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Jun 07, 2006

Hiroshi Yoshii's Creatures Jump Out of the Screen

Hiroshi Yoshii is a leading  Japanese graphic designer and 3D illustrator.  While he has done countless comercial products, he also finds time to create his own quirkly 3D (and 2.5D) illustrated creatures.  These more personal creations were featured in Playtimes #9.  For the past several months, Hiroshi has been working on translating his characters from digital images to full-blown 3D toys.  Here are his first finished prototypes.  The next step is to create resin figures.   Here's hoping he also gives the resin treatment to more of his characters -- especially those on the wild side.  To see detailed pictures of his development process check out his daily work blog.

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I think I see Homer Simpson ...haha... :P

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