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Nov 11, 2005


Updated: Added in a nice shot of Raw Tequila's massive back.

You've seen the original tequila and the Extra Spicy Tequila, but unless you have spybot you've probably never seen this week's Tequila. To pay respect to the process of toy making that has been shown here for the past five months or so, Muttpop will be releasing an über-limited Raw Tequila.

This unpainted Raw Tequila is Monster5’s sculpt in its purest form.  This edition brings out the beauty of the sculpt which holds its own with its painted brothers.  With a total of 50 made, Raw Tequila will only be offered at special events, promotions, and Monster5’s store in Japan. Although not shown in the pictures below, the final version of Raw Tequila will include an unpainted removable vinyl poncho.  25 Raw Tequilas will include original artwork drawn on the box by Gobi, Tequila's Co-Creator. The other 25 boxes will be included in a special Raw Tequila package filled with limited edition goodies.

I can just see it now...these ultra limited Raw Tequila are going to turn into amazing works of art, heck, as raw as it is...it is already a beautiful piece, besides I like them RAW!!!! So if you want to get your hands on one of these guys...be on the look out!!!

Check back next week for an interview with the Muttpop crew.

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"Raw" is my favorite version yet! I just don't like that cactus, at all.

Why? Why? Why does it have to be that limited?? 50 Total?? Geez, its gonna be a mission to get these on ebay. But the Tequilas look hot!

It's a shame you don't like the cactus. I LOVE the cactus! But I'm glad there is a version of our figure that you dig. Unfortunately with only 50 made, it's going to be pretty tough to get your hands on one...

Thanks. We'll play around with ways to get the Raw Tequila to people BEYOND Los Angeles. We'll let you know where the RAW TEQUILA will be on sale as the opportunities come up!

I love this! when can I find out how to buy at retail? NEED IT!

Kick ass,


great stuff guys, he looks fantastic in his raw form...

tis always the case these limited editions are available at special events...generrally a fair few hundred miles from the uk.....

shame as always.

RAW will only be available through Muttpop and Monster5's store. If you want a chance to get one, I HIGHLY recommend joining our subscription list at: [email protected]

As stated earlier, join our subscription list at:
[email protected]

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