nd Anniversary Ashtray


In celebration of 2 years on October 1st, Blackbook Toy will be releasing this special novelty BBT Skull ashtray/accessory tray. This piece was designed by David Flores and features a gold print on traditional Mino Pottery. These are absolutely free for all customers who spend more than $150 in the BBT online store!

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