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Oct 22, 2005

Sket One X MAD: Controlled Substances Revealed

Today's the day... The opening of Controlled Substances is going on right now at Toy Qube in New York.  Wanna see what you're missing?  Here are full shots of nearly everything done by MAD and Sket One for the show.  Hopefully we'll have photos from the show either Sunday or Monday.  If you're in a hurry to buy stuff: There are  two main sources -- first check out Toy Qube's show page and also contact MAD directly for prints and the M13s (scroll down below for info)!

Canvases / Prints

First up we have 6 prints from MAD -- the first four from the M13 label and the other two from stray parts of MAD's vast imagination!  Each of these will be available in limited editions of yup... 13 pieces. One of each is at the show with the other 12 available directly from MAD.

El Diablo by MAD

Mr. Skully by MAD

Sharpest by MAD

Bad Ass Smurf by MAD

Melting MAD*L by MAD

Flame Head by MAD

From Sket One we have canvases featuring his four pseudo-brands: DeLuxe, Exclusive, Superior, and Supreme.  The retro styling on these is hot -- expect more of this look from Sket in the future. Seen Ripple?  He's the white adorable poofy head character on 2 of the canvases. The first five feature 3D cutouts while the remainder are pure 2D.

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Skate Decks What's next?  Decks!  Sket One has five custom decks at the show.  MAD also has 5 hand-drawn Sharpie decks.

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One

Featuring Ripple by Sket One

Hand-drawn Decks by MAD

Custom Toys
We're finally to the toy section!  Sket One's first up with a dozen Frankensters just in time for halloween plus his ghoulish mix of a Cheech Wizard and an Eggster (well, the wings) which is simply the Flying Eyeball.  Also, the prototype of Sket's Ripple character is on display at the show. Unforunately we don't have a proper pic.  We hope to have a pic of him in all his swirly goodness soon.  Seen Ripple?  You will!

Frankenster by Sket One

Flying Eyeball by Sket One

MAD has two set of toys for this show.  First up, his new Street influenced Cappas line in the form of 5 custom Mad*L's.  Each Cappa comes with a small print.

Cappas by MAD

And now... The big surpise.  You've been seeing M13 on Mad's customs and other products for quite awhile now.  Now check out the extremely limited edition (13 sets in all) of M13 figures!  As with MAD's print, there's one set at the show this weekend and the remaining 12 are available only through MAD directly.  These guys are pretty dope and definitely have a nice underground vibe.  The M13's were made for this show, were casted by Rich VanOver of WWS and are sick limited.

M13 Figures by MAD

And still more...
Ok, we're wrapping up here now.  Sket One loves pseudo-brands.  Well, now those pseudo-brands are cranking out their own products!  Yup, canned goods from DeLuxe, Exclusive, Superior, and Supreme! Two sets (also individually) are available at the show.

There's also a Controlled Substances logo T-shirt available directly from Toy Qube. Wow, eager to buy stuff?  I know you are!  Two main sources -- first check out Toy Qube's show page and also contact MAD directly for prints and the M13s!

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