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Jul 24, 2006

125 Minutes of Pus @ SDCC

Finally starting to get back into the groove post-SDCC.  We're going to fill in our coverage today and tomorrow and then move on ;-)  This past Thursday (the first full day), SDCC was abuzz with people talking about hand-painted Pushead pieces -- who was in line, how much they would cost etc.  The 205 minutes of Pus at the Super 7 booth was one of Thursday's highlights and probably of the 'con, at least for Kaiju and Pushead fans.  In case you're curious people started lining up as soon as the convention doors opened even though the event didn't start until 4:30 PM or so.  Concerns that the line was blocking adjacent booths prompted Super7 to hand out numbered Pushead cards.

Pushead had a large number of hand-painted toys for the event including Kaws x Pushead companions, Skullwings, and the new Skullpirate figures.  I believe the new Swamp colorway of the Skullpirate was also available.  These one-of-a-kind customs were really nice.  The price? Slightly over $500 for the companions.  If a personal appearance by Pushead wasn't enough to amp people up, Hiddy from Secret Base was in the booth as well.

Hand-painted Pushead Goodness

Kaws x Pushead Companions

Hand Painted Kaws x Pushead Companions


Hand-painted Skull Pirates


Hand-painted Skullwings


Delicate work...

Pushead and Hiddy of Secret Base

Secret Base in the house




Truly dedicated -- first in line

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Oh, so sweet to be there early in line... :D

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