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Sep 09, 2005


Now that Monster5 completed the final sculpt of Muttpop’s Tequila, the sculptor created a hand drawn blueprint of the figure’s exact size. Tequila’s dimensions will approximately be 22cm X 17cm X 12cm (8.6in X 6.6in X 4.7in). Jerry Frissen went to task creating a package layout that successfully conveys Tequila’s attitude with a box design that is both visually dynamic and informative. For the co-creator bios, Jerry had Gobi pitch in with a pair of caricatures of the two co-creators. Click on the images below to get a better look at packaging details and a bit of Tequila’s history.




This box is so fully loaded visually. From information about Tequila to the warning sign for buyers, no details were left untouched. I bet many of us would spend a good amount of time just looking over the box. Be here next week for the first photos of Tequila from our toy manufacturer!

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fantastic, good to see some propper creativity go into the packaging, tis a piece of art in itself.


Everything about this figure is top notch! This is the figure I've been looking forward to the most. Any chance Tequila will come with some sort of mini print or postcard? Gobi's art is great and I would love to have something to put on my wall. Is the release in December? Thanks, well done.

"tis a piece of art..."

That is the ULTIMATE compliment! Thanks!!

There will be BOTH miniprints and postcards available for Tequila in the next few months (are you reading our minds?! :-) ).

Postcards will be available in November to promote our TWO TEQUILA RELEASE PARTIES.

Limited runs of Tequila miniprints will be available in early December in conjunction with the actual release parties.

Tequila will be on your wall SOON. :-)

-Muttpop Bob

Yeah I'd have to agree, a work of art!
And the drawing of you guys as lucha libres is awesome too! :D
I can't wait to see the finished vinyl standing next to his box proudly on my shelf :D

very C O O L !

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