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Feb 11, 2006

20 inch Dalek Dunnys from Kidrobot

Yes, they do exist!!! These 20 inch Dalek Dunnys are the bomb!!! This giant came from a new sculpt apart from the one used to make the 20 inch El Loco and the execution is just prefect with its smooth surface, vivid colors and of course their size!! The box it comes in is no let down either, beautifully designed. We will definitely see more of these in the near future. Details will be soon be available.


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WOW. Such AWESOME dunnies. I NEEEEED THEM. Wonder when they'll go on sale.


Are those vinyl couches in the background?!?

I think they are...Classic, but probably not comfortable..

Lowpro, I've sat in those, they are actually pretty comfortable, especially with those big murakami pillows on them.

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