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Jan 18, 2006

Power Suit Munny by Rohby

Power Suit Munny by Rohby

Check out this plain sick Power Suit Custom Munny by Rohby!  The design, detail and execution on this one are amazing. Rohby created this Munny specifically for Kidrobot's Makin' Munny Contest. Rohby's original design concept was to build a demolition vechile that would hold a Ci-Boy and his Destroyer.  Initially he wanted the vehicle to have a giant wrecking ball attached to the arm of the Munny.  Changing up the design a bit he searched the web for construction vehciles and decided to pattern some of the design after fork lifts, hence the propane tank at the rear of the Munny.  And what does any Sci-Fi fan think of when he thinks Forklifts... Aliens of course and that amazing Power Suit! While the design was inspired by the Aliens Power Suit, the power "claws" have a different design that was intended to blend in to the arm from an external view and appear as a tool/weapon when looking at the inner arm.   So Demolition Vechicle -> Forklift -> Power Suit Munny!

Rohby created all the "mods" to this Munny from scratch except for the Ci-Boy and the Destroyer of course!  To see more of Rohby's insane work, check out the from-scratch SD Macross Fighters he built which transform into the 3 classic configurations.  I have a feeling that we're going to continue to see amazing custom toys from Rohby.  I'm looking forward to it and counting on it.

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Definately my favorite Munny to date! B E A U T I F U L!

Excellent detailing and a very smooth paint job. Congrats !

Very cool indeed!

Great piece of work.
Minimal, clean, powerful.

great stuff, fantastic detail, perfect choice of colour too.


Freaking sweeet mama!. I love this one, the best aswell. Very clean.

Spectacular concept and excellent execution! I hope to see more work from Rohby in the future. :D

Bloody hell that's nice!
not sure I should bother entering the competition now O_O

Oh man Power Suit Munny is awesome. I love customs and would totally buy this. Huge Sci-Fi fan and love Alien. Great work.

Color is great and such a tight paintjob! If I may have some criticism (don't kill me!), it looks better from a distance. In the closeups you can see some minor weakness'. The inside looks unfinished and the holes for the 'eyes' are slightly to big.
Still the idea, execution and overall style are superd and what I expect from a custom!

This one is a instant classic. Design/paint is spot on. I love the headlights which give a splash of sparkle in the muted effectiveness of a "realistic" machines colorscheme. True cool.

Best Custom Munny i've seen yet

I'm still stunned that he crammed a Ciboy into a Munny's head. Genius.


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