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Nov 20, 2005

DIY Junior Qee @ Toy2R World Tour New York

The massive Toy2R World Tour at Stephan Weiss Studio over the weekend featured an exhibition of custom Qees submitted by talented children as part of the DIY Junior Qee competition.  The competition was judged by  Raymond Choy (President of Toy2r), Stephane Gerbier  (President of YoyaMart), Masumi Ito (MAD BARBARIANS).  The winners are:

1st    Nico Lou Carrasquillo     9 years old

2nd   Allegra Miccio              10 Years old

3rd    Zoe Salaun                  11 Years Old

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated.  All the Qees shown here will be joining the World Tour :-)

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I designed the Demon Of The Watermelon Qee, and I am far past being bitter now. However, I do still believe that mine was head and shoulders about the rest of the designs. I have read that Raymond Choy was looking for the most 'producable' Qee, and to be perfectly honest, mine is just that. How are the Qee designers going to be able to produce ones that look anything like the three winners without altering anything? Mine was all there and ready to go. I was also dissappointed to be informed that I would never have my Qee returned to me. This information was only volunteered after I had sent it off. Plus, they promised me a 'brilliant prize', but that has yet to arrive since they told me so some time early last year.
Now, the 'brilliant prize' is really the least of my worries, but hey, who wouldn't like a free Qee-related gift?
Somewhere inside me, I think that I possibly wasn't placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd because of where I come from - England. This is probably very paronoid of me, but wouldn't you be if your Qee was obviously the best and you didn't win anything? Not even the prize for entering?
I am deeply dissappointed, and have been reminded of the unjustness of it all by writing this.
But vinylpulse.com, please do not think I am angry at you. I am just venting to somebody who will listen; and being a website, you perform said task very well.
I do just want to add "well done" and "thank you" for being one of the very few sites to post pictures of all the enrtrants other than the undeserving winners.
All the best,
Nathan Korn (15)



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