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May 04, 2005

Kozik Mao Dunnys on Ebay

I often watch Ebay both to keep an eye out for things I need for my collection and also just to get an idea of what the market feels various toys might be worth.  Looking at auctions for Kozik's just released (May 1st) Mao Dunny reveals some odd behavior and beginning data on the Ms. Mao chase.

One industrious Ebay seller is offering "exclusive" Frank Kozik Mao Dunnies for the ridiculous price of $39.97 when these are available from Kidrobot for $29.95.  The choice is up to you :-)

On a perhaps more interesting note... The chase (only 100 out of 1098) Ms. Mao is being offered
on Ebay with starting bids ranging from $94 - $97.  It'll be interesting to see how much these pieces eventually fetch. 

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