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May 03, 2006

minigods part 2

This is our second of a recurring series of articles detailing the creation of Victor "Marka" QuiƱonez's minigods vinyl figures. This week we have some early sketches of one of the figures  and the man himself gives us an overview of the design concept and an update on the process:

"The minigods are in the sculpting stage at the moment. It has been a challenge to make the proportions of the head and body flow with the 3-inch speaker located on the belly of all the figures. We are trying to keep the figure between 13 and 14 inches. We are also currently testing several speakers to find one with good quality sound that can be powered by an ipod or small electronic devise that will make the figure portable. No batteries or plug is our goal so the minigods can travel with you at anytime ready to play.  Each minigod will represent a different region according to their colorway starting with Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. The 3D files are nearing completion and final adjustments are being made for the sculptor to use as a reference to assure accuracy in the final outcome of the designs. David Reeves at NPT as been a great help with advice and guidance throughout this project and will be heading up the work on the prototype." 

We're really excited about the minigods which have a fresh and original look.  Marka's ready to put his stamp on the designer toy game with his personal take on blending music and designer vinyl. So having seen more of one of the designs, what's your take on the minigods line?   Be sure to check back here in two weeks time for our next look at Marka's minigods (05.16.06).

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THat is dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait for that, I can imagine these getting some attention when you take them out with you and blaze out your music (well if its loud enough)

Brilliant design Marka! Can't wait to see more updates and to eventually own a Mini-god toy!

This is simply amazing. The design is so sick!!!
Nice work!

Dr.Bao....NVC CREW......

THe Design Rocks w/ the MP3 connectivity too.... I was looking for something like this too...

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