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Jun 24, 2006

Plus Trexi Series: Devilrobots + Tokidoki

The new PLUS Trexi Series from Play Imaginative is a crossover concept pairing a Western Designer with an Eastern designer.  The first series combines Devilrobots + Tokidoki and will be available in July at TTF and SDCC.   There are  12 3" designs for this series (6 per artist) with one mystery from each artist.  The PLUS Series is a nice twist on crossovers that pares down and focuses the concept of a designer series.  Next up, Joe Ledbetter + Touma. Exciting stuff.

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Why 12 designs? IMO 6 or less would have been enough. You would have 6 real good designs. It forces the artist to really think about what they like and what they are doing. Now they just fired away and quality goes down. When I hear devilrobots and tokidoki I'd expected more. Let's see what Joe and Touma will do.

Am I just nagging?

It amazes me how less and less Trexi designs takes advantage of the turning head. I mean, that's the one thing the figure has going for it.

Thanks brickboy and Kenn for your comments on trexi rotating head. I totally agreed with you guys. We will take note of your good comments.

Thanks guys.

Admittedly, a little 'sub-standard', but well, to each his own. One man's meat....
I really like Simone's stuff but in this range I only like the first 2, esp no.1. Looks like a ninja Sandy but sporting Sabochan colours :D

The designs are a bit blah. Except for the ninja which is the nicest overall, and the last one (red hair girl) I don't really see Tokidoki's signature style on them. Surprised that Ledbetter is still on board after the last fiasco.

That tokidoki trexi on the extreme right looks like a lady with a fat head. LOL.

imo, the plus series would be more fun if the artists involved would work together on a trexi resulting in a more collaborative effort rather than 6 different individual designs each. It would take a while for the series to be complete but quality takes time and the result would be an amazing piece of work befitting the PLUS brand name.

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