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Oct 14, 2005


Yes!! Finally the poncho...we get to see the awesome vinyl poncho which serves almost like an accessory to Tequlia. Now that Muttpop was happy with the quality of the Tequila figure paint application, it was time to create and paint the prototype Poncho.Because of its thin shape, the Poncho was created using an injection mold process. During this process, liquid vinyl is injected through a small hole into a complete mold of the poncho. As the liquid hardens, it takes on the shape of the mold.Once the vinyl poncho had completely hardened, the manufacturer painted the details of the poncho. Check back next Friday for a look at some high quality photos taken of the Tequila Figure!

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i have to have this!!!!

excellent, the poncho is great, high quality images? these are great enough, but keep em coming!!!!

i tip my hat.


Well, I understand that it's cool to create your own toy and not all quality issues can be resolved. Surely with the amounts of cash involed.
But in my opinion, the colors are absolutely not what they should be (check the drawing!). If this is the final way Tequila will look, it won't be added to my collection. That's not a threat, just a matter of opinion.
And I'm sorry for it, because it has so much potential!

Wow, the poncho really brings it together! But I gotta agree with brickboy, the colors seem kinda off, but I still love how its coming out! Keep the pics coming!

Although the current images give you a decent idea of how the Tequila figure will look, the higher quality pics (taken with the prototype we received at the Muttpop office)really showcases the subtleties that really bring this figure together. Check back next week to see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for your opinion, but I have to disagree with you. IF you are putting time and energy into creating your own toy, it is CRUCIAL that all issues of quality are resolved. In our opinion (Muttpop, Inc.) all issues of quality have been attained at the high standard that we have set for ourselves.

Color choices are a subjective issue. Your favorite hue of red may be different from mine. But that does not take away from the QUALITY of the product. Our manufacturer has done an EXCELLENT job using high quality paint and superior painters to ensure that the Tequila figures come out beautiful.

I've had the prototype Tequila figure in my hand for a few days now and it's SURREAL to see the thing in person, even better than I had imagined during this grueling yet exciting process.

You're entitled to your opinion about the color choices for the Tequila figure, but please do not mistaken it with issues of quality.

It will not change our color choices, but I'm really interested in seeing WHY you feel the color choices are so wrong. If you look at the original turnaround (way back on entry 2 or 3) you'll see that the colors are very true to what Gobi and Jerry had envisioned.

I'm glad you like what the poncho brings to Tequila. Once again, feel free to share with us WHY you feel the colors are off. Let's see if we can have a fun discussion.

Looks great when are we going to get a better shot of the "spicy" colorway? I forgot, was he supposed to come with a hat? I can kind of see where people are coming from with the colors. Tequila is supposed to be a tough, rough guy rasied in the desert, but his clothes are spotless. Maybe someone could do some custom work on him and scuff him up a bit and add some dirt and dust. I think it would definitely add to the character.

What has been your total cost of development thus far? Who is your manufacturer?

I agree with Brickboy.. These colors make him look 'friendly', but he started out though and dirty.. too bad.. hope there will be a 'dirty' version later.. I'll definetely buy that one.. this one I'm not so sure about!

Funny, the colors are exactly like on the art and people complaining. Don't get it.

I see your point, but the Tequila figure was always meant to be "clean". If you look at the original turnarounds, you'll see what I mean.

Tequila may look freshly bathed, but his temper is just as bad and he can still kick some serious rotocASS. A CLEAN version gives you guys the opportunity to showcase your "dirtying" skillz on the Tequila in your collection!

We've revealled what we can. For stuff like manufacturers and development costs, you have to dig HARD like the rest of the dudes in this industry. Pay your dues and it will come!

Muttpop Bob: The colours from the illustration I have seen do look darker, and more intense. BUT that aside... The colours may differ from illustrations I seen, but that doesn't mean the colours which have been used aren't right, they still work in my opinion. An excellent piece of work, and something quite different :) It sort of combines urban vinyl(human stuff) with the more recent and popular 'pop/cute' vinyl. Nice job! Can't wait to see some high quality photos of him! Would love to see him in the flesh, alongside the working sculpts (that was my favourite part of the Tequila journey :)

I checked back all entries (is fun anyway!) and I agree that the colors on the model look like the colors in the sketch. But, that sketch is also missing the grittyness, or roughness of the drawings.
Maybe if you could get some gradients, spots, dirt splatters on him.
Look at McFarlane toys, they look like they have been rumbling tru dirt and dust.

I know nothing about producing toys, but can imagine that such a detailing is costly and you have to make choices and so compromise on the 'quality' of the toy.
Maybe I should just stop whining and wait until I can see the figure in real life :D

This is looking awesome guys! :D

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We're trying hard to do our own thing instead of following the conventional routes established by others in the biz. It's tougher to gain an audience when you're doing something unique and different...but if you're able to connect with people it's a beautiful thing knowing you were able to do so by embracing your tastes and sharing them with the world. I hope you like the photos next week. There are no pics of the Tequila figure next to the original sculpt (yet!)...maybe we'll do some when we get the sculpt back from the factory!

Thanks for taking the time to check back since your previous post! I totally see what you are saying about the "grittiness" of Tequila
I love the McFarlane toy style a whole bunch, but personally felt the clean lines of Monster5's sculpt demanded a simpler painting approach......if there's enough demand for a new color way for Tequila, I'll definitely look into the possibility of a grittier version.

A BIG misconception about making toys is the cost of doing paint application. No matter how much detail is involved, paint is the CHEAPEST factor in creating toys. It's really a SMALL percentage of total cost. Also the additional cost to doing a "dirty" version would be close to the same amount as the "clean" version we decided to produce.

Good to hear from you, man. I haven't seen you in these parts for quite some time.

Thanks for the comments everyone...I love this discussion....so intelligent

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