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May 05, 2006

Toy2R @ Taipei Toy Festival (07.06 - 07.09.06)

This year's Taipei Toy Festival runs from July 6th to July9th which is before SDCC rather thanafter it as was the case last year.  I wonder if this means TTF will seve as a semi-preview for SDCC?  Perhaps not as the vendors tend to be different between the two with many asian companies focusing on TTF and American/European vendors focusing on SDCC.  But we'll see ;-)  What I do know is that we have a partial list of what Toy2R is bringing to TTF (Booths A16 & A18).  The two pieces that catch my eye are the Knuckle Bear by Phunk Studio and the Fire version of Alphonzo (though this is like the fourth colorway). If you're looking for a Bunee Qee then you will be happy as well.

RUN/Semper-Fi -- 8" Qee Alphonzo Cat - Fire version

Touma -- 2.5" Knuckle Bear designed by Phunk Studio

9" Qee Bunnies Blue Version

9" Qee Bunnies Pink Version

9" Qee Monster kid Bunee Gray Version

9" Qee Monster kid Bunee Red Version

9" Qee Happy Boy Bunee Black Version

9" Qee Happy Girl Bunee Yellow Version

Toy2R adicolor shoes (Only One pair up for Charity Auction)

Note: It appears the Bunee Qees are limited to 12 serially numbered pieces.

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