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Jun 05, 2005

Report: Cross Over Show Opening (June 4th, 2005)

Ben (Nucleus) and Jeremy Madl
Jack and I were at Nucleus last night for  the Cross Over opening reception. The pieces on display varied in styles. There was a flocked Groob by B.B.Birdy, Sket One’s Periodic Table theme set, Nakanari’s “Dark Side” toys. The prices were also all over the spectrum, from a $600 Andrew Bell’s Hunter Dero to a $60 Attaboy’s Funny Club Annamonkey. There was even a UHF Groob for only $65. It was initially listed for $25 until someone mentioned to the owner of Nucleus that it was under-priced. I think the owner didn’t have a clue as to what precious cargo he had in his gallery. But some people knew how awesome the toys were, because even before the show’s opening, someone offered to buy an entire set of the designed toys. 

Mad was present and as usual he was very friendly. He spoke with a handful of fans about the process of the creation of his designs for the show. The details of his pieces were all done with Sharpie pens and each one took him at least 8 hours. Despite the need for some shut eye, Mad spent a few hours hanging around the show,while he waited for Richard of Wheaty Wheat, who arrived shortly after we left around 10:30 p.m.

The show ends on June 25, 2005 and it will be going to Rotofugi in Chicago on July 8th. So, make sure to stop by Nucleus before they leave town. The pieces are available for purchase via Nucleus’s website. A detailed write up by Jack   will appear in a future issue of Playtimes, more info coming.

                 ML by Sket-One                                      Strawberry Groob by Nakanari

        Eggster by MAD                                       Groobus Dedus by Andrew Bell

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