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Mar 22, 2005

Newest "artist canvas" vinyl toy - Trexi

Series 1 of Play Imaginative’s vinyl toy is about to be released worldwide.  The first series of these 3–inch figures with rotating heads  (segmented at the midpoint?) and articulated limbs features 19 different figures (15 regular + 4 chase), each apparently from a different artist.  As is quite popular today, the Trexi serves as a toy-based canvas for popular artists to bring to life with their own unique designs and flair.  The trexi is just the latest in a long line of toys taking this approach including Toy2r’s Qees and Kidrobot’s Dunnys.  While these toys start with an appealing shape, their real draw lies in the designs conjured up by various artists.

For more info on the Trexi’s check out Myplasticheart’s great “profile” on the toy.

Lineup of the regular 15 figures:

Another picture (Baseman's secret is fourth from the left)

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