Aug 04, 2015

KAWZ Trooper 001 Head from K.F.C. Reproductions

K.F.C. Reproductions
will offer its KAWZ Trooper 001 Head with a 48 hr timed-release beginning on Thursday, August 6th @ 10 AM PDT and ending on Saturday (8.8) for $40 (+s/h) via  This first edition bootleg of a bootleg is done in the iconic white with gray splatter—each piece is slightly different due to the hand-applied deco.


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Kidrobot – Mega Man Minis and Keychains


In addition to the previously released 7” Mega Man and Proto Man figures, Kidrobot has fully launched their Mega Man line with Tuesday’s release of the Mini  and Keychain  series.  The minis are available for $11.99 per blind box while the keychains will set you back $5.99 each from, myplasticheart, Rotofugi and retailers around the globe.   These look great, time to build your own Mega Army.

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myplasticheart x Seulgie – Exclusive Summer Satyrs (8.11)

myplasticheart will release their exclusive Summer Satyrs (4.5”)from Brooklyn artist Seulgie  Tuesday, August 11th @ 1 PM EDT for $85 each (+ s/h) from  The Summer Satyrs are the fun and colorful follow-up to Seulgie’s debut batch of Satyrs, her first original art toy.  There are eight Summer Satyrs, in four variants--each with contrasting yet complimentary hair and fur colors.

After learning mold-making and resin casting as an apprentice for Peter Kato, Seulgie is making a name for herself with these adorable Satyrs which she creates completely on her own from design to sculpting and then onto production where she casts and hand-paints each figure.


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Tasha Zimich for Vive La Lolligag at Woot Bear (8.29)

Miss Kiss _logos2 sm

From the previews we’ve seen so far, the upcoming Vive La Lolligag custom show at Woot Bear (8.29) is looking really good.   For her turn with Lolligag, Tasha Zimich looked at the curly-cue hair contours and saw … eyeballs. Sculpted detail in a toy can be an obstacle to customizing, so it’s nice to see Tasha coming up with a creative approach.  Going with a bit of a macabre Victorian theme,  Tasha dreamt up and painted Miss Kiss. Props for the incorporating the accessories and the  Moot mini-figure. 

In addition to Tasha’s work, Vive La Lolligag will feature customs by nearly 50 artists including Betso, Big C, Brandon Dicks, Candie Bolton, Carson Catlin, Cat Atomic, ChrisRWK, Daniel Fleres, Downtimer, EoS, Eric Tan, Frank Montano, Gretchen Lewis, Haus of Boz, Heidi Kenney, Horrible Adorables, Irene Garcia, Jason Hornbuckle, Jeff Gomez, Jenn and Tony Bot, Jerome Lu, JFURY, Joey Chou, JRAD, J*Ryu and Vampy, Leecifer, Malo April, matthew Knight, Melodreama, Mikie Graham, Ming Ming Castillo, Mizna Wada, Martin Hsu, Nakanari, Nate, Obscure, Philip Lumbang, Rich Shehan, Riser, RXSeven, Sneaky Raccoon, Task One, ToyArtCustom, Tyler Ham, Valley Dweller, William Rummel, Zachary Sweets, and Zard.


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Aug 03, 2015

Sakabutsu – Abyss Fairy GID



Here’s a look at Sakabutsu’s  (Sasha Katcher) newest hand-cast resin figure, the Abyss Fairy.  The Fairy stands 3” tall and features glow action – softly in the body and more strongly in her lures.  

“Emerging from the ocean on dark quiet nights, the Abyss Fairy excites the curiosity of children who then follow its glow into the dark waters, only to sink to their cold, undersea graves.”

The Abyss Fairy is available for $40 (+ s/h) from the Sakabutsu Etsy Shop. While you’re there be sure to check out her other toys as well.


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Shawnimals – 2015 Forest Green & Summer Dawn Rustic Ninjas


Just in time for Summer are Shawnimals new Forest Green and Summer Dawn Rustic Ninja Plush! These can be found available HERE now. Both plushies come with ornamental nature bits, ninja rope and backpack. These guys are kicking off a new series of season related Ninjatown characters. Each Ninja measures 4x4” and are available as a set for $35 or individually for $18 a piece.


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Teaser of Leecifer x Brent Nolasco NYCC Project


Brent Nolasco is keeping very busy these days with multiple projects including his recent  Bun Bun and Felix toys.  Plus, he’s somehow found time to collaborate with Leecifer on another figure slated to debut at this year’s NYCC.  Seeing as this teaser image is all we have to go on so far, the ears do kinda seem bat-like, though the body, not so much.

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Aug 02, 2015

David Flores x BIC Plastics – TwoBit Pre-Order

unnamed (4)

BIC Plastics is going big in continuing its collaboration with David Flores.  Expect a wave of new toys, a whole family so to speak.  First out of the chute is TwoBit (10”), originally seen in proto form back in 2010.  It’s been quite a wait, but the first pink, orange and cream edition (800 pcs) looks fantastic, perhaps even better than the originally shown pink+ purple.  The debut edition is now available for pre-order via the revamped for $135 which includes global shipping.   There’s plenty more in store for Flores collectors including TwoBit’s relatives and the exciting news that the Hell Fire Canyon Club will ride again.  


twobit_r   twobit_f twobit_l

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Huck Gee – DAME #11


With a fun narrative to unfold and his own platform—The BlankHuck Gee opens a new chapter in his ongoing toy adventures with the release of DAME #11. Described by Huck as a motorized pillbox, The DAME (Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement) looks great. Sweet retropunk mech/tank?  Yes, please.

Limited to 10 pieces, DAME #11 is the first of many releases from the cleverly dangerous world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels. The gray DAME stands 11” tall and features a cramped cockpit which the eye-patched pilot (a customized The Blank!) can be squeezed into. If you’d like one of these bad boys, drop Huck a line at$1800 (+ s/h) per set.


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Chrisrwk and Phil Lumbang – Metal and Fur at myplasticheart (8.8)

myplasticheart with present the work of NYC artist Chrisrwk and LA artist Phil Lumbang with Metal and Fur which opens on August 8th 2015 in NYC. The exhibition sees both artists pushing themselves creatively.  Chrisrwk will expands his Robots Will Kill universe with a greater focus on narrative while Phil Lumbang shares a new perspective on his signature bear and friends with a new colorful painting style.  In addition to their own individual work, the two have also collaborated on a few pieces which blend their two worlds and styles.  Hit the jump for a small preview harvested from @chrisrwk and @philiplumbang.


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Jul 31, 2015

Pobber x Scott Tolleson -- Bella Lee Noir Online Release (8.6)


After her debut at SDCC, Bella Lee Noir from Scott Tolleson and Pobber will soon be available globally.  Limited to 50 pieces, the gray scale Bella Lee resin (8”) evokes the beauty, glamour and sex appeal of vintage Hollywood.  The Noir edition will be released on for $120 (+s/h) on Thursday August 6th, 2015.

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Jul 30, 2015

Bwana Spoons Custom Unchiman One-Off Release (07.31)


Bwana Spoons got a hold of 9 Unchiman figures by Paul Kaiju and did some lovely work to them! Releasing on Friday, July 31st at 10AM PST are these beautiful poop inspired sofubi figures that feature a mixed part base with red, olive and black vinyl. They will each come packaged with bag and header, as well as a paper comic with Bwana’s origin story of Unchiman. You will find them available through his webstore HERE!


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