Sep 27, 2016

myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: Mogu by Otto Björnik


myplasticheart will debut Otto Björnik’s new Mogu resins as NYCC exclusives.  Recurring characters in his drawings and illustrations, the mushroom forest sprites have sprung to 3D life.  Twins Kali (blue, 4”) and the seated Kana (red, 3”) spread cheer far and wide, from their elusive forest to your shelf.  Each is limited to 15 pieces and will be available for $40 from the mph booth [#113].



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Clutter at NYCC – Smorkin’ Superman Jerome Monger by Frank Kozik


Clutter continues to roll out their NYCC lineup. Next up is the icy cold Smorkin’ Superman Jerome Monger (4”) by Frank Kozik and the production duo of Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink.  Down with all flavors, the latest Jerome is all about the rainbow.  Limited to 25 pieces, the slush-cast Superman Jerome will be available from the Clutter booth for $19.99—with removable cigarette.


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Tenacious Toys – NYCC Exclusive AnnouncementsWave 1

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Tenacious Toys has loaded up on exclusives for NYCC – resins, customs, pins and more.  Here’s a look at their first wave of announcements including the Tenacious Blue Baby Fatts by BIG C (3.5”, 5 pcs, $60), three custom Dunnys by Cat Atomic (3”: $75, 5”:  $130, and 8”: $300), Bart Simpson as a Radical Muslim by Dollar $lice Bootlegs (4”, 20 pcs, $70).  All of these exclusives and more will be available at the Tenacious booth [#309].   There’s plenty more to come including a wave of blue—Tenacious Toy’s signature color.


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DKE – NYCC Exclusives Wave #1

unnamed (1)


DKE will be at NYCC this year. Yep! They will be exhibiting at the East Coast’s premier convention for the time in a long time. Now that they are not in the  distribution game directly anymore, they are focusing on increasing their show presence beyond  SDCC and DesignerCon.  DKE will be bringing the art of the action-figure to the NYC audience with several suitcases full of exclusives. Here’s a quick look at their first wave of announcements, with a heavy focus on Star Wars (people just can’t get enough).

The Lucas-inspired parade is anchored by the  timely, tongue-in-cheek Darth Trump ($85) by Timebandits and Special Ed Toys brings us the Donald as the preeminent dark disturbance in the force. In between hawking his steaks, his water, his golf courses, and more, he’s hard at work creating a new Empire order, one tweet at a time.  

Hit the jump for previews of action-figures and pins from RYCA, Jim Mahfood, Manly Art and more.


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Clutter NYCC Exclusive – Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou Sets


As part of their NYCC plans, Clutter will release an exclusive edition of new Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou sets ($80) at their booth [#603]. The popular cosmic collabo  which began with the Le Rêve du Lapin group show, continues with these new sets featuring Uamou’s  hand-painted galaxy design on the vinyl Bedtime Bunny from Peter Kato and her signature Uamou sofubi.


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Sep 26, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour Episodes 27 & 28

14333628_10154567853364324_2803460085057089371_n 14495229_10154588970699324_3175318117837146143_n

Marsham Toy Hour brings to you a couple new episodes! Episode 28 features a special guest by the name of Dov of DKE Toys who talks about the business side of things. They chat about wholesale, distributing and how DKE became. Episode 28 gets a visit from Jeffrey Koh of Flabslab . They chat a bit about the DTA’s, Jeffrey’s collection, Flabslab and toy production! Give each episode a listen HERE and HERE.

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Bubi Au Yeung x myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive Be Kind & Silly GID Treeson

14492414_10153799447721302_8663119727262875893_n NYCC2016_treeson_450_ovr2

Let’s keep this myplasticheart NYCC exclusive train rollin’! For all you Treeson and Bubi Au Yeung fans, the mph booth #113 will be dropping the new Be Kind & Silly Glow in the Dark Treeson figure from Fluffy House. The GID Treeson is limited to only 100 pieces and will be available only at the mph booth #113 for $55 each. How can you resist that sweet face.

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Super7’s ReAction Figure NYCC Exclusive Release


Super7’s got a lot more coming to New York for NYCC 2016! Joining their booth will be some variant releases from their ReAction Figure line with Funko. First up comes the “Biohazard” Edition Alien Queen, which comes packaged in a clear wyland-yutani biohazard bag for $20. Then from the Universal Monster Series is the Glow in the Dark edition Creature from the Black Lagoon for $10. For you slasher film fanatics is the “Bloody” Edition Jason Vorhees also for $10. Get all of these goods at their booth #126.

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Kyle Kirwan x myplasticheart – Chlor NYCC Exclusive


Kyle Kirwan will be releasing an exclusive colorway of his Chlor resin figure through the myplasticheart booth #113. Chlor stands 5.5” tall and is a part of his Cavus Bloom series and is painted in a GID green. Each figure will retail $30 and will be very limited! We are curious on how beautifully this thing glows!

Day 11:

One of the things I was most excited about upon entering Manchester proper was a chance to encounter the rare Cavus Bloomus that reside solely within the kingdom. There has never been a proper study of them, so I’ve spent the last few years interviewing anyone who has encountered one of these fascinating subterranean Blooms. From my research I have learned that there are at least six distinct varieties of this subspecies and they are somehow frothy. Nearly every subject has reported that the Cavus Bloomus “smell and bubble.” It is unfortunate that with my breathing apparatus in place I will be unable to verify their odor for myself. I’ve also heard there are marked physical differences between each hue and they are almost nothing like the more common Terra Bloomus that reside in the rest of Dor. My theory is that Cavus Bloomus are mutated Terra, physically changed by years of exposure to the multitude of gasses in the caves. There are tales of fluffy footed Blues and single-eyed Reds. According to some the Purples possess stumpy little legs and fly about. Yellows and Greens are said to be friendly and less wary of the Cave People. No one knows much about the Orange beyond the fact that they definitely exist. I look forward to encountering these creatures myself for a chance to apply the Naturalist Scientific Process to their study.

-Exerpt from A Year Underground – Travels in Modern Manchester By Stylvus Reed

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Sep 23, 2016

Super7 at NYCC – Wing Kong, Cab Dragon and MOTU


Super7 will be exhibiting at NYCC this year [booth #126] and they’ve started to pull back the curtain on what they’ll be bringing to the big apple.  Here’s a look at several newly announced vinyl figs including two new original editions: the red hot Wing Kong Maroon Baboon ($95) and the Original Orange Cab Dragon figure with skate legend Steve Caballero ($50).  

S7 will also release two new MOTU sofubis which pay homage to the vintage Speclatron bootlegs—Skeletor ($65) and Beastman ($65). Per their lineage, each features a clear + glitter torso.  As before, these come in fancy window boxes rather than bag + header.  While these four would make a pretty solid lineup, it sounds like there’s more to be announced shortly.


NYCC_2016_Promo-02 NYCC_2016_Promo-04 NYCC_2016_Promo-03

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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: Tamed Rose Bun by Plushplay


As part of their NYCC offerings, myplasticheart will release exclusive Tamed Rose Bud series from Plushplay (Mariangela Tan).  The soft-sculpture brings together plush and paper craft for a sublime floral vision.  Each slightly different piece stands 5.5” tall and comes enclosed in a glass cloche (dome).  These elegant pieces will be available from the mph booth [#113] for $135 each.



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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Hooverville Labbits (10”)



Kidrobot has just released the new 10” Hooverville Labbits from Frank Kozik. Evoking the hardscrabble struggle of depression-era America, Hooverville features a scruffy down-on-his-luck sort, smorkin’ a cig as he walks the streets in his beat up overalls.  The new Labbit is available in both a vintage black retail edition (500 pcs) as well as a KR-exclusive orange edition (200 pcs) for $49.99 (+ s/h) each. The black edition is available at your favorite retailers including Rotofugi, myplasticheart, many others, and of course Kidrobot.

unnamed (5)


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