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Dec 16, 2005

Online Custom Circus Punks Show and Auction (12.16.2005)

Update: Additional pieces by Yahid Rodriguez and Spoopy

We here at VP love customs and custom shows are even better!  But maybe you can't get to very many shows or maybe it seems like there is never one near you.  The Circus Punks crew feels your pain and has the solution, their first online Custom Circus Punk Show and Auction.  Like most custom shows,  each artist was sent  a blank Circus Punk which the artist customized and returned.  The difference is that the show will be displayed online on the Kidrobot Message Board.  The show kicks off this Friday (12.16) @ 6 PM Pacific, at which time images of all the show pieces will be displayed and bidding for each piece will begin.  Bidding starts at 99 cents and will last for 72 hours.  Proceeds will be split 50/50 between Circus Punks and a piece's artist.

The concept of a virtual custom show is very cool since it allows people from all over the world equal access to the "show".  The designer toy scene is heavily tied to the internet so it only makes sense for shows to make that leap as well :-)  The artist lineup is a nice mix of name artists and those that will soon become well-known : Yahid Rodriguez, el maz, Motorbot, Jesse Hernandez, Lippy, DragonCypher, galleriedesoto, mimic, Vic, Pavid, PhuEk, HONK!, Jonny Trouble, The PeaceBunny, V. Koch, Spoopy, ChefJt, Keifer, and Scott Cummins.

All of the pieces are custom Circus Punk figures except for Yahid Rodriguez's.  Yahid didn't receive his blank CP in time and thus improvised and how!  He created a paper kit that can be used to construct 6 different paper CP replicas (each measures about 10" high) -- the four designs seen below, plus an all-white and all-black design.

Props to the Circus Punks crew especially Jonny Trouble,  the participating artists, and everyone involved for making this cool idea a reality. Be sure to swing by the Circus Punks forum on the Kidrobot Message Board to look at the pieces and while you're there, go ahead and bid on a piece or two!







V. Koch

Mini Punks by Keifer

Jonny Trouble

Yahid Rodriguez




el maz


Scott Cummins ("The Burger Lord")


Jesse Hernandez

Spoopy (front)

...and back

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who is this "el maz" character? his work is phenomenal! =)
congrats to everyone who is in the CP show!

YAY, i cant believe my name is on Vinyl Pulse

congrats to all the artists who participated

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