May 04, 2016

Cop A Squat Toys -- Fumetsu Aurora Lust For Life (5.6)


Happy, happy, that sums up the new Fumetsu Aurora Lust for Life figures coming from Cop A Squat Toys. From the uplifting sculpts to both of the bright, joyful paint  schemes on top of  Aurora vinyl (clear + rainbow glitter), these toys should have you smiling for days.  As you can see this edition features two color schemes split across the four sculpts—yyes  the awesome internal robotic guts as well.  Neumann and Vinge features the a mostly orange + blue design while Erewhon and Kurzweil are spaced out on a  trippy rainbow (green, pink, blue). Unlike with previous drops which featured paired sets, each of these figure in this edition will be sold individually.  Limited to 5 of each, Fumetsu Aurora Lust for Life drops on Friday (5.6) @12 PM PDT from the Cop A Squat webshop  for $80 (+ s/h) and comes with the finishing touches we’ve all come to expect from Cop A Squat—letterpressed glitter header card, Fumetsu AIlesh lapel pin and matching koozie—ya know for your cold drink.  Hit the jump individual shots to really appreciate the beauty of Adam’s paint work on these.


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura at Thailand Toy Expo (5.5-5.8)


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have returned to Bangkok for their second consecutive Thailand Toy Expo.  This year they’ll be in the 3A booth on the second floor of Central World.  While last year was a mix of toys and paintings, this year it’s all about toys. Before we dive into the 3A crossovers, we’re really enjoying  their newest resin set—Elephant and Rider—a fun interpretation of Thai culture.

The Amanda Visell x Ashley Wood crossovers promise to be a draw with a TTE exclusive Micro Bertie + Slug featuring a lighter blue Bertie and darker green snail compared to the original release.  Backing up Micro Bertie and his shelled pal are a  phalanx of custom, one-off Berties and Brambles including the salmon glitter awesomeness below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.34.17 PM


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Long Awaited Coarse x 3A Protos at Thailand Toy Expo


Thailand Toy Expo opens in just a few hours in Bangkok (Thursday morning over there) and we’re already seeing some photos of the setup. SuYooshi Harn’s pics of the Coarse booth (via the indispensable Coarsheads) are pretty juicy.  Since it comes seemingly out of the blue, we’re focusing here on  the reveal of the  Coarse x 3A crossover figures-- initially announced in 2009. Whiles the figures on display—most likely protos—appear to match the less-than-revealing initial teaser images —3A style heads and accessories on stylized Paw and Noop bodies—Noop’s right eye stands out with what appears to be a blue-tinted lens of some sort, perhaps some sort of  targeting device. 50142667f608

Photo: SuYooshi Harn

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Brandt Peters x Kidrobot – Lord Strange 8” Dunny Pre-Order

Circus Posterus is offering an advanced pre-order for Brandt Peters’ 8” Lord Strange Dunny in production from Kidrobot.  The enigmatic mastermind behind The 13 features a removable skull mask, ‘electricity props’ and a skull cane.  If you pre-order for $75 from Circus Posterus, Brandt will sign the box and he’ll also include a marker sketch.  Lord Strange is scheduled to drop in the Fall.



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2bithack – May 4th Ren2DMC Available Now


In celebration of May 4th 2bithack has just released a trio of new RenDMC 3.75” bootlegs.  Run, Jam Master J, and DMC each come with a boombox accessory and are packaged in blister on a blister card designed by Zack Morrissette.  The RenDMC figures are available for $45 each from the 2bithack web shop.

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Alex Pardee x ToyQube – The Astronaut


It looks like Alex Pardee’s ‘The Astronaut’ figure—mentioned back in January—from ToyQube should be available at your favorite shop shortly. Featured in a small series of original paintings, The Astronaut  Polystone + PVC figure stands 10” tall, is limited to 200 pieces, and will retail for $130. This creepy cool figure—dig the translucent alien, umm, mucus— is a must for Pardee fans.


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Bounty Hunter – Demeru Kun (5.5)

Designer Toy  pioneers Bounty Hunter will release a new figure, Demeru Kun, on Thursday May 5th for 13,800 yen (~ US$122 )from their stores in Tokyo, Sendai and Nagoya. As with most of the BxH toys, Demuru Kun features the brand’s signature black+white skeletal aesthetic. It’s unclear if the figure will be available via their international web shop.


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May 03, 2016

Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – MC Joker Grin (5.5)


Who’s Bartman Grin’s nemesis?  Why MC Joker Grin of course.  Yep, JPS Gallery returns to the costumed hero side of Springfield with this special edition of Ron English’s MC Supersized Grin from Made by Monsters. Limited to 400 pieces, Joker Grin features three secret editions—5%, 10%, and 20%—along with the normal edition (65%) shown above.    This one will be released on May 5th three ways – via JPS Gallery for international collectors, at Thailand Toy Expo via Playhouse and via Toy Tokyo (Noon PDT) for collectors in North America. While Toy Tokyo has not announced pricing, we expect it to be around the $260 mark based on pricing mentioned in JPS’s post. These should ship in early June.  Hit the jump for a look at the eye black secret.


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Super7 – Mean Green Ghost Fighter (5.05)


Great news for all you Ghost Fighter collectors, Super7 x Brian Flynn x Secret-Base are happy to announce the new Mean Green Ghost Fighter! This new GF is cast in a green vinyl with red, yellow and blank sprays and will be available this Thursday, May 5th online at 12PM PST and at all Super7 store locations at 11AM PST. Each figure will retail just $65 each.

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Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship – The Night King (5.06 & 5.13)


Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Brandt Peters and Cardboard Spaceship are once again doing some amazing work together with the reveal of their latest toy, “The Night King”. He will be making his debut release during the 5 year Anniversary of Stranger Factory this Friday, May 6th. There will be two colorways available, Half Dead (blue) and Candy Corn (orange), which will retail only $58 for these 8” figures. If you are lucky enough to pick them up in person at the show, you will received signed boxes by the man himself. They will then be available worldwide on May, Friday the 13th online.

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Uglydoll x TAG Mini Monsters Gachas (4.4)



As we mentioned about a week ago, Uglydoll and Toy Art Gallery have collaborated on the new Mini Monsters figures—a gacha style series.  Debuting in an unpainted red edition, the series features eight characters—Babo, Jeero, Ox, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat and Wedgehead.  The new 2” mini monsters drop on Wednesday (4.4) @ Noon PDT from the TAG web shop—individual figures available for $12 and a full set of eight for a special price of $72

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Super7 Celebrates Star Wars Day! (5.04)


Super7 has got to be one of the best places to get all your Star Wars needs! Be sure to join them this Star Wars Day, Wednesday, May 4th at 11AM PST as they will be offering their apparel at a special discount of $10 off all day long. They will also have other Star Wars goodies available, such as their Wallpaper, action figures, books and vintage toys and posters!

The Haight still will also have a couple Stormtroopers on guard all evening long!

Catch them at their Haight, Mission and San Diego locations tomorrow!

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