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Jul 17, 2006

Angels and Gringos - Chapter Two

Simplified (简体) Traditional (繁體)

After dancing around last week's post and firing a few jabs at us with  his sketches, sculptor Daniel Monahan's gloves are off as he brings us images of the realized figure of Sancho and the Ostrich.  The Sancho figure has one point of articulation in each of his arms and neck and will be removable from his trusty steed.  The ostrich stands 11 inches tall and Sancho hunkers in at 7 inches.  Close attention has been paid to the detail thanks to the use of HBX-2 clay,  a non-hardening industrial clay that requires a subsequent silicone mold and resin casting. The process of using HBX-2 will be revealed at a later date.

One design challenge for this complex figure has been the balancing act the ostrich has to play in orderto be free-standing with or without Sancho.  In order to do this without implementing a secondary support structure to the bird, Daniel meticulously counterweighted the piece as well as engineered a unique design of the feet of the ostrich as to allow for an  impressive free standing structure.

The sculpts of both Sancho and the Ostrich are  impressive.  In particular, the details on the Ostrich are skillfully rendered  -- especially the fullness in the tail feathers. Sancho, the first figure in the Angels and Gringos series, brings something new to designer vinyl with its artistic refinement, aesthetic and overall subtlety. 

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Very Cool. Looks like some soul might make it back into these toys.

WOW! I really like this! it is way too cool :)

excellent workmansip and really great looking character design!

beautiful, can't wait to see the colors. hope there is a greyscale variant :)

Sancho and his ride are looking like the money, I can't wait to see the finished product.

Mmmmm....i'm in love.....

This is Johnny "Gringo" Monahan and I just wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging posts. If you have any questions feel free to post them; I'll be sure to do my best to answer (so long as it doesn't give away anything we're saving for later posts)! Unfortunately, the possibility of a grayscale variant will have to be revealed in a few weeks when we unveil the color schemes. We've got a lot of great images to come in the next few weeks so keep checking back!

Johnny Gringo

Wow that's impressive!
Like the article says the tail feathers on that are really nice!
Damn fine sculpting, especially getting it balanced like that!

Can't wait to see this finished, I'm tempted to get one already! :D


This looks a LOT better than what I thought it would be

great sculpt. i really like it. one question...why the sidekick before the hero? kind of a cool idea, if you ask me.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Finneganfin: Who says Sancho is the sidekick? :) Stay tuned.

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