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Jan 17, 2006

Valentine Tiny Heartheads by Tesselate

Tesselate has  created a special Tiny Hearthead edition just in time for Valentine's day.  I really dig this design with the large toothy grin.  As an added bonus it's designed as a toy greeting in that there's space on the back of the figure as well as on the box  to add a personal message to a special someone in your life (Tesselate will do this on request).  These special toys come complete with pins and a swanky box available in 3 different colors. The Valentine Tiny Heartheads  will sell for £10 with £1.50 for shipping (£3-4 internationally).  Want one?  Contact Tesselate directly at [email protected].   Props to Sam for continuing to do his own thing, collectors are surely the winners ;-)

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BEST CONCEPT OF 2005!!!!!!


CREEPY FACE! I like it, I just wonder if my girlfriend will...


cheers klim! :)

Jbasta, im sure your gf will LOVE it :)



those are great! I wish you would of put X's and O's onthe back. I like they way that looks!!!! Cool toys Tess.

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