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Mar 30, 2006

Play Imaginative and Sam Fout

We better start saving now!! Play Imaginative has joined up with several artists for an awesome lineup due to be released at SDCC and Taipei Toy Festival this summer. First up are these six creatures from Sam Fout's Neptoon project soon to be vinyl toys. Yup SIX!!! Details are still being worked out. Just take a look at these sculpts...I've gotta have them all!!!

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More great work from the artists involved and Play Imaginative...looking forward to the next picture releases...

Love these, can't wait for them to come out, project neptoon is great!

Awesome Sam!

Holy crap DOODER!!!!!

very nice .....

Any infos where i can get this?

I really like these sculpts. Seem to hold true to the illustrations.


how big?

how what when where whaaaaaa


Thanks folks!

These should be out a SDCC.

The little guys are 5 in. & the big guys are 7 in. I believe...

This are freakin' amazing!!!!

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