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Nov 25, 2005


LA Release Party Flier

Muttpop is working HARD to make the debut of the Tequila figure a success. In addition to ensuring that the Tequila figures will be on U.S. shores in time for the event, Muttpop is currently creating the following:

TEQUILA MINI-ZINE: This 32 page limited edition mini magazine revisits the various stages of the Tequila Vinyl Figure's production, spotlights the many faces of Muttpop, and includes a 12 page Luchadores 5 comic.

GICLEE PRINT SET: Muttpop is making 50 prints of Tequila and 2 other characters co-created by Gobi and Jerry Frissen.

T-SHIRTS: There will be limited edition Tequila t-shirts (pink & baby blue for the ladies, brown for the gentlemen) available at the debut events.

Below you will find sample pages from the mini-zine and the final designs for the prints, t-shirts, and promotional postcards

The SAN FRANCISCO Tequila Release Party on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9TH from 7-10pm will be held at:


The LOS ANGELES Tequila Release Party on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10TH from 7-10pm will be held at:


Ok, peeps!!! This is what you all have been waiting for, the release parties for Tequila. And you know what that means...Tequila, loads of promo stuff, booz, music, art/toy people...just great fun!!! Make sure you swing by for all the action and for those out of reach, stay tune for pics of the parties!!!!

Check back next week for ACTUAL photos of the Debut Party Product.


Giclee Print



T-shirt Design




SF Release Party Flier

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Wow nice work guys!
Loving the illustrations, El Panda and PiliPili look awesome :D

Oh and who's that crazy guy to the right of Fabien at the top? He looks cool! You gotta put him in vinyl :D


any chance of an el panda piece??????????? that's guy is cool, come on guys pull your finger out, you aint working hard enough!


wish i could make it to the even, i'm assuming there will be plenty tequila shots on tap!

great work, keep it coming and i hope the launch goes well!

and if i live in mexico how can i get this wonderful toy and mini zine?

The crazy guy is KING KATCH...and he's DEFINITELY planned as a vinyl figure.

If all goes well, he'll be our 5th figure.

Thanks for the event blessing.

So you think an El Panda piece would be cool? Hmmmmmm.

Did you look CAREFULLY at the pics included in our Entry 22 interview???? ;-)

There have been two stores in Mexico that have expressed interest, I will be posting updates of WHERE the figure will be offered to our newsletter subscribers. Your best bet is to SUBSCRIBE to [email protected] and we'll let you know when and where the figure can be purchased.

We'll also be doing a mini-zine offer directly to our subscribers.

-Muttpop Bob

3rd picture in is El Panda by name. He looks cool Who is KING KASTCH?

Luis Artemio Rodiguez

I've seen Tequila since the first entry on Vinyl Pulse, but I never really "dove" right into it. To Muttpop Bob and the creators of Tequila, let me just say that you guys have a new fan. :)

Those new characters look extremely cool and I can only imagine the stories I could tell through photographing them. At the moment, I'm thinking of a slick character in a red/black suit with a cigar called El Diablo. :D

King Katch is in the MINI-ZINE preview page. He's the guy in the upper right hand corner next to Fabien (one of Muttpop's artists). He's the hulking savage luchador. It's in the image on the SECOND row, THIRD from the left.

NO. L:
Another fan is ALWAYS good news.

NoW WAIT A MINUTE...someone's giving out CONFIDENTIAL info...his name ain't "EL DIABLO" and he DOESN'T smoke a CIGAR...but he IS ULTRA-SLICK. Sorry my friend, your source isnt' accurate, but it's darn near too close for comfort...

-Muttpop Bob

Yeah his name is el Panda and he smokes a bamboo shoot....maybe...haha, I don't know what I'm talking about.

King Kastch will be an awesome figure, why wait for it to be the 5th, do it now! O_O

Muttpop Bob, it was a complete guess... my only source is my eyes and I promise you, I have seen nothing. lol

I agree with Okkle though, King Kastch should be made now. Me likes big fierce vinyl figures with enlarged appendages. ^_^

Very close.

El Panda is a guy who THINKS he's CHINESE. He ONLY eats bamboo shoots. He can't speak chinese, so he makes up sounds that he believes sounds like Chinese.

Oh yeah, he also used to bully Tequila around when they were kids.

Sorry, about the wait. We are featuring our figures as pairs per artist.

Tequila and El Panda are visually designed by Gobi.

Figure #3 & #4 are designed by Bill.

King Katch & #6 are designed by Fabien.

I am very impressed. You were able to read a LOT from those pictures.

As much as I want my King Katch figure NOW...I wanted to bring a bunch of variety to you.

Although different in design, King Katch has a buff build like Tequila. We first wanted to give you some OTHER Luchadores of different shapes and sizes!

-Muttpop Bob

How can I submit my art to you for consideration. I love MUCHA LUCHA and want to send you a pin up. Who in the UK will be stocking your figures.

I hope Forbidden Planet since they have so many outlets and will make it easy to buy. Will you have an event in the UK?


no words ... can discribe the joy I felt ...

n e time soon here in Holland???????????????????

pls let me know :P thx

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