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Apr 19, 2006

Show Coverage: I am 8-bit @ Gallery 1988 (04.18.06)

Cameron Tiede

The 2006 edition of the I am 8-bit show  featuring art inspired by the classic era of video games opened last night (18th) at Gallery nineteen eighty eight.  There were some great pieces on display which took classic 8-bit videogame characters and themes and reinterpreted them visually or thematically.  Perhaps, it's no surprise that Mario and Pac-Man seemed to be the most popular just by rough feel but Megaman was right there as well. 

There are waaay to many pieces to comment on, so we'll stick with one -- Cameron Tiede's Super Mario inspired installation-like piece is a tribute to the classic platform rendered in 2.5D utilizing at least a dozen or more separate painted elements!  This piece had the most game-like quality to it and also has the potential for lots of "replayability" by reorienting the various elements.  I kept thinking though, "man you'd need a huge space for it!"

This year's show proved to be extremely popular with a steady crowd lineing up and streaming into the gallery for a good 2.5 hours at which time I went to find food.  All of the Gallery's events seem to be extremely popular, but I can't remember one with a constant line for so long.  Props to Jon M. Gibson, the organizer, all the participating artists and Gallery nineteen eighty eight for all the classic video game inspired  goodness. 


Mike Moon

Jason Jacenko

Charles Guan


Aaron Dellla Vedova

Jeremiah Ketner

Martin Cendreda

Blaine Fontana

Yosuke Ueno


Martin Ontiveros

Steven Daily

Christopher Cuseo

Jeff McMillan

Jason Torchinsky

Jeremy Tinder

Sean Clarity

Erik Siador


Mike Lomibao

Gary Baseman

Luke Chueh

Johnny Ryan

Mear One

Jim Rugg

Mike Burnett

Michelle Valigura






Matt Burlingame

Anna Chambers




Jim Mahfood

Chris Ryniak

Buff Monster

Hamish Grieve

Love Ablan


Chris Tezber

Choncey Langford

James Hakola

Ciro Nieli

Scott Morse




Brandon Reese

Thomas Han

Amanda Visell







Dez Einswell

Jimmy Pickering

Kevin Scalzo





Jason Sho Green

Adam Hathorn

Dan Fleres

Craig Kellman

Dan Santat

Sandra Equihua




Isaac Pierro

Andrew Wilson


Alex Pardee

Jose Emroca Flores


Aaron Kraten

Sean Szeles

Chris Bishop



Tim Biskup

Tony Mora

Nathan Stapley


Yoskay Yamamoto

Mike Matei

Gabe Swarr





Angry Woebots

Joe Ledbetter

John Gill

Lesley Reppeteaux


James "Jimbot" Demski, Jr.

Brandi Milne

Roland Tamayo

Mark Bodnar

Ryan Heshka



Daniel Peacock

Brandon Bird


Aaron Jasinski

Katie Rice



Anand Hurkadli

Ryan Bubnis

Andrew Wilson

Trent Watanabe

Dave Crosland

Steve Purcell


Peter Gronquist

Julie West

Rex Hackelberg





Ahren Hertel


Max Grundy




Dot Com


Greg "Craola" Simkins


Josh Holland

Michael Gagne


Johnny Yanok

Joshua Petker

Carlos Ramos

Bob Dob

Brian Singer


Howie Tsui


John Pham

Elizabeth Ito

Scott Campbell




Jen Rarey


Mr. Hahn


Sophia Pottish

Lauren Crist

Alex Kirwan

Carlos Ramos

Jophen Stein

L. Croskey







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Amazing pictures!

awesome coverage!
thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the pics they are great. I wish we had more things like this in London. Im hoping to organise some events in the future. I hope they will be this good. Tahir

Great pics!

Nice sculpture piece by Stone!!!

Great photos! I tried to trackback you but either it's not working on your end or mine. :)

I linked to you here:

and also have a bunch of pictures from opening night here:


Awesome coverage vinylpulse.com!The big painting by blinky is actually a collab with SEIZER(www.seizerone.com)He did the "COntra" monster and the lettering...

we never have fun shows like this in nyc.

Hell yeah that's terrific ! How about a world tour ? :)

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