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Jun 25, 2006

Oswald - The Lucky Rabbit Vinyl Prototype

This 8" or so prototype of a remixed Oswald - the Lucky Rabbit figure made an apperance at last week's Licensing Show in NYC. Props to Echobanzai for snapping the pics and sending them on to us.  This is a  re-conceptualization of the classic cartoon character now owned by Disney. Perhaps there will be a new animation project?  One thing is for sure, the  figure  (non-articulated?) is quite cool. Details on when and where the figure might be available are sketchy with some vague mention of 'specialty market' in the second half of '06. We'll cross our fingers ;-)

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I freakin' Love it!

I see Heritage Auctions are selling a nice 1928 Movie poster os Oswald The lucky Rabbit in march 2007, WoW wish I had the money to buy it.

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