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Nov 04, 2005


This is it!!! The final production of the Original Tequila is final here!!! Today you will see Tequila as he will be when he is ready for your adoption in December. This is as good as it gets!!! Or is it????

As much as Muttpop liked the first prototype of the ORIGINAL Tequila, the Muttpop crew felt that it was possible to bring a more refined look to the Tequila figure by slightly tweaking the colors. It is extremely important that the colors chosen for the Tequila figure draws attention to Tequila’s face. Unfortunately the green Muttpop originally used on the poncho pattern and pants patches competed too much with the green of Tequila’s mask. Seen below is the REVISED PROTOTYPE for the Original Tequila. In it we changed the Poncho and patches green to a more gray tone. This new color really brings a more balanced look to the figure. You will also notice a general improvement in paint quality. Now that the manufacturer’s painters are more familiar with the figure, they were able to bring a greater level of polish when painting Tequila.  With all of these improvements, Muttpop enthusiastically approved this version of the ORIGINAL TEQUILA for FINAL PRODUCTION! A total of 700 ORIGINAL TEQUILA’S will be manufactured in time for a December 2005 release.

Check back next week for the first look at the EXTREMELY LIMITED RAW version of Tequila!

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that is one fine chunk o' vinyl!

great job on the revised painwork, i bloody love it!


Gorgeous...it looks like it will actually beat the rest of my (pitiful) vinyl collection to DEATH...hope i can get it over in the UK without having to double the cost on shipping...

I'll take one of each please! :)


Thanks, thanks, and THANKS!!

We still have one more VARIANT to REVEAL!

-Muttpop Bob

This is it! It's great! At first I was affraid the colors would be to childish but now it's perfect! I'll be picking up an original Tequila! Good job guys!


Considering how disappointed you were with the colors of the FIRST Tequila prototype, it means a lot to us that you are really happy with the FINAL version of ORIGINAL TEQUILA and the first glimpse of EXTRA SPICY TEQUILA.

It takes a lot to share a CHANGE of opinion...so THANK YOU!

-Muttpop Bob

Can't wait to get this bad boy. I still gotta get you my email so I can get my hands on a Tequila when I'm in HK! Was in Chicago this weekend and stopped by Rotofugi and got my hands on some of the stickers that you left for them too! They look sweet.Can't wait for the Raw version preview this week. Keep em comin'!

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