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Sep 16, 2005


The completed sculpt for Muttpop’s Tequila figure was boxed up and shipped to China for the mass production of the vinyl figure. Once in China, Monster5’s final Tequila sculpt is divided into 5 pieces. Liquid silicone is poured over the different pieces and left to sit. This process takes place in a vacuum air tight room to ensure that the casts are as close to perfect as possible. The pressure created by the vacuum pushes air out of the silicone casts so that no significant imperfections (such as air bubbles) occur during this critical stage of production.Below you will see a Wax Cast of Tequila (shown in RED) that was created using the five Silicone Molds. The Wax figure is an excellent example of the actual size and detail of the final version of the Tequila figure especially when compared to the Original Sculpt (shown in GREY).

This really isn't for the faint of heart, imagine holding your breath, crossing all fingers and maybe a toe or two, as the cast is revealed for the very first time. The quest for perfection ultimately over takes all sensibility. I have come to a new appreciation of the toy making process. By the way, Tequila looks pretty good in wax!!! Be here next week for a digital mock up of Muttpop’s Original and Extra Spicy Tequila Color Ways!

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this just gets better and better every week, an excellent highlight to the end of my friday at work!!!!

great stuff, hey, you could make some tequila scented candles, lol...

i really appreciate the insight into this whole process, it's great to see all the production stages.


give us more!!!!!!!!!!!

pfiouuuu great work i am a fan of this artwork very good !!!!

Looks good. Can't wait for next week for the color ways. Does Tequila come with any accesories?

The only accessory Tequila will come with is a Vinyl Poncho. Who needs accessories when Tequila can beat up other unsuspecting figures with his bear fists?! :-)

So cool. I like the Spiciy color. Will you sell Orangii color toy for all or just rare style ? I like the HOt spice cOLOR soo COOL.

Are you psychic?!

The RED Tequila figure IS NOT the EXTRA SPICY color variant...but BY PURE COINCIDENCE it's look is very close to the COLOR VARIANT that we created.

I also originally thought it was the manufacturers attempt at copying our variant Tequila...but it is JUST a WAX CAST. The red color was used to clearly differentiate the Wax Cast from the original sculpt.

It's still might strange that you assumed what I assumed WITHOUT seeing our Pantones...MONSTER5 NO TOMODACHI DESUKA??? ;-)

great work!! Have you got an URL from the factory in china. I'm interessting to bring my sculpture to a mass production. PLEASE

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