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Jun 06, 2006

Frank Kozik's El Brujo Narco Satanico Tequila -- NOW

The wait is over.  Frank Kozik's El Brujo Narco Satanico Tequila is now available (noon pacific on 06.06.06)  at VP Exclusives.  Good luck! 

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Still seems to be 'coming soon'. Am I missing something? Pant. Freak out. Panic.

got mine! =)

Zing! Pow! Awesome. Got mine too. All good. When I went back to the page it had turned to 'add to basket'. Looking forward to him. =)

Paid! Looking forward to getting this! :)

Purchased with a vengeance.

I didn't get a order number when I was finished??? Anyone else have that happen?

Im a really proud owner of this aswell.Long live the Muttpop Crew!!!

Props from Wales,U.K.

Best. Tequila. Ever.

I ordered 3 ! I look forward to fliping them on Yahoo Japan thru Selga!Thank you! Nenenz.

I got an order number. It was like order number '8' though. Maybe you missed it.

Will you sell them to shops? I want to buy one in New Mexico. I do not want to buy from ONLINE. I do not like buying online. YELP!

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