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Mar 24, 2006

Show Coverage: Unicorn Show @ Nucleus (3.18.2006)

The Unicorn show opened last Saturday (3.18.2006) at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, CA.  This large group show featured original artworks including paintings and sculptures based on the mystical unicorn.  Nucleus was really alive with a large weekend crowd soaking in the art.  If you've never been to a Nucleus show, they skew  younger than one might expect  and really have a 'fun' vibe that's pretty alien for art galleries IMO. There are some nice very affordable pieces still available, check the show page to look them over and maybe pick up a piece.   Or if you live in Southern California, go down and check the art out for yourself as the show runs through April 10th.

Irineo Maramba



Shannon Tindle

Nicollette Davenport



Valerie Fletcher

Plastic God


Maria Go


Julie Nishioka

Patrick Haemmerlein

Catia Chien

Darren Quach

P. Williams



Tony Candelaria


Tiffany Liu

Michelle Valigura

Amanda Visell

Lesley Reppeteaux

Luke Chueh

Thomas Han

Brianne Drouchard

Chris Appelhans

Lee White


Andy Kehoe

Andrea Offermann


Jenny Gase Baker


Megan Brain

Peter Vattanatham / Fiel Valdez

Alayna Magnan

Tiffany Liu

Greg Storey


Israel Sanchez

Valerie Fletcher

Alan Bodner

Heather Chavez



Wilson Swain

Jay Baker

Edwin Ushiro


Stef Choi

Mari Chan

Jaime Zollars

Jacob Mcgraw

Michael Gagne


Heather Chavez


Yoko Tanaka

Jophen Stein

Anna Chambers

Jake Parker

Mizna Wada

Brianne Drouhard



Peter Vattanatham/ Fiel Valdez

Karyn Raz

Teri Hendrich

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