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Sep 16, 2005

Controlled Substances: MAD x Sket One @ Toy Qube (10.22.2005)

Wheaty Wheat presents Controlled Substances, a custom toy and urban art show, opening October 22nd at Toy Qube in Flushing, NY.  Controlled Substances is MAD x Sket One redefined and reloaded.  Two of the biggest names in the exploding designer toy scene join forces to throw down with a massive array of custom toys, skate decks and original canvas art.  Both MAD and Sket One have been tremendously successful with the creation of their own toys, the MAD*L’s and the Eggster respectively.  They’ve also thrilled countless collectors with their incredible custom toys.  With Controlled Substances, these two partners in crime are set to introduce the next brands and concepts that will define the future of designer toys and urban art.  This is about restating and refining who each artist is and who they will become.

MAD will introduce his new Cappas line as well as flesh out his nascent M13 brand.  What’s M13?  Come find out, as the answer is revealed piece by piece and layer by layer.    MAD and mind-blowing custom toys go hand-in-hand.  And to be sure, MAD will keep his legions of fans abuzz with the custom toys unveiled at the show.   Yet that’s not the whole story this time around.  Not hardly.  Pushing beyond his comfort level, MAD offers up digital canvas pieces as well as prints to accompany many of his custom toys as collector sets.  Pushing yet again, MAD breaks out his weapons of choice, Sharpie markers, to realize a darker vision with a small set of custom skate decks.    Very little is status quo for MAD as he celebrates his recent move across the country with a rare east coast appearance for Controlled Substances. 

Sket One is the master of pseudo-brands.  This time out he unveils his new ExcLusive brand through original canvas works as well as canned goods!  This is your chance to get your very own can of DeLuxe!  Sket One’s canvas art pushes the boundaries by breaking out with bold and dynamic 2.5d cutouts that accentuate a unique blend of street art, pseudo-brands, and homage to numerous pop culture icons. This is art that turns heads.  Beyond the canvas art, Sket One remixes his own Eggster vinyl toy brand.  Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, he conjures up the dark side to let loose with a dozen frightening Frankenstein custom Eggsters.

Exclusives?  Of course!  Dying to be the envy of all those stuck on the wrong coast?  This is your chance.  Exclusive Controlled Substances limited prints and shirts will be available at the opening.  Finally, MAD and Sket have a couple of surprises in store for their fans and curious onlookers as well.  So be sure to do whatever it takes to get to Toy Qube  in Flushing, New York on Saturday, October 22nd  to get a whiff, a taste and your fill of Controlled Substances – one of the premiere toy and urban art events of the year.   Be sure to check the Vinyl Pulse Event Calendar for this and other toy-related events.


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Awesome, I'm there! (with my camera, sketch book, and backpack)
Plus I get to see where my family used to live. :D

I do declare that this show will be, as the kids say, 'bananas'

It'd be better if Sket wasn't going to be there, but what are you gonna do? I guess I'll go anyway!

witam rozomie mie ktos?

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