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Jun 24, 2006

Event Pics: Invisible Plan Release @ MK Melrose (6.22.06)

MARS-1's out-of-this-world  Invisible Plan mini-fig series from STRANGEco  kicked off at the release party held at Munky King Melrose this past Thursday (6.22.06).  MARS-1 was at the event to chat with fans and sign toys.  MARS-1 is an extremely humble artist who took the time to sketch for fans and hand-customize his toys including Invisible Plan, the original MARS-1 figure, and the Observer.     And yes, women dig designer vinyl.  In fact,  MARS-1 is quite popular with the ladies -- we've got a pice to prove it ;-)  In addition to the toys, MARS-1  Giclee prints and one-off silkscreened wood panels  were also available for purchase.  Props to MARS-1, STRANGEco and Munky King for a chill toy release. 


Invisible Plan


Jim Crawford and MARS-1

  Sketching for a fan







Jim Crawford (in the green)

Free booze?  Check ;-)



On the spot customization


Luke Chueh and MARS-1

Doodled IP fig


Handbag by MARS-1 ;-)

Ahhh... the good life ;-)






Silkscreens on Wood

One of several Giclees




Munky King's 50-inch Artist Doodled Qee


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