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Feb 24, 2006

Sodi Pop by John K. coming from Thunderdog

Thunderdog Studios unveiled several new original upcoming toys at Fuse Gallery during the recent Toy Fair in NYC.  While pics of these pieces have been on the forums and such, many of these new sculpts seem to be getting lost in the shuffle a bit.  So we're going to focus on them individually rather than as a group.

From John K., the creator of the beloved and often maligned Ren and Stimpy, comes Sodi Pop.  Standing a towering 24" tall this nude female figure is pretty striking.  While there's certainly some shock value in the piece, I think it offers more than that.  The design is quite distinct with a  face flush with a wacky perhaps slightly wicked personality.  Finally, the slender shape coupled with the huge size (24 inches) results in a vinyl piece with a very different vibe from a great deal of what's currently being produced.  I'm just wondering how to display this piece -- not sure an Ikea Detolf will cut it unless I give her a dedicated one ;-)

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man oh man oh man!!!!!!
hubba hubba!!!!

i have a 1000% [email protected] in my detolf and thats 28 inches..... this will definately fit, and be hot

In case you guys don't know, John K now has his own blog!!
It's a big hit, he posts all kind of cool stuff:

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