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Aug 11, 2005

"Bat Boy" by Tyson Summers

Bat Boy by Tyson Summers [closeup]

Tyson Summers:

I'm from Dallas, Texas and  a graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas 1995. Long time fan of late eighties and early nineties skateboard art. Santa Cruz, Zorlac and Powell were gods to me! I'm influenced by things that cross lines, whether its comedy, music or artwork. Go all the way, I hate rules and pussies that get scared. This is okay like this but not like that....Pussies!  I was a skater in a shit hole town back before the X-Games, and the internet. Yes kids back then you had to hide your porn and risk watching vhs tapes on your parents tv in the living room. You had to break out that shit on a special occasion. Talk about being paranoid. Now it's like "Quicktime". Back to the shit hole town that I grew up in. I'm from Garland the town "King Of The Hill" is based on, and it's just like that! Getting ready to run or get beat up was just how it was, purely because we skated. I didn't like it.  I think it gave me a different way of looking at things though. Keep getting better is my motto, plus random blood is cool!

To learn more about Tyson and to obtain his art -- visit www.tysonsummers.com

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