Jul 22, 2014

Funko x MINDstyle Strategic Alliance Begins With Pop! Asia



Funko  and MiNDstyle have announced a strategic alliance covering Greater China and Southeast Asia.  The collaboration will  bring together FUNKO’s tremendous success with the Pop! Vinyl line, which has sold over 17 million figures in four years,  and MINDstyle’s vast experience as a creative agency working with premiere  entertainment properties.  The brand new Pop! Asia line of designer toys is a part of the two brands’ efforts to offer  collectibles and  products in rapidly growing and lucrative markets.

Pop! Asia will debut an Aloha Plate 4-figure set,  celebrating the Aloha Plate food truck, winners of  Season 4 of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.  The Aloha Plate toys will be available at MINDstyle’s booth [#4845] and the Aloha Plate crew will be signing at the booth on Friday (7.25) at 12 PM.  A second edition of the Aloha Plate figures will drop in September.

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Emilio Garcia – 2” Mini Skull Brain Available Now


Emilio Garcia’s 2” Mini Skull Brains are finally available! The Skull Brain is made of resin with a beautiful nitro gloss finish to give it that ceramic look. They are available in 4 colors, yellow, pink, white and black, which are limited to 50 pieces each. You can purchase them HERE for roughly $34 each! Get them before they are gone.

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Munky King Signing Schedule & Release Update


Alright folks! Here is everything you need to know about what’s going on at the Munky King Booth #4851! The signing schedule is as follows:

Thursday 11-1PM: Luke Chueh / Golden Fleece Bitch $160 & Bear Pillow Head
The Golden Fleece Bitch figures are limited to 150 pieces. Only 45 will be sold as a pre-sale during SDCC. They will then be taking preorders at the booth once the first 45 are sold out. Any leftovers will be available online and preorders are expected to be filled by early September.

Friday 11–1PM: Joe Ledbetter / Lava Monkey Release $120

Saturday 11-1PM: ROCOM / Print Release
ROCOM will be releasing his limited edition print sets featuring some very familiar masks and helmets. Each are limited to 9 pieces each. Check them out after the jump.


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Jul 21, 2014

DKE Toys – SDCC Exclusive lil Jabrony “Balloons” by KiLL! x Virva Peikko


DKE Toys has one last SDCC exclusive to share with you! Check out the lil Jabrony “Balloons” figure by KiLL! x Virva Peikko. These are limited to only 20 pieces for $65 each! This hand made resin figure also comes on a metal card.

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Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl – SDCC Preview Night Exclusive Catchaman Condor Joe Minicel


The Kuso Vinyl booth #5642 will be releasing their Catchaman Condor Joe Minicel figure by Rotobox exclusively on Preview Night. These are limited to only 50 pieces and will retail $20 each. Remember, these will only be available during preview night 6-9PM. That’s three hours to get your mitts on this release!

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Pushead Lunch at SDCC (7.24)


As you might have heard, Pushead will not be holding his more or less annual SDCC event this year. However, he will be offering a ‘surprise sneak peak’ of upcoming awesomeness at the ‘Pushead Lunch’ going down on Thursday (7.24) @ Noon in the Toy Tokyo Booth [#5337].  If you’re going to comic-con, you’ll definitely want to check out the event to see what Pus has in the works.

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Gary Ham x Pobber Toys – Sylvan Prankster Edition Release at SDCC


Finally! Here he is! Gary Ham’s Sylvan Figure with Pobber Toys will most definitely be available during SDCC. The “Prankster” edition stands 9” tall with 5 points of articulation. You can find him at Gary’s booth #5139 for $70 a piece! Congrats on the awesome new toy Gary!

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Drilone x Cardboard Spaceship – Vintage Misfits at SDCC


Presenting the Vintage Misfits by Drilone. He has taken a stab at customizing some Wandering Misfit toys by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters for the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 at SDCC. You’re going to want to make your way to their booth before they get snatched up!

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Giant Robot Signing Schedule with Mari Inukai & Luke Chueh


Giant Robot has just posted the signing schedule for Mari Inukai and Luke Chueh at their booth #1729. On Thursday at 1PM and Saturday at 11AM Mari will be signing and releasing her GID Hone Marilla figures, seen HERE. Then on Friday, from 12-2PM Luke will be at their booth releasing his Father/Fett print set from his Head Space series, seen HERE. Don’t be shy and be sure to bring along your sketchbooks!

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Martin Hsu at SDCC


Here is all you need to know about what’s going on with Martin Hsu at SDCC! There’s a bit of everything you’re going to want! Dragon Boy prints and shirts, Dragon Boy customs by 64Colors, Jeremiah Ketner, Mike Fudge and Odd Fauna, the debut release of Dragon Dog “Blacky”, and so much more! Be sure to stop by his booth #4530.

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Squid Kids Ink. - SDCC Exclusive Squib Kid & Squib


Squid Kids Ink has yet another awesome exclusive ready for SDCC, they are so exclusive they even get their own Comic-Con badges. The exclusive Squid Kid 5” and Squib 3” are limited to only 10 pieces each! You have the option of getting them individually for $110 and $60 or both for just $150! Why would you want to split these guys up! You will find these at the Squid Kids booth #5150.

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Scott Tolleson x De Korner -- SDCC Exclusive Kosmic Kookie

Traveling from the outer reaches of the known galaxy comes Kosmic Kookie. This SDCC Exclusive edition of Kookie No Good from Scott Tolleson and De Korner features clear black vinyl, sparkly glitter, red eyes and of course, a dapper bow tie. With its spacey design, Kosmic Kookie is our favorite edition yet. Limited to 25 pieces, the figure will be available from Scott Tolleson's booth [#5139] for $35.


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