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Dec 11, 2005

Tequila Release Party @ Meltdown Comic (12.10.2005)

The Luchadores Three: Gobi, Muttpop Bob, and Jerry Frissen

The Tequila Release Party at Meltdown Comics last night (12.10) was a rousing success.  The anxious crowd was soon pleased to learn that there would be no raffle (as previously planned) for the opportunity to buy a RAW tequila; anyone that wanted to was able to purchase one of these special toys (limited to 50 total)!

The Tequila festivites were at the rear of the  very large store.  Fresh on about three hours sleep after the quick turnaround from SF to LA, Robert Silva, Jerry Frissen and Gobi were all present to sign Tequila toys and Gobi was also drawing on the boxes to add that extra personal touch.  Gobi was almost certainly feeling the effects of Jet lag from his trip from France, but he drew on and on and on well into 10:30 or so.  In addition to the toys, mini-zines, shirts and prints were also available. These all look quite nice.  The prints in particular are on heavy stock and really vivid.  There were also at least 25 or so original pencil artwork available for sale by the three Muttpop artists : Gobi, Fabien, and Bill. Each of these pices was $300.

So how do the toys look?  In a word, awesome.  We were a little anxious to see if the production pieces lived up to the quality of the prototypes and they definitely seem to.  My personal favorite is the Extra Spicy -- the colors on it are really superb and give the toy a dusty, weathered look.

Just for kicks... a food review :-)  The food at the release was clearly the best for this kind of event that I've ever seen -- pinwheel sandwiches, regular sandwiches, crackers, cheese and of course free alchohol. 

Props to Muttpop for producing such a cool toy and letting us come along for the ride! Stay tuned for more pictures of the festivities courtesy of Kris Carrillo.

Gobi rockin' a box

Bob never looked so good

Tequila shreddin'


Bob focusing in...

I win :-)


Signed Tequila

Original Art




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How do I buy art or comic sample book plus the RAW Version?

Do you have pictues of the event? I want to see if it was a total sausage party as seen above, or if NIce Senoritas where also in attendance ! L. T.

More pics to come shortly which should give you a better feel for the turnout.

L T:
The party was FAR from a sausage party. Plenty of beautiful ladies came out to represent and show their love of all things Tequila! We will post pics this Friday along with our own recap!

-Muttpop Bob

This is possibly the greatest winning comment witnessed by human eyes ever. My comment is," da dan dan da da da dan da, da da da daaaa, da, da da da daaa da, dan da da dan dan da, TEQUILA......

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