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Oct 07, 2005


So, last week we saw for the very first time Tequila in full color and many of us thought nothing could make it even better. But now look at the changes made, here is the revised fully painted Tequila prototype by Muttpop. Corrections include the following:

-         Tequila’s pupils are placed differently and painted smaller.
-         The Cactus symbol is placed higher on Tequila’s forehead.
-         His feet are repainted with a matte color (no more shiny feet!).
-         Sandal straps are painted green
-         Photos were shot without flash to give us a better idea of the toy’s ACTUAL color.

Check back next Friday for the first glimpse at TEQUILA wearing his fully painted vinyl PONCHO! yes the PONCHO!!! 

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man i love the muscle structure on this figure!

the colours look great.

almost lost for words!!!

best get saving up for this baby... and ideas on retail cost yet guys???

Hi guys.. sorry but am I the only one who doesn't like the colors? I really like the sculpt and all.. and couldn't wait to get it.. but the color scheme is horrible (sorry).. In my opinion it looks a little cheap.. the art on the box is sinister and dark.. but the figure is so bright.. It reminds me of those kinder surprise toys.. sorry for the critics.. but I was hoping for something more.. but still.. the sculpt is GREAT!

well in that case when you get it give it a kick around the garden for half an hour, then it'll look a tad more worn and dirty n sinister.

Its those small tweaks that can make a good piece great.

Well done, it look amazing

We're glad you dig it.

Retail on the original Tequila will be $59.00. 750 of them will be made. It'll be out in early December, so you still have a few months of saving to do!

I'm sorry you're not digging the colors. We initially had our concerns with the brighter color palette, but were put quickly at ease once we saw the prototype figure in person. We'll be posting higher quality pics of the figure in the next few weeks. Hopefully they will win you over (as they did the Muttpop Crew). If the colors are still not to your taste, there's always the grittier and rougher EXTRA SPICY Tequila figure. It might be more to your liking!

Thanks for your honest conerns.


Ai! Get them to create some dirt with a airbrush or something! I agree with Erwin, it looks cheap.
Sculpt is great, box is great all color artwork looks great and now this....
Looking forward to other pics.
And are there any moving parts?


Be patient, plenty more pics will be coming...

Tequila's head will be able to rotate, and there will be SLIGHT rotation in the waist.


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