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Jun 20, 2005

Future Spotlight: Wabbitz by Brandon Sopinsky

Here's an early look at the Wabbitz toy concept from up and coming toy designer, Brandon Sopinsky.  At this point these are hand-casted by Brandon but he's looking for an amazing toy company to  produce them in the future.  I'm pretty fond of this figure -- the overall shape has a wayward and slightly off kilter look to it, rather than the overly cute customary bunny shapes. Brandon is currently studying Toy Design at the Otis College of Art and Design -- and doing amazingly well it seems! He was kind enough to send us lots of great eye candy including a picture of a  nice canvas piece.  If you'd like to contact Brandon about Wabbitz, feel free to send him some email.  Hopefully Wabbitz will get picked up soon -- would be great to see these on shelves (including my own!).

Wabbitz Painting

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Just because it has a square head doesn't make it a Mad*L copy.
It's quite cool, would make an interesting designer series for sure! Good luck to Mr Sopinsky! :D

That earlier post was right. Will the real MadL please stand up? Will the real Frank Kozik also stand up. Bloody square headed rabbits....GENIUS!!! Where do you get your inspiration sir?

FLAME "THE LAME". Is Brandon Sopinsky an acronym for MadL. it must be. Jeremy Madl you are a crafty illusionist, trying to hide your new toy line. Saying it was created by some fictional Brandon Sopinsky. Like Brandon Sopinsky would even be someones real name. The word is out...BRANDON SOPINSKY IS JEREMY MADL!!!

Wow I didnt realize that Kozik was the creater of the bunny rabbit..... Or that Madl invented the square.? OOO and blood, sure dont see that any where else on any vinyl toy.... nope not one!!(gloomy bear,knuckle bear..., Oh and by the way I used to work with Jeremy and he sure didnt see this as a rip off of the madl when he was helping me with design ideas!!!I guess we can all thank Gumby for the original block heads!

Ok, so we get you don't like the Wabbitz... Fine, that's your opinion. We don't need you to post it again and again as supposedly different people. Thank you.

you worked with the MADL i can see the influence of shitty design work

hmmm..mixed emotions up in here. anyhow, dont get y the model has arms and then the arms got left off everything else and i guess speakin of madL, it does seems like the package does resemble it alot. not tryin to hate but theres a grip load of bandwagoners tryin to jump on the vinyl train and some people just going about it all wrong...

FYI -- the anonymous poster, picklez, mathblaster, and burner are all the same person... Not sure why he/she feels it's necessary to post the same opinion over and over again.

The arms were left off do to reproduction time. THey just became a pain to cast. And the package shown was done about a year ago, its no longer that design, at the time i was influenced by his packagin but i wasnt going to rip it off. That was my first attempt at any package design.So I'll keep on workin while the rest of you can spend your time talkin shit>

Theres blood on all of those vinyl toys. Really?...prolly a good reason to not do a bloody rabbit. Oh...and since gloomy bear and knuckle bears have blood, i'm surprised you chose to make a square headed rabbit and not a square headed bear. Think of something creative, dont just bite from stuff everyone else is doing. PUTZ!
You sir are trite and overdone. Flame "THE LAME"!

A symptom of an approaching nervous breakdown is to believe one’s opinion is so terribly important that one has to impersonate 3 different identities to speak with.

So lets see what you've got since your such the expert. And why are you so stuck on the blood anyway, that was one design done for a show. Whats your deal man, you seem like some dick head toy collector. You dont like my design, fine than quit wasting your precious time on this board!!

damn! mad drama up in here. anyways i think everyone has a right to their own opinion. and with all that said, dude jus get over tryin to defend yourself and be original for once, like you said it was influenced but u did bite it and posting it up only gives off the wrong vibe fool. so just face the facts. Mr. COPYinsky

Eh sorry for gettin all heavey, some times you just gotta defend your baby. What ever

i love whenever someone rips on someone elses piece they can never back themselves up with their own work. at least brandons willing to put his work out there and take criticism. some of you guys are acting like fucking second graders with the name calling. just because you collect toys you feel like you have the right to bash someone because its not to your liking. get a fucking life.

ah people are still commenting on this piece of crap rabbit? make art for yourself quit trying to make yourself famous...and for those who are in support of this shit....you suck too go ride a fixed gear bike with your tight ass girl pants you jacked from your sisters...stop telling your friends you are now a size 2....you sound like a bunch of bitches..

p.s. those comments are from three different people stupid posers

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