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Oct 28, 2005


Okay, so Muttpop lied. Initially they promised to show us a glimpse of both the revised, final version of Original Tequila and a first glimpse at Extra Spicy Tequila. But they had so many nice images of the Extra Spicy Tequila that we decided to focus this entry on this very cool variant colorway. Muttpop received a shipment with prototypes of all three versions of Tequila (ORIGINAL, EXTRA SPICY, and RAW). As such, Muttpop's Jerry Frissen was able to take a bunch of high quality pictures of the Extra Spicy Tequila. Extra Spicy is a more abstract take on the character that embraces the rougher qualities of Tequila's personality and appearance. A total of 250 Extra Spicy Tequilas will be made. I am so glad they lied and decided to show this uber cool colorway of Tequila. When I first held this guy, it was so so hard to let go....I must have it and I am sure many of you are just dying to get your hands on one. Well...you don't have to wait any longer...his release is just a short month away!!Check back next week for a peak at the FINAL version of the ORIGINAL Tequila!

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Gorgeous...and it's been great seeing the whole process in pictures. Great work everyone involved.

Nice! I prefer the original colour scheme, maybe some paterning on the poncho would be nice :)

Still amazing seeing the whole process! Thanks guys! :D

The extra spicy looks like sundown in an old west flick, pretty sweet. I love the weekly updates keep up the good work

Looks like he ate too many cheetos.

Looks good. I like the colors on the spicy, it's more loose and abstract. I gotta get both now.

It's our pleasure. Thanks for sticking by us through the various stages. I hope it's been as exciting for you as it has been for us.

Sunsets and cheetos! The descriptions couldn't be MORE different...and yet they're both brilliant. Thanks.

Very cool. We have NO PROBLEM with you picking up both versions...I'm glad you dig the distinct stylistic approaches we took for both of them.

Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming!

-Muttpop Bob

Wow. I loved the pics from last week, but, damn, these ones definately have me fiending to get my hands on both versions! But I'm going to be in Hong Kong for 2 months and might miss the launch. Are there any plans of an online release where we can purchase them? Please say yes cause this figure is hot and I'd hate to miss out cause I was away.


We'll do our best to help you get your hands on both TEQUILAS.

A few online retailers have already assured me that they are interested in Tequila.

Give me your e-mail information at:

[email protected]

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop of EVERY retailer that I am aware of that will carry Tequila. This way you can get him even though you're in Hong Kong.

Thanks for your interest.

-Muttpop Bob

Well, I must say these last two series of pics changed my mind again.. I really like the original version, the extra spicy is alright too! I'll pick one up if it arrives in the Netherlands :)

Hey, esta muy chido este mono, me gustaria saber a quien se le ocurrió la idea de hacer un tipo luchador llamado TEQUILA!!! yo viví en Tequila Mexico un tiempo, por eso me llamó la atención, espero que alguien pueda explicarme como esta este rollo en español, si es que alguien de por aqui sabe español... solo tengo que decir... salud!!!

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