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Aug 11, 2005

Letter Pressed Artist Series Stationery

Take a look at Letter Pressed's first Artist Series cards which included art work from Ron Rege, Tado, MCA and Joe Ledbetter. These artists who are already well known for their awesome and creative art work, once again did not disappoint us with their signature card designs. 

The MCA and Ledbetter cards were just released simultaneously and are now completely sold out. Didn't get any? Well, a few stores (Designer Toy Box and Wootini) will have some card sets that include a signed card, and Kidrobot will be carrying card sets (w/out a signed card) of the TADO, MCA and Ledbetter cards. You can also find a few of the Regé and TADO sets available on www.letterpressed.com.

The Key by Ron Regé      

Smile (Wot time is love?) by TADO 

You Drive Me Ape by MCA/Evil Design

Octobunny by Joe Ledbetter

From the TADO card on, each edition has been hand-numbered out of 500. Once the cards sell out, they are gone and will not be reprinted!!! For each card to date, Letter Pressed has offered a pre-order, wherein the customer orders a pack of 5 or 10s which will include one card signed by the artist. Only customers who pre-order will get a signed card (and a few go to the  stores mentioned above).

The next AS card due in October will be from a very big name in the toy/art scene...hum...who could it be???? Production will be bumped up to 750 cards, and it will be the first AS card to either be printed in two colors or come with a printed envelope (or both!). Can we say ORDER EARLY?? Letter Pressed will also be doing some artist prints and designer toy tie-ins late 2005, early 2006.

Is it just me, or is Mark of Letter Pressed one busy boy??? But again, busy for Letter Pressed translates into more cool stationery for us!!! buzzzzzz.....

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