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Nov 13, 2005

Marmit Toys Part 1

Monstrous Beast 怪獣天国 ジャイアント・メカゴジラ

Marmit of Japan who brought us toys like the Scopedog, Ultraman M-1 and Godzilla 1954, are taking orders for new toys coming out next year. If you like monsters and creatures, well you are in luck. Take a look at  the monstrous beast  heaven giant  mechanic Godzilla ($98US 怪獣天国 ジャイアント・メカゴジラ), towering at over a feet tall, this lizard isn't your average toy. And as if this wasn't enough, Marmit has made    リアルソフビキット モゲラ ($39US) , a character from the Japanese XBox game, Terrestrial Defensive Troop X. Although this guy is under a feet tall, he is still one brutal toy and since he comes unpainted and unassembled, you will have the freedom to make him anyway you want it. Both of these toys are available through Marmit's website and the deadline to order is 12/15 and they will be shipped in 03/2006. If towering reptiles aren't your cup of tea, check out part 2 of this post.   

リアルソフビキット モゲラ

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