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May 09, 2006

Touma's Retro Goon

The next version of Touma's Goon is the retro edition from Wonderwall. I'm not sure where the 'retro' label comes from but I do see at least three differences in the sculpt (well shape).  How many can you spot?  Also, the paint job is closer to a retro japanese two-tone fade. Finally perhaps the retro refers to a source monster/dragon.  Or perhaps something else entirely ;-) Regardless, the slight differences in shape and  'feel' of the two Goons is enough to make me want at least one of each.  Touma often makes multiple versions of his toys that go beyond just normal colorways - different eyes on the Boos, and now the regular and retro Goons.  Normal or retro or both?

Touma's retro hand-done paint sample

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Still looks like a Wind Waker rip off

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