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Apr 24, 2006

Miku Preorder from Boredom Squeezer (05.08.06)

Boredomsqueezer has announced  a super-limited  12"  handmade  Boredomcity Miku figure. How limited? 20 pieces...   Miku's very stylized with what feels like an upscale urban look. I'm not sure whether I prefer the all-black or the two-tone edition.  Miku will be available for preorder at Midnight (HK time) on May 8th for $380 USD and will be released at the end of the year.  Apparently, the 2 color version and a special version will be inserted randomly.  Wow, talk about "chase".   Miku may be very sought after by 12" collectors, especially those with the means ;-)

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That's one HOT figure!

sh*tt*ng me?

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