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Nov 13, 2005

Stereotype 04 - Be My Guest

Sebastien sent us a lil 'tease of the upcoming Stereotype 04 - Be My Guest series from Superdeux studios.  As the name suggests, this time around Seb's asked leading designers to have a go at his babies.  The series features Boo and Alban in both 2" and 6" (nice!) sizes.  Who's invited to the Stereotype party?  123Klan, Genevieve Gauckler, Acquired Clothing, Staple Design, Bill Mcmullen, Demo Design, and PhunkStudio.  First up in December will be 123Klan and Staple Design. 

I'm definitely looking forward to this series.  The stereotype toys have great shapes but they seem to fly under the radar a bit (well... more than they should).  And there's some serious talent in that list, I love 123Klan -- they do some great toy work, their BabyQee rocked!  So keep your eye on Superdeux.com for more info on Stereotype 04 - Be My Guest, which starts droping in early December. 

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So looking forward to seeing this, Stereotypes are great...they deserve more attention...hopefully this will raise the profile as much as it will decrease my bank account...

I dont expect someone to get back to me as this post is super old. I can't seem to find these guys for sale anymore, i have 2 of them but no one seems to have any of the others. Can you guys think of anywhere online that sells this series or might have any still available?
Thank you in advance


Try kravenstoys.com, they seem to have quite a selection of Stereotypes.

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