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Sep 03, 2005

"Triggles" by Okkle

Triggles by Okkle

Okkle: Born and bred in the West Midlands of the UK I have always been drawing and for as long as I remember I have been drawing creatures! Up untill Sixth Form and Uni I've never really had many real friends, which left me with a lot of spare time on my own, now I have some of the best freinds I could ask for but back then I wasn't really accepted by many. Maybe it was because when all the other boys in the class wanted to be firemen or a footballer I wanted to be an animator and an artist. It never really bothered me, I was quite happy to sit and doodle away the hours or try and catch the frogs and newts in my back garden or the school pond (I caught loads of newts but frogs proved far trickier!). Nature was one of my biggest influences I think, that and cartoons. Both fascinated me, and still do really, I love to watch wildlife on tv or in person, it's amazing what some creatures do, almost like some have super-powers! And cartoons, well the thought that I could bring my drawings to life was mind blowing to me, so I've spent my life so far building towards the opportunity to study animation at university, which is where I am now, and very happy there too! It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I discovered vinyl and with it most of my favourite artists who have also influenced and inspired me greatly. People like Pete Fowler, Touma, David Horvath, Andrew Bell, Luke Chueh, Joe Ledbetter amoungst many others. Since then I have been doing custom pieces and building up plans for my own figures that hopefully I will be able to produce someday in the future, fingers crossed! Untill then I'm taking part wherever I can and working towards my degree. Wish me luck! :D

To learn more about Okkle visit www.okkle.co.uk.

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Triggles are one of my favorite creatures from Okkle. They always look like they need to be on the move and taking the time to wipe the food off their faces would just take too long. So it would become sticky until they find the next watering hole to drink out of. Until then, little flies would constantly be attracted to the sticky fruit juice and just irritate the heck out of the Triggles.

That's what I like about Okkle's illustrations... you can easily build a story out of 'em. Olly, I didn't know we share quite a handful of interests. :D

Okkle...I love your graphic designs...your creatures are just so interesting and well designed...they would make excellent toys. Expecially Skonk and Slow Whale. You should consider making "Triggles" a limited print on nice paper...it's really good man and might get you noticed more to people not on the boards.

Very nice Okkle! You keep getting better and better!

That's my boy! Doin' rather well for yourself aren't you ;) mwuhahahaha I'll sell that sketch you did for me, when you're rich and fa-moose! moose in the hoose! ehem

Thanks people!
No.L, yay I love it when people add to the stories of my creatures! :D

Outtamymindcreations, already looking into it thansk for the encouragement! :D

LittleGeorge, why thank you kind sir! :D

Razz1e, don't you dare sell it! O_O Haha :P

Biiiiiig thanks to VP for featuring me! You guys rock! :D

Yeah! Great stuff!!! Go, Okkle, Go!!!

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