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Jun 24, 2006

Andrew Brandou's Sniper Bunny Figure @ Jonathan Levine Gallery


In conjunction with Andrew Brandou's solo show, Everyone's Happier Now that You're Gone, a new  soft 12-inch Sniper Bunny figure is  currently available for presale exclusively  at the show venue -- Jonathan Levine Gallery. This plush toy version of Andrew's popular character has wire in the arms and legs allowing the limbs to be bent in a variety of poses. Sniper Bunny comes with an AK-47 sculpted by Nathan Cabrera and 2  postcard prints of Andrew Brandou's art. The figure produced by Span of Sunset  is limited to 500 pieces, available in an exclusive presale at Jonathan Levine for 40 days, comes with 1 of 4 AK-47 versions, and retails for $60.   Sniper Bunny looks to be a unique figure that's bound to interest discriminating collectors when it drops in August of this year.

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Oh my goddess! How cool. Thank you for the tip. I Email jsut now. waiting for reply !


I dunno about this. Recently it seems like all you have to do is slap together something violent, put in a bunny and call it a limited edition designer toy. Limited edition probably because not too many people fall for that kind of crap. Next thing you know you'll have some people calling it cool. I got an idea, how about a bear and a cub with a rifle inside the trunk of a car. We'll call it sniper bear and sell it for $$$. Or how about a couple of bunnies wearing trench coats carrying guns - the packaging can double as a background (school setting of course). We'll call it Cool Columbine bears.
Where's the art, not to mention the originality in that?

Red Frog- Have you seen Andrew's paintings? Great stuff, and the work of a skilled painter. Much originality, even in it's crazy juxtapositioning of Lil' Golden Book style paintings with violent imagery. Remember, he's been a painter much longer than a toy guy.

Chris, I'm not commenting on his paintings, which I think are excellent. My comments are directed on this particular toy (and to other toys that follow this line). You can be a top class painter but that doesn't mean you're automatcially a top class toy designer.

You can also be a top class toy designer and that doesn't make you a painter either.

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