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Aug 20, 2005

"Tastey mint testing of Robo-Float-Armour" by Phoneticontrol

"Tastey mint testing of Robo-Float-Armour" by Phoneticontrol


I heart drawing. Iv'e been doing this since ... well, as long as I can remember. More often than not I will pick up a trusty Sharpie marker rather than a mouse as the starting point for my work. That is not to say that it will not end up on the computer - I think it's just more about the time I was brought up. My art classes didn't have computers in them for anything more than attendance records. There was no internet availible...it haden't been invented yet!- so, yes, I am a bit ancient as far as technology goes. In the 80s as a kid with no depth perception, organized sports were completely out of the question. Thankfully, skateboarding came into my life and made a huge impression on my art as well as my self-view. I finally found a place were I belonged. Then, of course, punk rock soon followed and further shaped/warped me into the person I am today. I currently run phoneticontrol to display my illustrations, designs, paintings, and prints. It serves as my electric portfolio, and also turned into a place to make friends with other artists for collaboration and inspiration. About a year and a half ago I discovered this urban vinyl scene. Lucky for me Rotofugi opened in my home town: Sweet home Chicago. They are really supportive of local cats, and throw amazing parties every month. Let me tell you ... beer, toys and a DJ? Tell me that I'd be experiencing this now when I was back in JR high getting wedgies and my books dumped by bullies in school hallways, and I would've never believed you! Through Rotofugi I had the pleasure of meeting Shawnimal and Nakanari. We all have been collaborating on stuff ever since. I actually just returned from Taipei Toy Fair on the last stop of The Funny Club Show. There I ran into Reni, Eric and Crazy Cult of Jump & Hop Studio. Reni also introduced me to people of Gallery G999 and Xin Magazine. We are all working on some interesting team ups due out soon. In fact, it was at the opening of that show here in Chi-Town where Shawnimal and I met. Keep your eyes peeled for our duo show coming up later this year.

To learn about Phoneticontrol and to obtain his art -- visit www.phoneticontrol.com

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Yes we'll work together very soon! Cheers!!

Dude, I totally am sorry for dumping your books and saying: "after-school". You skated good. Peace. Visit my shack in Venice, California sometimes. It's called Chad's Chack, I sell bongs made from sharks teeth, all of them have the Steal Your Face logo hand traced onto them with Crayola smelly markers. Peace! Churchville Chargers Go!

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