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Dec 16, 2005


It was time for Muttpop to unveil their Tequila figure to the masses! After a small appearance at Super7's San Francisco store, the Muttpop Crew had to make a 6-hour trek back to their hometown of Los Angeles for their big debut! With Tequila inventory stashed away in the trunk of their car, Gobi, Jerry, and Bob arrived in Los Angeles TWO HOURS before the show. So how did the show go? See for yourself! Tons of Tequilas, tee shirts, and accessories were sold. There was plenty of Mexican beer, tequila, margaritas and food to celebrate the release of Muttpop's first figure. And last, but not least, there were hundreds of great looking Tequila fans joining Muttpop for the celebration.

Although Jack and I caught  the tail end of the party, there was plenty of evidence of the successful turn out, or should we say "lack of evidence (toys)??" People were still in line around 10pm to get their toys signed and boxes drawn by Gobi. Between cigarettes breaks, Gobi patiently doodled on the boxes and chatted candidly with fans. The Muttpop crew were tired but the energy was high and they felt on top of the world. Fear it is coming to an end??? Noooo, this is just the beginning and we have lots more in store for you. For now, check out the awesome party pics taken by  Kris Carrillo but be sure to come  back next week for the first reveal of Muttpop's NEXT VINYL FIGURE!!!

Ness and Bob

Lili Chin


Bob's "dope" signature

Bob signing

Jerry  Frissen signing

stay away from my extra spicy

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