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Feb 12, 2006

Toy Fair: STRANGEco

STRANGEco is no stranger to presenting awesome toys and 2006 NY Toy Fair is no exception. Along with their usual flare of unique toys, their booth was loaded with hordes of eye candy. Here are my favorites.

Mr. Bumper is a multi colored vinyl figure from alternative comics legend Jim Woodring. At first glance, he looks like he is riding an elaborate sentient amphibian but take a second look and lift the red cover and you shall find a surprise. Mr. Bmuper will come in limited editions in multiple color versions. The prototype shown at the show has a high gloss finish but the final product may vary.


We are all familiar with Nathan Jurevicius's Minitreehouse figures. Here STRANGEco has taken 5 of them and given them a new twist. This new series features 5 of these whimsical toys with multiple accessories for transforming them into 2 distinct outfits. More release information will be available soon.



A new comer to the STRANGEco family is Mainframe by SoCal artist Dean Bradley. This axe-wielding signature character comes alive as a limited edition vinyl figure. Multiple color versions are available.



Next up are the The Kebab Henchmen from Amos Novelties. Kleptikos and Periwinkle are the skewered henchmen of Helmut the Hot Dog Man from Will Sweeney's Tales of Greenfuzz saga. Sold separately in illustrated card box packaging.


Amos Novelties presents Vortigern's Machine, a cutting edge study of today's youth by James Jarvis and Russell Waterman. The series continues with a variety of new vinyl figures, Wiggs, Rusty and Dworkin, Mr. Waverley and The Witch Doctor.



A new limited edition vinyl figure from San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish, the Turtlecamper will be available in white, silver and gold. A skull as the turtle's shell with a camper embedded on it...just awesome.


Shikito. Yes, they have the likeness of shit....well they are. France's Superdeux is the artist behind this funny fella which comes in several different colors. Just in case you are wondering what Lauda Shikito Salvatorem means...well it means All Praise Shikito, the savior. Ingenious!!!


And finally...Ron English....



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Definitely going after the TurtleCamper... I've been hoping to see it for quite a while now. Now it's just a matter of choosing which colorway. :D

francine, was great to finally meet you. great pics. had a great time at the yoyamart show.


jt...greating chatting up with you and your girl...always fun to talk with fans in person!!! See ya around!!!

Jim Woodring. In 3D. Too cool.

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