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Nov 26, 2005

Save Huck Gee Limited Edition MAD*L

Save Huck!  As many of you know, Huck Gee is facing deportation (read more about his situation). Want to help raise money for Huck's legal defense?  Why not buy a limited edition (50 pieces only) Save Huck MAD*L directly from Wheatywheat.com (soon)?   MAD and Wheaty Wheat studios will  donate one hundred percent of the proceeds from this figure to Huck's defense fund.   Props to MAD and WWS for their generosity and their speed in putting this special project together.

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This is BAD-ASSED!

kudos to Jeremy and also Richard at Wheaty for hookin' this up for the Huckster!


Huck is a good friend, so whatever we can do to help we will! ...plus huck did a sweet job designing this! Yer money is def. going towards a good cause. SAVE HUCK!

HUCK IS THE MAN! and def this is another great way of tryin to help him out def have to try to grab one of these babies and support

Nice one.
Will be looking to pick one of these puppies up for sure..

what a great idea and a great design for a helluva guy!

i'll be owning one of these!

I would like to make a donation to Huck's cause, but I don't like PayPal. If someone will email me a mailing address, I will send along a personal check.

I thought the email would display! [email protected]

Free the Gee!!!

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