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Jul 13, 2006

Crazy Label @ TTF

Crazy Label, a recent newcomer to the designer toy scene, launched two new toys at  last week's TTF.  The first is Treeson -- a tree like creature with a stick growing out of its side -- created by Bubi Au Yeung.  The 5" Treeson was available in both the standard production edition and a special DIY edition which has a blank rather than painted face.   Treeson is available now for $20 + shipping directly from Crazy Label.

In addition to Treeson, Crazy Label is just about to launch the Tamo platform toy created by Alfredo Mejia.  Tamo (Te Amo - "I love You" in spanish) is a female character born among the clouds. The strength of the platform is the curvy female form and the flexibility offered by the 3 head sculpts with different hair styles.   To show off the platform, Crazy Label sponsored the  Take a Peek custom show featuring 15+ custom Tamos from talent around the globe.  Finally, three early release Tamo's were available in beta packs which included one free shirt from a selection of several designs which matched the figure designs.

We're curious to see what the future holds for Crazy Label.

Alan + Treeson

Tamo Beta Releases

Bubi Au Yeung + Treeson

Crazy Label Crew


Elizabeth "Blu" Berdann


Doktor A

Shan Michael Evans


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another platform toy.....

Looks like a Munny with thunder thighs.

Nice Job PlaysKewl!

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