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Oct 20, 2005

Tilt: 8" "Bubble is Love" Dunny

Here's a look at the upcoming 8" Bubble is Love Dunny by french graff artist, Tilt, from Kidrobot. There aren't much details at this point but looks like it comes in two editions -- white and black.  People on the message boards have been asking for more graff inspired toys, looks like KR's listening :-) Both figs apparently come with a cool ice cream cone accessory (is that sherbert or 'superman' ?) and the boxes look pretty dope.  I'm pretty partial to the black myself -- the colors really "pop" nicely off of the darker background. 

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Pleassssse! I just got the cycle Dunny and I really want to buy the 8" Bubble is Love Dunny in black. can some one tell me what site i can find it on?

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