Nov 29, 2015

Pepe Hiller – December Drops: Zaro + Wood Hearts (12.1)

December is right around the corner, and with it comes Pepe Hiller’s next monthly release set of Tuesday, December 1st at 1 PM PST from his web shop. This time around, the Swiss artist has two releases in store for collectors.  First up are the Zaro sprites crafted in wood with brass arms.  These wiggly, shy yet friendly characters will be available in both 4.5” ($60) and 3” ($40)  sizes in 3 wood variants – Alder Wood (light brown), Sapele Wood (reddish brown) and  Smoked Oak (dark brown).  There are 3 of each size in each wood type for a total of 18 signed/numbered figures, each oiled and finished with beeswax.

In addition to the Zaros, Pepe will also release his adorable Woodhearts as 1-inch wooden magnets.  Available in pairs– one maple wood and one saeple wood, each iron-branded Woodheart features a strong magnet ideal for securing notes, photos and more to your fridge.  Limited to 25 pairs, the Woodhearts will be available for $12/pair – a perfect gift for your favorite someone.


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A Few Hours Left on for the Black Friday Sale at Kidrobot


Kidrobot’s Black Friday sale ends tonight (11.29). It’s a little unclear when exactly, but it’s a good guess that it’s 11:59 PM MST.  At any rate, if you’re looking to pick up some older pieces say a Kidrobot Black you’ve been eyeing for awhile or some brand-new stuff like the brand-new 20” It’s Just a FAD Dunny from J*ryu, right now would be a great time.  To partake, head on over to and be sure to use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY15.

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Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery - Bake-Kujira The Phantom Whale Prototype

bake kujira candie bolton 4

Candie Bolton has teamed up with Toy Art Gallery to produce her very own original figure, Bake-Kujira The Phantom Whale. We are happy to share with you some prototype shots of the upcoming vinyl figure, which was on display at their booth during Designer Con. This figure is inspired by Japanese folklore, where whenever a whale dies a tragic death from the hands of a human, the phantom whale comes into existence. Bake-Kujira will stand 11" tall and will be produced in soft vinyl. They have plans to release in early 2016!


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Still Time to Save with myplasticheart’s Black Friday Sale


For your holiday toy splurging, myplasticheart has some tempting offers which run through tonight (11.29 at 11:59 PM EST/ 9 PM PST).  First, they’ve put together a special selection of heavily discounted toys (up to 50%).  In addition, this year mph is also offering a sweet 15% off most of  their inventory provided you spend at least $25 (which should be pretty easy to do).  To get the 15% off, be sure to use the BLKFRI15 coupon code at checkout.  Happy shopping.

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Nov 25, 2015

Huck Gee -- Bugslot & Denguard #9 (12.1)


After a sneak peek at DesignerCon, Huck Gee is releasing the next mechanized chapter in his Dapper Little Scoundrel series.  While the behemoths patrol the front lines, the Bugslot uses his agile Denguard #9 to  guard the rear.  The lightly-armored Denguard features a tri-foot design and Crowning Snub Chassis 1919 MG.  This latest limited-edition, signed  custom set will be available for order as a 24 hour timed release starting on December 1st at 12:01 AM PST from for $475. Bugslot and Denguard should ship in approximately 6-8 weeks.


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Nov 24, 2015

Quiccs x Deviltoys Ltd. – TEQ63 1/6


Quiccs is on quite the tear.  Next up?  A slick 1/6 TEQ63 from Deviltoys Ltd – the first of several planned figures based on his Bulletpunk universe.  Look for a re-designed signature helmet, custom clothes, intricate weaponry (check the crazy sword concept after the jump), and a to-be-revealed sidekick. 


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Fools Paradise – I Won’t Be a Hero, Tim

IMG_6894 copy

Fools Paradise is now  taking pre-orders for their latest figure featuring a creatively quirky take on the Caped Crusader.  Rather than merely an homage to the superhero,  ‘I Won’t Be a Hero, Tim’ offers a humorous and offbeat critique on what many saw as the culprit behind the demise of the early Batman films—director Tim Burton.  The PVC + Vinyl piece features the weary hero at the mercy of the director who is busy transforming the character according to his own perhaps questionable vision with a tattoo gun.  As a fun wrinkle, the set includes an alternate Beetle-juice inspired head.  First shown in proto form at this year’s Thailand Toy Expo, the set is available for pre-order for $269  (+ $20 for global shipping) from Fools Paradise’s web shop through December 7th, 2015.

While Fools Paradise often draws on the popularity of iconic characters--most notably from Star Wars--perhaps to a fault, they often create memorable pieces that go beyond the me-too novelty of unlicensed clones.   Sure, some of the work is perhaps a bit too loose with the use of the characters, but others such as this Batman piece are quite memorable.


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Nov 21, 2015

Preview of the Silent Stage Designer Con Booth


Here’s a sneak peek of what Silent Stage has in store for Designer Con. The booth [#909] features the work of OG Slick and Woes. As you can see it’s anchored by Slick’s 5’6” Uzi Does It and  the reveal of the upcoming 3’ LA Hands sculpture.  Silent Stage will also be showing Slick’s brand-new Molotov-wielding Mutha Chuka AstroBoy-inspired piece.  Woebots fans will want to check out his Exclusive Cali Growler Panda Head, pillows and more!


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Jesse Hernandez at Designer Con


Jesse Hernandez  is in Pasadena for Designer Con. He’s sharing a booth [#1122] with the folks at CoKreate.  Drop by to check out his goods including toys, prints, tees, and maybe an original or two.

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kaNO at Designer Con


kaNO, Burbank’s favorite NYC transplant, will once again be showcasing his art and toys at Designer Con [#921].  This year, he’ll have a limited series of hand-drawn Slappy customs complete with custom resin markers, the original and prints of his collaborative Beauty in the Beast painting with Phil Lumbang [#505].  Also, as we mentioned awhile back, kaNO will also have the upcoming 24” Boba-Def in production from ToyQube on display at his booth.


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Toy Art Gallery – Designer Con Signings and Lottery Info

12276842_736684909796952_1828117769_n (1)

Yesterday we posted about Toy Art Gallery’s legion of Designer Con releases. Now, here’s a handy list of lottery times and artist signings—all on Saturday--including Frank Kozik  (11 AM) for the debut of his long-awaited Poison Pup ($250) in a debut violet edition.  Three years in-the-making, the Pup stands a staggering  14” tall  and features special  joints to handle the size and heft of the figure (2 lbs of vinyl).

10:30 AM - Doublethink by Tkom 1st Factory Painted Release Lottery
11:00 AM - Frank Kozik and Poison Pup Signing and Release
12:30 PM - Paul Kaiju Vault Lottery (rare and un-released pieces)
1:00 PM - James Groman and BC Blasters Signing and Release
2:00 PM -  Candie Bolton and Custom Bunny Signing and Release
3:00 PM - Doktor A and Mandrake Root Signing and Release
3:30 PM - Doublethink by Tkom Handpaint Lottery
4:00 PM - Joseph Harmon and Wolf Thing Bat Mother Signing and Release



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DKE at Designer Con: Boss Vaderus Maximus by DrilOne



DrilOne has channeled his post-apocalyptic, epic rust aesthetic for his formidable take on Darth Vader.  His Boss Vaderus Maximus custom Vader helmet will be available at the DKE Designer Con booth [#812] for $3500.  Be sure to drop by the booth to check out Dril’s Sith vision.


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