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Jul 03, 2006

Angels and Gringos - Chapter One

Simplified (简体) Traditional (繁體)

“I was dead and could not wake up.  I knew that I was in hell for I had sold my soul and would spend an eternity in debt.  As I opened my eyes to accept this face, I came face to face with the devil… and he was gringo.”

Johnny Gringo R.I.P.

Vinyl Pulse
is proud to present a revealing look at "Sancho" the first figure in the forthcoming Angels and Gringos series from the Monahan brothers, Daniel and Johnny “Gringo” Monahan.     The series, Angels and Gringos, places the literary characters Don Quixote and Sancho Panza two hundred years after the death of chivalry in a world mirrored after the holiday Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Join us every other Monday until the release date of November 2nd as we reveal the entire process of bringing this figure from concept to reality.  Daniel Monahan, artist and mold-maker, will demystify some of the traditional techniques involved in the mold making process with the inclusion of photographs and video of the process.  The posts will be offered in English as well as traditional and simplified Chinese.

Angels and Gringos brings a refreshing aesethic and approach to designer toys which will hopefully broaden the growing market.  We hope you enjoy the upcoming journey through Daniel Monahan's imaginative reconceptualization of Cervantes's classic novel from 2D illustration to 3D vinyl. 

Next Week:  Pictures of the initial sculpt of Sancho and the Ostrich. Will it be one single piece, or will you be able to remove Sancho from his steed?  Join us in two weeks to find out!

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Literature and culture coming together in the form of vinyl. Now THAT is what art should be; none of the lame @$$ violent, cigar-smoking junk that most "artists" keep churning out. Now all it needs is some striking social commentary, and we'll have a masterpiece on our hands. Te amo, Sancho!

There's no such thing as "What Art should be", otherwise, it would be a science. Even in Science, the artful application of it generates vastly different results. There will also be fans and detractors of all categories of things, but I say let Art flow freely.

Great!!!!! I am excited to see how these turn out.

I love the concept of this piece. Great to see such great literature being used as a stepping stone to push forward to the imaginary land this creation is going.

Plus I love the imagery of Dia de Los Muertos!

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